Rahama Sadau: Biography, Age, Movies, Family & Career

Rahama Sadau is one of the fast-rising actresses in Nigeria. She has been involved in the Hausa film industry otherwise known as Kannywood.

Over the last few years, Rahama has successfully transitioned to mainstream Nollywood from her Kannywood background. She is also a model and can speak Hausa, English, Hindi and a bit of Arabic.

In this post, we take a look at her life from her early years to her current sojourn in Nollywood.

Early life

Rahama was born Rahama Ibrahim Sadau on the 7th of December 1993 in Kaduna, Nigeria. She has four siblings; Fatima Sadau, Zainab Sadau, Haruna Sadau and Aisha Sadau.


The actress was raised in Kaduna where she attended Labayi International School for her nursery and primary education. She proceeded to Kaduna Capital School for her junior secondary education before transferring to Misbaul Islam for her senior secondary school.


She received the award for the Best Actress (Kannywood) at the City People Award 2014. She also won the Best African Actress at the 19th African Film Awards by African Voice – Britain’s No.1 African Newspaper.


Rahama Sadau is often referred to as “Priyanka” after the popular Indian actress. She is also revealed in an interview that Priyanka Chopra is her role model.

The actress is one of the few Hausa on-screen characters who speak both English and Hindi languages fluently. She played a few minor roles before her role in the movie, “Gani ga Wane” alongside the popular Kannywood actor Ali Nuhu shot her into the limelight.

Rahama revealed in an interview that acting for her was a profession she has always loved to do since childhood. But she was discouraged a lot initially as she never got to meet the right producers. Finally, she met a particular producer that saw her talent and he was able to give her the platform to showcase her acting talent.

In 2016, Rahama began featuring in a movie series on EbonyLife TV and on 15 October 2016, she confirmed via her Twitter account that she had been invited to Hollywood by Akon and Jeta Amata.


Besides acting, Rahama is also involved in charity works. She once visited an IDP camp in Wasa, Abuja, Nigeria. This was organized by her NGO, Ray of Hope. Rahama also participated in the 2015 Cancer day Walk organized by Medicaid.

The actress also revealed in an interview that she is currently exploring possibilities of using her fame for a good cause as she intends to pursue various causes such as girl education, women empowerment and women’s rights as well as gender equality.


Rahama began acting in 2013 and below are some of the movies she has featured in.

  • Rariya
  • kanwar dobarodo
  • Halacci
  • Minnal
  • Dalilin So
  • Suma Mata Ne
  • Chasing Hanifa
  • Banganta Ba
  • Sallamar So
  • Garbati
  • Mallakamin Dukiyarki
  • Ni Da Qawata
  • Dan Sarkin Agadez
  • Mai farin Jini
  • English Movies
  • The Light Will Come
  • Super Story (Soap Opera)
  • Sons of the Caliphate (Soap Opera)
  • Ajuyawa


In 2016, it was revealed that Rahama Sadau had been suspended by the Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) of the Hausa film industry. The reason for her ban was associated with an “offensive hug” in her appearance in a Hausa music video alongside a Jos based pop star ClassiQ.

According to MOPPAN, the “hugging and cuddling” in the video was in violation of the code of ethics known to all Hausa movie practitioners.

Rahama Sadau revealed in an interview that she didn’t know any other person who had been banned in Kannywood, except herself. After her ban, Sadau ventured into Nollywood, where she has featured in several productions including, The Light Will Come, Super Story, Sons of the Caliphate and The Accidental Spy, with Ramsey Nouah.


Rahama once disclosed in an interview that she has faced several challenges since she began her career in acting. This was particularly due to the fact that she’s a young Muslim girl. She revealed that there are often remarks that she should just get married and settle down but her parents 100% supportive so she’s unfazed by these comments.


The actress disclosed that the only difference between Nollywood and Kannywood is the association, marketers and regulatory bodies. She also revealed that these bodies make Nollywood more organized than Kannywood.


Rahama advised upcoming actresses in an interview to keep their heads up, be determined and be real.  According to her, the path into the movie industry especially in the north is not easy for females but it’s not impossible.

Priyanka Chopra

Rahama is inspired by Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra who was able to transition from Bollywood to Hollywood. She revealed that they share similar ideals as she can relate when Chopra says, “They don’t like her doing it but still they are proud of her.” According to Rahama, they seem to have faced a similar situation as people didn’t like what she was doing initially, but at some point, they have had to accept her and appreciate what she’s doing.

Memorable role

Rahama revealed that her role as a Christian nun in a convent in the movie, ‘Tattoo’ was quite interesting. She further disclosed that the role was memorable because it was a totally different side of her that was portrayed in the movie.

Challenging role

When Rahama featured in the Yoruba movie, ‘A Girl with No Words’ as a deaf and dumb girl, she thought it won’t be challenging since she didn’t have to speak but it was. The actress revealed that she had to learn sign language and it was so difficult but she was able to learn it thanks to the support of the like of Bimbo Akintola and the crew.


Rahama revealed that when she’s free, she sleeps and watches movies on her laptop. However, there are times, her friends call and they go on a date where they have fun and return home.

Favourite series

Rahama’s favourite series is House of Cards and her favourite character is the President.

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