Home Solar System Installations: 4 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

More people than ever are starting to gain interest in solar energy. It wasn’t always affordable before, but that’s changing by the day. The price of solar is currently lower than ever and will likely continue decreasing in the future.

It’s no surprise that you’re interested in installing solar panels on your roof. At https://housefrey.com/index.php/2022/06/28/6-tips-for-preparing-your-home-to-go-solar__trashed/ you will get the idea about how to prepare your home for solar.

Home solar system installations are a great way to handle your energy needs, but you need to go through the proper steps to do it right. Avoid the four mistakes below with your solar panel design to ensure you supply your home with the energy it needs. Check out the 4 Things you should know about solar panel installation.

1. Not Generating Enough Power

Understanding the amount of power you need is critical to installing solar panels the right way. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as seeing your average power bills and buying panels that meet those demands. Check out HOW SOLAR PANELS WORK FOR YOUR HOME: A BEGINNER’S GUIDE.

Your solar exposure will change based on your location, which means the panels you buy may not be as effective. If you get your solar system sizing wrong, you’ll install a system that can’t meet your needs.  Know How Much Do Solar Panels for a Home Cost?

Consider everything from sun exposure to when learning about solar to consider everything you need when placing and buying solar panels.


2. Ignoring Building Codes

You can’t just put a solar system on your roof however you want. There are serious safety concerns you need to address. You can usually find those concerns and how to handle them with your local building codes.

Check your building codes before installing solar panels to ensure you follow the rules. In most locations, your local inspectors will need to sign off on your installation. If you don’t follow the rules, you’ll need to change your setup to meet the codes.

While it may take more work to learn and follow the rules, it means you won’t need to re-do your system after you finish.

3. Hiring the Wrong Help

Most people won’t install solar panels on their own. Dealing with electricity isn’t something you should do lightly. If you don’t have professional experience, hiring a pro that will meet your solar system budget makes more sense.

However, not all solar panel companies will do great work. Some will do a haphazard job and leave a bad installation that doesn’t work and effectively increases your solar cost with an inefficient system. 

You need to do everything you can to avoid this. Look at professional certifications, warranties, customer reviews, insurance, and everything else you look for in reliable contractors.

4. Not Checking Your Roof

You can’t put solar panels on every roof out there. A roof must have enough structural integrity to support the weight and brackets solar panels need.

Unfortunately, older roofs won’t always be strong enough to handle the strain solar panels bring. Some people don’t consider this and install panels on old roofs.

That’s a significant danger for anyone living in your home. Check your roof beforehand to make sure it can handle a solar installation.

Make Sure You Handle Home Solar System Installations Right

Solar systems aren’t the easiest thing to set up. You need to buy the correct number of panels, orient them correctly on your roof, and set up your power system to power your home and sell energy back to the grid.

You need to be careful to do things right if you want to get the most from your solar system. Remember the mistakes above when handling home solar system installations to do things right the first time.

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