Top 10 Richest Musicians in Nigeria 2019 & Net Worth (Forbes)

richest musicians in nigeria

Music is a fast selling talent in Nigeria and the net worth of top musicians in the country is a testament to that notion. Over the years, popular musicians like D’banj, Davido, Wizkid, 2Face etc have been known to charge millions of naira as performance fees and have earned lucrative endorsment deals from top brands […]

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans, Bundles, Prices & Codes (2019)

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans, Bundles, Prices & Codes ([year])

If you’re looking for information on Airtel Nigeria data plans, bundles, and their subscription codes, you’re just on the right page. Whether you’re looking to get internet access on your smartphone (Android, iOS, etc.), tablet or even laptop or desktop PC, Airtel has the right data plans for you. Generally, Airtel Nigeria data plans are […]

Empowerment Programs in Nigeria: The Full List

empowerment programs in nigeria

There are several programs that have been put in place by the Nigerian Government to empower citizens of the country. These programs help combat the current high level of unemployment and poverty in the country through appropriate skill development and provision of opportunities that increase productivity within the country. Empowerment Programmes in Nigeria In this […]

Football Academies in Nigeria & Their Contact Details

football academies in nigeria

Football is a major sport in Nigeria. In fact, it can be regarded as a language that every Nigerian understands. This is why when you travel to any part of the country, it is quite common to find the young and old playing the round leather ball on the streets. Over the years, individuals and […]

Nigerian Wedding Reception Program: Sample & Details

nigerian wedding reception program sample

What do you really know about a wedding reception? Well, we can help you answer that and a bit more. Usually, the reception is where the fun and enjoyment of any wedding takes place because it is often filled with a lot of pomp and pageantry. Particularly, if you live in South West Nigeria and […]

Education Tax in Nigeria: Overview and Details

education tax in nigeria

Education Tax is a tax chargeable on all companies registered in Nigeria at chargeable profits as a contribution to the Education Tax Fund. This means that all registered companies in Nigeria are required to pay a percentage of their assessable profit into an Education Tax Fund. The tax is charged at 2%. In this post, […]

Youngest Professors in Nigeria: Their Fields & Profiles

youngest professor in nigeria

Currently, in Nigeria, two professors share the achievement of being the youngest professor in the country and we will take a look at their profiles. Youngest Professors in Nigeria 1. Professor Ayodele Awojobi The first one is Ayodele Awojobi. He was popularly called “Dead Easy”, “The Akoka Giant”, and “Macbeth” and he became a professor […]

First Professors in Nigeria: Their Fields & More

first professor in nigeria

Over the years, there have been several claims with regards to the first academician to hold the highest honour of professor in the country. In fact, several individuals and institutions have laid claim to this achievement unfortunately, their assertions have left many more confused than convinced. In this post, we have decided to examine these […]

ipNX Data Plans and Prices (2019)

ipnx data plans

ipNX is one of the fastest internet service providers in the country and the internet service is available in the major cities in the country which include Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. Also, there are plans to expand this service to other parts of the country. The ipNX internet service is super fast and can […]

Spectranet Self Care: Beginner’s Guide (2019)

spectranet self care

If this ISP has recently caught your attention and you’re looking to join the growing list of Spectranet customers, you can learn a lot from this post. Also, if you just bought your Spectranet device, you can learn how to use the Spectranet Selfcare portal in this post. However, if you’re yet to buy your […]

Kano State Polytechnic HND Courses & Requirements

kano state polytechnic hnd courses

Kano State is the industrial center of the Northern part of Nigeria and the second most industrial city in Nigeria. The economy of the State is a major reason for the high population of the State. Presently the population of Kano State stands at an estimated 11 million inhabitants. Definitely education is one of the […]

Kano State Polytechnic School of Management Studies: Courses

kano state polytechnic hnd courses

Kano State is the second most populous State in Nigeria with an estimated population of over 11 million.  The State is highly regarded as the commercial centre of the northern region of the country. There are several higher institutions of higher learning within and around the state. Some of these were set up by the […]

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