Segun Ogunbe’s First Wife: All You Need to Know

Segun Ogunbe has made a name for himself in the movie entertainment industry in Niger, especially the Yoruba movie industry. He is an accomplished actor, film director, and producer with hit home movies like Ibi Gaga and Baba Arugbo, to name a few.

Segun Ogunbe is married to two women, however, the first wife is Atinuke Ogunbe.

Segun Ogunbe's First Wife

This is all you need to know about Segun Ogunbe’s first wife:

  • Cultural Heritage

Atinuke Alirat Ogunbe is of Yoruba heritage although her exact state of origin cannot be accurately ascertained at the time of writing.

  • Marriage and Family Life

Atinuke had been married for several years to Segun Ogunbe before he added a second wife, Omowunmi. The marriage between Atinuke and Segun Ogunbe has produced four kids, namely Ajokeade Mide Ogunbe, Boluwatife Ogunbe-Cole, Oluwafemi Omolaja Ogunbe, and Fisayomi Ogunbe. Atinuke and Segun Ogunbe are grandparents by their daughter, Boluwatife Ogunbe-Cole, who is married with a son. Their first child together, Ajokeade Mide Ogunbe resides and works in the United Arab Emirates, while their son, Oluwafemi Ogunbe recently completed his tertiary education. Fisayomi Ogunbe, the last girl-child, recently celebrated her thirteenth birthday in November 2021.

The family comprising of Segun Ogunbe, Atinuke, and her children, as well as the second wife, Omowunmi Ogunbe, and her young boys, all, live together in their Lagos State residence.

  • Occupation

Atinuke Ogunbe is an entrepreneur, engaging in several business endeavors. She employs her intellectual, financial, human, and physical resources towards generating cash flow, sales, and revenue for her business.

  • Who is Segun Ogunbe?
  • Early Life and Education

The actor cum producer was born Segun Akanni Ogunbe on March 28, 1970, in the capital city of Oyo State, Ibadan. However, he is an Abeokuta native, in Ogun State. He spent his early life in Ibadan where he obtained both the First School Leaving Certificate upon completion of Primary School education and the Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) on completion of Secondary School education.

  • Movie Industry Career

Segun Ogunbe was born into an entertainment lineage as his uncle was the famous Akin Ogunbe, who attained prominence in the Yoruba movie industry as an actor. Segun Ogunbe’s entry into the movie industry scene occurred quite early as he had featured in movies, even as a toddler. As he grew, he diversified into movie directing and production. So, in 1996, Ogunbe Films Production was set up by Segun Ogunbe to function as a movie production company as well as a film academy.

Segun Ogunbe has featured in a lot of movies in the Nollywood movie industry, as well as the Yoruba movie sub-industry. Notable among these include OlokikiOru, Ibi Gaga, Oga Olopa, Illa Owo, Owo Ago, and several other numerous films he has featured in. His excellent character-depiction in movies earned him recognition in the movie industry as he has received several nominations for awards and even emerged winner in some of these awards nominations.

His movie production company, Ogunbe Films Production, is reputed to have churned out movies that have attained critical acclaim from within the industry and beyond. As a movie producer and director, Segun Ogunbe involves in the pre-production, production and post-production activities. With a solid grasp of technical knowledge, he coordinates the development and formulation of ideas towards the production of movie content, with the support of his team.

Ibi Gaga was a movie he produced, which he also played the lead role, was instrumental to his rise within the industry, as the movie received massive commendations and praise for its stellar production. He has produced several other movies that include Baba Arugbo, Father and Daughter, Agatha, Aye Ibironke, Amin, Golo, Ologbo Iya Ijebu, The Odds 777, Amin and Akota Olokada 1&2, among several others.

The Ogunbe Films Production also boasts of a film academy that trains aspiring actors and other crew disciplines. The film academy of Ogunbe Films Production company is committed to teaching all aspects of film-making to aspirants in the movie industry that allows for a more rounded awareness of techniques, artistic approaches and the shot at gaining knowledge and experience from professionals in the movie industry such as Segun Ogunbe, and other instructors who are working or have worked in the movie industry.



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