Bolanle Ninalowo’s Wife: All You Need to Know

Bolanle Ninalowo is a prolific Nigerian actor and film producer. He has starred in a number of Nollywood home videos of critical acclaims, such as Desperate Baby Mama, Picture Perfect, Night Bus to Lagos, and Ghetto Bred, to name a few. Bolanle was born in Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State on May 7, 1980, to Alhaji Jamiu Ninalowo and Alhaja R. Ninalowo. Before his detour into the entertainment scene, precisely Nollywood, as a DeVry University-trained accountant, Bolanle Ninalowo has worked as a banker in General Growth Properties in the United States and now Guarantee Trust Company (GTCO) in Nigeria upon his return in 2010. Bolanle has also authored Shame to Fame, a book that attained due recognition. He is married to Bunmi Bolanle.

Bolanle Ninalowo's Wife

This piece attempts to shed light on Mrs. Bolanle Ninalowo, to unravel worthwhile information about her:

  • Birth Date

Bunmi was on September 10, 1981.

  • Marriage and Family Life

Bunmi and Bolanle crossed parts when they met in 2004. The pair cultivated friendship almost immediately which developed into a budding romance. They got married the same year. The seventeen-year-long marriage has produced two children, a girl, and a boy. Aliyah Ninalowo and Morankinyo Ninalowo are the names of their daughter and son respectively. Aliyah is 15 years old as she was born in 2006 and their son, Morankinyo was born in 2008.

The marriage between Bunmi and Bolanle happened when both were quite young as they were 23 and 24 years respectively. So, about a decade into their marriage, the couple experienced a strained marital relationship that was contributive to the two-year hiatus that Bunmi and her husband took when the duo could not tolerate each other’s excesses and insecurities. Bunmi in several posts and interviews stated that her husband became self-centered and delegated the yearnings of his wife to the background, in the course of his growth trajectory. Likewise, Bolanle also admitted that his marriage to Bunmi had reached a point where he felt repulsed by his wife and acted in ways undeserving to his spouse. The two-year separation provided an opportunity for both Bunmi and Bolanle to reflect and gain clarity on their relationship. After the break, Bunmi and Bolanle reunited with a newfound acknowledgment and appreciation for each other. It gave the marriage a new starting point.

After the reunion between Bunmi and Bolanle, their marriage has grown much stronger than before the break. The actor has reiterated on several occasions how grateful he is to have his wife back with him and greatly appreciates her support and understanding. The couple and their children reside in Lagos State.

  • Occupation

Bunmi Bolanle is a entrepreneur. She also makes a living as an ambassador and brand promoter. She has an Instagram followership of over 287,000 with an average person viewing her profile comprising of a mix of persons from 25 to 40 years, especially women within the stated capture range. Bolanle operates an active and engaging Instagram account with the handle queennino_b, which affords prospective brands seeking to work with Bolanle the opportunity to reach potential customers that may exist among her followers.

She is a brand ambassador of wholesalenaija, a major dealer on a wide option of human hair, wigs and wigs. She is seen sporting several styles of human hairs, weaves and wigs on Instagram to the awe of her followers. Right products meet the right audience, which ultimately translates to increased sales and sales leads for the hair dealer, not ruling out circumstances beyond control. Her social media network offers several similar small and medium enterprises the opportunity to reach audiences with the likelihood to convert sales and leads.

Furthermore, Bunmi Ninalowo is also a Consultant in DNJ Properties. DNJ Properties is a firm engaging in sales and rentals of properties. Additional perks to the properties in the portfolia of DNJ Properties include the provision of security, garage spaces, gyms, sanitation services, alarm, and general property services. DNJ Properties have properties in Lagos State, Federal Capita Territory, Abuja, Oyo State, Rivers State and Kano State.

Bunmi Bolanle is also manager of the Makanaki Brand. The couple are both involved in the growth of House of Makanaki.

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