Things To Consider When Designing An Icon 

The importance of an icon can not be overemphasized. An icon is the first point of attraction to any app or website. 

If you are struggling to get more people to download your app, you might want to consider a change of an icon. This could be all you need to increase the number of downloads on your app. 

Creating an attractive icon is beyond bringing different elements together or downloading one from a free icon generator. There are certain things you must consider to have the best icon for your brand. 

4 Things To Consider When Designing An Icon

When creating an icon for your website, brand or app, there are certain things you must put in mind. There are numerous design elements: 

  • color;
  • shape;
  • texture;
  • contrast;
  • size;
  • proportion.

If all the design elements are used appropriately, the icon becomes more visible. Consider the following to build a good icon. 

Use Letter Instead of Words

It is an icon, not copywriting. You don’t have to use words. Instead of words, the best thing to use is letters. You may have seen so many apps on the appstore, but one thing that is peculiar to most of them is the use of letters. Mostly it is the first letter of their brand name.

The important reason for using a letter is that your app will be lining up among numerous others. No one will have much time to read words, use a letter instead. 

Use Simple Design

The best of all icons are the ones with simple colors. There is no need to merge different colors to make an icon. You don’t even need too many graphics. Focus more on the concept and element of the design instead of colors.  Although there are exceptions to this. If you are designing an icon for a gaming app you might need to combine different colors.

If people have to stress before seeing the concept of the icon, that means the icon has failed in its purpose. Keep it as simple as possible. Decide on using a convincing concept instead of jamming colors together. 

Use Unique Symbols

It is important to know that there are numerous apps, websites and brands also competing for an audience. Ensure you use the right symbols and shapes to attract the attention of users. 

With the use of the right symbols and shapes, your app can be easily seen on the list of apps. Also, the right symbols will make your brand stand out among others. 

Use Sharp Colors

While it is not advised that you jam different colors together, an icon isn’t complete without the right color. The right color will make your icon stand out among competitors. 

Ensure you use the right color that will stand out on any background. It is advisable to use one color that is vibrant enough. 


Different elements of design must be put in place to have a fantastic icon. Free icon generators might not be the most ideal tool for creating an icon. Nevertheless, it is a great way to start. 

Consider the tips explained above when designing an icon for your brand, website or app. 

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