Nkem Owoh’s Wife: All You Need to Know


Nkem Owoh is an individual that has contributed immensely to the growth of African cinema, particularly the Nigerian movie industry. Nkem Owoh is an actor with over thirty years in the Nigerian movie entertainment industry. In 1987, he featured in the screen adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s globally renowned book, Things Fall Apart, alongside Pete Edochie. Nkem Owoh’s excellent drama interpretation and acting capability were highlighted in Osuofia in London 1 & 2.

Nkem Owoh's Wife: All You Need to Know

He is married to Ngozi Nkem Owoh, for over twenty years.

This is an expose of Ngozi Nkem Owoh:

  • Early Life and Education

Ngozi Nkem Owoh is from the Igbo ethnic group of the southeastern region of Nigeria, though her exact state of origin cannot be defined at the time of writing. Ngozi acquired elementary education acquiring First School Leaving Certificate on completion of her primary school education. She then went on to receive a secondary school education. On completion of her senior secondary education, she sat for the Senior Secondary School Examination conducted by the West African Education Council. Due to scarce details on Nkem Owoh’s wife, it is not known if Ngozi proceeded to acquire higher learning at a tertiary institution or not.

  • Marriage and Family Life

In 1998, Nkem Owoh and Ngozi got married. The union has produced two daughters.

  • Occupation

Due to the lack of primary information on Ngozi Nkem Owoh, her main day-to-day occupation is not known. However, what cannot be taken away is the fact that Ngozi Nkem Owoh is a homemaker with the responsibility of making sure that everyday family needs and home maintenance are well run. Ngozi’s role in maintaining the homefront offers the actor a conducive environment to thrive effectively.

  • Who is Nkem Owoh?

  • Early Life and Education

A native of Enugu State, Nkem Owoh was born on February 7, 1958, in Amagu village, Udi Town in Enugu State. Nkem Owoh received his pre-primary, primary, and secondary school education in Nsukka town of Enugu State. On completion of his secondary school education, Nkem Owoh sought to acquire higher learning which led him to pursue an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Ilorin in Kwara State. Nkem Owoh upon completion of his tertiary education mobilized for and participated in the mandatory one-year-long National Youth Service Corps.

  • Career

With a passion for acting exhibited from his university days, and during secondary school, Nkem Owoh participated in several acting gigs as an amateur actor in television and film productions. However, after completion of his National Youth Service Corps programme, Nkem Owoh briefly worked for WACO Engineering, of which he was laid off as a result of staff downsizing, about a year into the job. This development led him to tow the path of professional acting.

In 1987, Nkem Owoh featured alongside Pete Edochie in the NTA TV series adaption of Chinua Achebe’s best-selling book, Things Fall Apart. The television adaption of Things Fall Apart received nationwide and international recognition, and invariably increased the visibility of Nkem Owoh’s craft. In 1993, Nkem Owoh was featured in Circle of Doom 2. He also put up an amazing act in the 1995 Classic, Rattlesnake. In the 2006 film, Ukwa, Nkem Owoh’s artful depiction of the Ukwa character earned him a name which a considerable chunk of his fanbase know him as – Ukwa. Nkem Owoh’s popularity and acclaim further soared after his role Osuofia in London 1 & 2, as the film received massive recognition in the industry, and amongst the Nollywood audience. Nkem Owoh has over two decades of acting experience in Nollywood, with being featured in over two hundred films. Other films he has featured in include, Lionheart, Ghana Must Go, Wonderful Man, Stronger Than Pain, Big Trouble, Kpali, My Village People, Big Man, and a host of others.

Aside from acting, Nkem Owoh dabbled into music, with notable songs such as I Go Chop Your Dollar, Agreement, Know Me When I am Poor, and several others.

  • Awards and Recognition

In 2008, African Magic Academy Award conferred on Nkem Owoh the award of Best Actor In A Leading Role for his performance in Stronger Than Pain. He is also a recipient of a Lifetime Award from the same award-issuing body. His contributions to the Nollywood industry also earned him a City People Lifetime Award in 2017, amongst several others.



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