Things you should do when you visit Australia

Australians are good at living. They can jump out of a helicopter and dive into the sky, into the ocean to witness the Great Barrier Reef, and sail and sail across the deep blue sea. In short, there are countless things to do in Australia that locals and tourists alike can enjoy. Here’s the best of everything you can do on your trip to Australia, whether looking for leisure, wildlife, or adventure.

Let’s start with these fantastic places to visit!

Make the Great Ocean Road Drive

A whole place to tour! Experience the rugged beauty of Victoria’s southwest coast and embark on one of the most scenic coastal routes in the world.

The spectacular Great Ocean Road embraces the coastal cliffs that wind along the wild and windswept Southern Ocean. The breathtaking views along the iconic road evoke awe with cliffs, empty beaches, and towering cliffs flanked by vibrant green fields. Add to that epic surf, native wildlife, unforgettable hiking and cycling trails, and many things to see and do around every curve.

Visit the Pink Lake; your eyes will be thankful 

The Pink Lake is one of the must-see attractions to marvel at and get lost in a breathtaking view. 

As officially known, Lake Hillier is located on Middle Island in the Recherche Archipelago of Western Australia. It is about 130 km (70 mi) from Esperance or an eight-hour drive from Perth. It is a surreal view; the pink lake is adjacent to the dark blue waters of the Indian Ocean, with a strip of lush green forest acting as a barrier.

Take a wildlife tour and learn about koalas and more

This mainland state is known for its abundance of Australian wildlife. Therefore, a wildlife safari should be on your priority list of things to do in Australia. Besides, you’ll also be able to observe Australian wildlife in an inactive volcanic crater in the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve! You’ll find emus, koalas, kangaroos, and much more. 

Explore and live intensely on the Great Barrier Reef!

The Great Barrier Reef is bestowed with massively diverse and vivid marine life, with more than 2900 individual reefs, the world’s most extensive coral reef system. Spanning over 200 km, the reef has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Go to Bondi Beach if you enjoy surfing 

Bondi is a fantastic beach and surfing paradise in Sydney. The beach is known for annual events like the Miss Bondi Beach pageant.

Australia is synonymous with adventure, a land of extraordinary natural wonders for intrepid explorers eager to walk, swim, climb, and tour every corner of this country. These places are only a few of the many treasures you can choose from to embark on an unforgettable journey through Australia.


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