How to Check Your BVN Online

Before you learn how to check your BVN online, let’s find out what exactly BVN is.

Bank Verification Number also known as BVN is an 11 digit number. The BVN serves as your universal ID in all the banks or financial institutions in the country.

The need for BVN came up when the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) implemented its cashless policy. One of the reasons for the BVN was to curb all forms of financial fraud and theft. Additionally, your BVN also enables you carry out transactions at any point of banking operations.

how to check bvn online

Here’s the statement released by the CBN with regards to the BVN

Identity theft and fraudulent transactions have become a menace to the global banking system in recent times. In order to ensure trust relationship in the Nigerian banking system is not undermined, The Central Bank of Nigeria in collaboration with all Nigerian Banks launched Bank Verification Number (BVN) project in February 14, 2014. The BVN uniquely identifies every customer across the Nigeria banking industry using biometric details. It is a requirement for operating a bank account in Nigeria as no withdrawal shall be made on accounts without validated BVN (customers in diaspora accounts were exempted till January 31, 2016”

Overall, the BVN can be said to be an initiative by the CBN to ensure transparency, security and easy assessment of data in accordance with best practices in developed countries. These are the benefits of having a BVN:

  • Secures your bank account
  • Exposes fraudulent transactions, theft and blacklisted customers
  • Provides with a unique ID that you can use in any bank

Once you register, the BVN is attached to your name across all banks or financial institutions in the country.

Despite being an 11 digit number, you don’t neccesarily have to memorise your BVN. There are ways to check the number on your mobile phone anytime you need to even if you don’t have an internet connection.

How to check your BVN online

So the question you’re obviously asking is how do I check my BVN online or how to get BVN online you can also check out here?

Well, it’s quite straightforward.

All you have to do is to simply dial *565*0# using the mobile phone you used for your account registration. But it comes at a cost. You will be charged N20

If you’re yet to register you’ll receive this information, “Sorry your number is not enrolled on the BVN platform. Thank you for using BVN service. You have been charged N20 for this service.”

In this case you can register by following the steps below;

  • Enter any Nigerian bank of your choice
  • Request and fill the BVN enrolment form
  • Submit the form
  • Your biometric data will be taken i.e facial, thumb print
  • You will be given an acknowledgement slip with a transaction ID
  • Within 24 hours you’ll receive your BVN

Apart from the code *565*0#, some banks also have their specific shortcodes to allow their customers check their BVN on their phone. For instance, if you’re a GTBank customer, you can dial *737*6*1# to check your BVN.

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  1. I can’t get my bvn with my phone number attached to my SIM card because I lost the other sim I was using before so I now linked my new sim to my UBA account I can get credit alert and debit alert but I can get my bvn with *565*0# with my new number pls help me out

  2. i get a mistake in my bvn i try to correct but you refuse to correct it for me why
    instead to write abubakar abbas for my bvn name he write abubabkar abbas for me and all my credential i am using abubakar abbas you know that if you you refuse to correct it for me i am in trouble and i am a nigerian i want to you to help me

  3. Thank you so much Sir/MA for the personalized gtbank code for checking bvn.
    For crying out loud, I’ve been trying to check my bvn for over 2 years now through my phone after I misplaced it along side my credentials. I tried it just now with the *737*6*1# and it worked. Now, I can proceed with my since, pending registrations. Oh My! I’m so grateful!

  4. I don’t know my bvn number and the number I used in opening my account as another bvn registered on it how do I know my bvn number can’t go to the bank am sick

    • I need my bvn number, have lost the Sim card I used in registering it then. Pls,help me.when I registered then I was single but now am married .I opened with Makinde Temidayo Hannah then but that’s still what I bear on my account till date haven’t changed it but have lost my sim card,now am Adefioye wuraola on gmail.note: haven’t change my account name from MakindeTemidayoHannah….. Thanks.

  5. please how do I recover I bvn,they keep telling me the mobile number is not registered and I am sure it is the one.
    pleas this is the number it’s very important right now please.
    this is the number 08143793630

  6. Please sir I lost the phone number I use in opening my account with GT BANK, I can’t get my BVN, and I need it urgently pls help me, I really need my BVN back

  7. I’m Tosin, I lost the sim card I used to enrol for bvn, i went back to the bank in which I enrolled for bvn”skye bank” now known as “polaris bank”, I was told I didn’t enroll for bvn there. Now I can’t withdraw from the account which I just opened just because I haven’t linked my bvn. Please I’ll be happy if a solution can be provided

  8. I lost my bvn and the phone no i use for wch i lost 3years ago is given to another customer and i dnt hve any valid id what shud i do

  9. Hello I need my Bvn and my account number I lost my phone please help me here is my name Ajelara abdulramon I don’t remember the last name maybe babatunde or Olarewaju

  10. Hello sir i have forgotten the mobile number i use in my bvn presently but i know my bvn number, can you help me get my mobile number i use in my Bvn, thank you

  11. Am checking my bvn number with the *565*0# and they keep on telling me my number is not enrolled with the bvn number plz help me I need it urgently

  12. Please, I made a mistake whereby doing my bvn I used another date of birth that’s not mine then I went to the bank yesterday and now I want to check if that the current one I changed it has appeared on my details

  13. Hello sir/MMA please I need your help I want to check my BVN online but the number I used to register for the account lost but I need my bank BVN urgently please I don’t know if you can help this is the number I used to register it before 08108147621 but the number I want to use now is 08186066929 thanks am waiting for your reply….

  14. My sim card is broken and I really need to access my account, please help me how can I get my bvn, God bless you as you attend to my urgent please.

  15. Thank you very much for this wonderful piece.
    The importance of BVN in Nigerian modern banking cannot be over emphasized.

    It has become a common phenomenon for bank customers to be denied access to their hard earned funds on the premise of BVN issues which could emanate as a result of any of the following points

    1. Irregular name on BVN against the account.

    2. ID name differs from what’s obtainable on the BVN

    3. Irregular date of birth
    And all what have you.

    Be it on note that bank customers most times find out these issues either on the point of linking their BVNs to their accounts in event where such BVN was not profiled by the same bank.

    It’s however the duty of the account officers to educate these customers on the importance of maintaining a profiled name on BVN on the account as well.

    The customer’s BVN should be collected and xcheked at the point of account opening, so as to use the right name sequence in opening these accounts otherwise the customers resort to suffer thereafter.

    It should also be worthy of note that banks will not grant a request of changing your entire name on the BVN, rather will afford to make corrections.

    However, you’re entitled to only one bvn and this means you cannot be enrolled on BVN plat form twice, irrespective of banks. You can operate only one BVN for now as approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Do not think you can abandon your account with any bank because you can’t fix the issues, kindly get necessary materials like the affidavits, notary publication, ID card etc and solve your problem.

    In any case you wish to get your BVN number online via your cellphone, kindly dial *565*0# with your registered phone number.
    You will however be charged N20 for this service, irrespective of the service provider, hope that helps.

  16. Hello sir/ma, I’ve lost d sim i used to register my BVN, i need just the 4on number to do something very important but i can seem to remember the number, please how can u help?

  17. pls I lost the registered sim card and my phone,pls how could I get it back,I did it at gt bank,the registered sim card is 08082160949 but the number I’m using now is 09020595719,so if there any help u can render,I want ur help on this.

  18. Gudday sir,pls am in need of ur help.I need to check my BVN number bt it’s want going through on my mobile will really appreciate it if u can help me send it on my Gmail or on my mobile num

  19. Pls sir, i want you to help me verify my BVN.I have tried all i could to verify it with this number *565*0# but all to no avail. They keep on telling me that my phone number is not enrolled with my bvn. Pls I need u to help me verify it.they also said that I should go to my bank which may not be easy because the area am living there is no diamond bank there pls help me.

  20. Your answer is not correct. You only explained how to check your bvn with your phone. It is different from checking your bvn online which I was expecting you to talk about. You said nothing about NIBBS BVN Validation online portal.

  21. Pls the sim I use for my BVN got lost and I haven’t saved my BVN .pls can you help me check or regenerate it??
    Phone no:07018629626
    Name:IKurhyel Nehemiah
    First bank

  22. Dear author, with all due respect this is a very misleading post title! You said “how to check online” and eventually resulted in teaching us the ussd way. SMH!!!

  23. Hello morning sir/ma I’m contacting you because I have lost my sim that I used to verify my BVN number Thor I still have my BVN number but o want to change the phone number please help me out

    Best regards
    Ever iyke

  24. I don’t remember the bank I opened my bvn.I have date of birth was not written properly..I am 08/07/76,but in the bank I registered for my bvn they wrote 08/06/76.I have problems doing transactions in other bank accounts. I have been asked to go to the bank I registers for bvn,but I don’t can I know the bank.pls

    • Hello Raphael,
      Kindly visit any bank of your choice, give your BVN to the customer service, request them to do a search and tell you the very bank where you get enrolled.
      They should be able to do that for you.

  25. Same problem I lost my phone with my Sim I register my BVN with since then am having problem with my account and they give me excuses at bank..what can I do to get it back plssss name Opadayo dare Samuel bank GTBank of Nigeria..

  26. my name is Akusebo Maxwell Damilola I enrolled for a bvn number at wema bank and u was sent my bvn number without been given an account number.After a month my phone got stolen and my sim card was stolen.
    last week I opened an account with GTB bank now am told to get the old bvn number which I can’t find anymore… I was told to go down to wema to get the bvn number but they told me the phone number can’t be found I don’t know what to do and I need the bvn number urgently

  27. My name is yahya from niger state.. plzz pals i seriously need your help, i have been having issues with my account do to BVN. I lost the number i use in registering BVN and now, i cant withdrawal in my acct which i also dont have NY ticket….. pzz how do i retrieve my BVN????

  28. Am having a problem with my BVN registration in opening another bank account in JAIZ Bank,
    So what will I do to solve the issue and see my BVN details,
    I register my BVN through GTBANK,

  29. My name is Abikoye micheal.I’m Exhibiting my regret starting with a Financial club from Nigeria since 2006 and i hope all Nigerians shouldn’t be a victim of these regret a Financial Club of Skyebank erollment Bank Verification number 22351296743. Carries themseleves with Representative as Staff to steal personalities and never also post themseleve to Make Advantage of Requirement like details of Maiden phone number and Next of kin to work Against citizen of country of Nigeria Also i’m a Dual citizen which my interest with the Skyebank Plc was to Have my Great Britian Home office payment for Document to Return to my Country Nigeria since i have Captured Proof of Living to the world from my Parents As Nigerians And Agreement After studies from Nigeria for 38 years and return to United kingdom successfully and They are bunch of pit of hell as discovery.Hope more to fall victim was the reason of publicity.

  30. pls i lost the sim i use for my Bvn number and i went back they couldn’t find or trace it so till don’t know my Bvn number pls what can i do bcos i need the account now

  31. please I have challenge linking my BVN to other bank. when a open another bank account with GTB, due to an error in my votal’s card that I used to register the BVN at Union Bank Plc Okene branch in Kogi State. what should I do?

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