Importance of Political Parties in Nigeria

Political parties play vital roles in Nigeria. Party members come together with common goals to share political ideas. They aid and improve the purpose of democracy. Political parties are also responsible for nurturing political leaders. In this article, the importance of political parties in Nigeria would be discussed.

Importance of Political Parties in Nigeria

The importance of political parties in Nigeria will be discussed below:

  • Political Parties provide freedom of rights

In Nigeria, political parties provide the citizens the freedom right to vote and to be voted for. These political rights as they are called, allow citizens to participate in the political exercises of the country. Political parties give citizens the political right to elect suitable candidates into office and also the right to be elected during election polls.

  • Political Parties determine the political decisions in Nigeria

Political parties in Nigeria play a very important role of determining the major political decisions in Nigeria. They determine the quality of representatives or candidates that Nigerian citizens would be asked to vote for and later elect in office. Political parties determine who would represent their party at the election polls, thereby determining the political decisions in Nigeria. In other words, Nigerians would only vote for whoever the political parties put out. Political parties are saddled with this great responsibility.

  • Political Parties provide the citizens with suitable representatives

Political parties in Nigeria provide Nigerian citizens with suitable representatives. The citizens in turn would then elect the representative they dim fit. This usually happens every four years during election polls. These representatives or candidates are usually members of political parties. During the election, citizens vote for the political party(representative) of their choice.

  • Political Parties help to Formulate Public Policies

In Nigeria, political parties help in formulating and influencing government and public policies. In every election, citizens vote for the political parties of their choice. This in turn influences government and public policies. In a situation wherein the citizens choose a political party of their to liken to be their envoys in the government, the political policies executed by the party should have the best interest of the people who elected the party. These policies should be directed at enhancing the situation of the country.

  • Political Parties Provide Conducive Political Environment

In Nigeria, political parties provide a political environment that is conducive to economic growth and national growth through private initiative and free corporation. They see to it that political activities are void of violence. They put certain things in place to ensure a conducive political environment.

  • Political Parties Recruit Leaders

Political Parties discover leaders among the citizens and give them a say. Political parties look for enthusiastic citizens who are interested to run for a post in government and people who are also interested in the good of their country, thereby recruiting leaders of great esteem.

  • Political Parties Provide Good Governance

Political parties are saddled with the responsibility of providing good governance for the citizens. They see to it that the citizens of Nigeria get good people to govern them, be it at the state, local or national level.

  • Political Parties Educate and Inform Citizens

In Nigeria, political parties educate and inform the citizens about the goals of the party as well as the goals of the government. Parties ensure that citizens understand the ideas of the political party and the government and as well increase the political consciousness of the people. This being one of the main objectives of political parties in democracy today, brings the party closer to the people.

  • Political Parties Help to Improve the Citizens’ Well-being

Political Parties help the people in the grassroots access to economic opportunities. They enhance the well-being of the citizens and make the basic needs of life accessible to every citizen. They see to it that the basic social amenities such as good roads, steady power supply, employment, stable running water, good schools, and good hospitals with adequate medical equipment and facilities are made available to not just people in urban areas but also to people in the rural areas who normally don’t have access to these amenities. By providing good leaders, political parties help to improve the total well-being of the citizens.

  • Political Parties assist the Parliament

Political parties assist the parliament of any given country, say Nigeria. They are in charge of organizing the representatives of the citizens. The electoral body chooses the delegates of the political parties to be their mouthpiece in the congress. The particular party with the prevalence of votes gets the ruling position in the Parliament, while the party with the lesser votes becomes the opposition. This opposition side always checks whatsoever the ruling party does.

  • Political Parties Promote Political Stability in Nigeria

In Nigeria, political parties promote political stability.

  • Political Parties Act as The Link between The Government and The People

In Nigeria, political parties serve as the link between the government and the citizens. They serve as middlemen.

  • Political Parties Promote The Main Principles of Patriotism and Unity

Political parties in Nigeria promote the main principles of patriotism and unity within the country. They facilitate oneness and unify everybody’s interests. In as much as citizens in a country could be divided by regional, religion, or even national matters, they are bound by political parties thereby stimulating patriotism and unity.

  • Political Parties work with The Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) to ensure that the modalities of the election process are done accordingly in a free and fair manner. They work with the timetable INEC provides to carry out their primaries.
  • Political Parties act as election observers to ensure fair play at the polls. They supervise the counting of the votes.
  • Political Parties engage the citizens in voter education. They organize several rallies or political campaigns, educating people about the need to vote.

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