Mauritius Visa from Nigeria: How to Acquire Yours

Are you thinking of a place with sun-kissed beaches and green palm trees, a perfect location for a vacation? Then you are thinking of Mauritius! Mauritius offers all you need for a beach holiday or honeymoon experience. Asides many luxurious beaches in Mauritius, there is a wealth of attractions and activities there too. Traveling to the Island country of Mauritius is a very exciting adventure, this article covers how to get your Mauritius visa from Nigeria.

Mauritius Visa from Nigeria: How to Acquire Yours

Mauritius Visa from Nigeria

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Where is Mauritius located?

Mauritius is an island country located in the Indian Ocean, Southeast of the African continent. Mauritius is a tourist paradise, blessed with beautiful beaches and a tourist-friendly environment. Traveling to Mauritius assures you of the utmost pleasure at any time of the year. It is also a well-organized country with a stable economy and government. Mauritius gained independence from Britain in 1968. Since then, the country has developed from a low-income, agriculture-based economy to a high-income diversified economy, that gains income based on tourism, textiles, sugar, and financial services. The way in which the country has developed itself has made them refer to Mauritius as ‘the Mauritian Miracle’ and the ‘success of Africa’.

Mauritius is a major tourist destination in the world. In fact, the tourism sector is the fourth contributor to the Mauritian economy. This adds up to why Mauritius has earned the reputation of a top holiday destination in the world. There is an amazing collection of almost 200 activities, attractions and places to be discovered in Mauritius. These include traditional museums, parks and reserves, sea cruises, island trips, etc.

How to travel to Mauritius

The surest and best way to fly to the Island country of Mauritius is by air. Air Mauritius is one of the airlines that operate flights from Nigeria to Mauritius. Other Airlines include South African Airways, British Airways, Air France and Lufthansa etc. Many of these airlines call it a direct flight but still stopover somewhere along the way. These airlines operate scheduled flights from Lagos to Mauritius and you can choose any of them if you can afford their stopovers.

Mauritius visa

The island country of Mauritius allows Nigerian citizens a 14 days visa which is obtained on arrival to the country. With this visa, a Nigerian passport holder is able to enter and stay in the country for a period of 14 days only. The drawback to this type of visa is that it may be difficult to obtain an extension if one wants to stay for a longer period of time.
Also, there is no Mauritian Embassy in Nigeria, this means that if you intend to stay in Mauritius for a period longer than 14 days, then you have to obtain a Mauritius long-stay visa which you can only get when you find out which country represent their interests in Nigeria.

Note: The visa on arrival agreement between Nigeria and Mauritius is meant only for tourism, visit or business purposes only. If you are going for other purposes such as studies or employment, it is best you apply for a visa before embarking on travelling to Mauritius.

Things to note before traveling to Mauritius

  1. Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months with other free visa pages before traveling to Mauritius from Nigeria.
    2. Ensure you have basic traveling allowance that will be enough to cover your entire stay in Mauritius.
    3. Ensure you have a return ticket.
    4. Ensure you have a valid Port health certificate.
    5. Ensure you have a Police clearance certificate.
    6. You must have evidence of accommodation arrangements.

Although a visa on arrival is permitted on traveling to Mauritius, visitors engaging in activities other than tourism must obtain a visa or work permit. Nigerians who travel to Mauritius can get a visa on arrival into the country. This visa on arrival allows Nigerians to stay only for a duration of 14 days. Prospective Nigerian visitors must have a passport that will be valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry into Mauritius. The passport must also have at least one blank page for visa stamping. Nigerians traveling to Mauritius for the purpose of tourism are required to have a return or onward ticket to serve as proof that they have enough funds to spend during their stay in Mauritius. Proof that accommodation during one’s stay in Mauritius is confirmed is also required

Mauritius visa on arrival requirements

Below are requirements to obtain the Mauritius visa on arrival to Mauritius. This visa only allows you to stay in the country for two weeks (14 days). You will not be able to get an extension for this type of visa. Since there is no embassy for Mauritius in Nigeria, you have to make sure you carefully go through the list below to ensure you have the following documents when you land in the country. The visa application form itself will be given to you when you arrive in Mauritius.

  • Passport size photographs (35mm – 40mm in width and 45mm – 50mm in height)
  • Your valid national passport and another copy
  • Your latest bank statement and another copy
  • A confirmation letter from your travel insurance company (with proof that you have enough funds to cover for your stay in Mauritius) and another copy
  • A reference letter from your employer
  • A reference letter from your education establishment
  • Evidence of group travel if you are traveling in a group
  • Proof of accommodation booking reservation in Mauritius
  • Proof of airline ticket reservation for Mauritius and another copy

Visa costs

The Mauritius visa on arrival is free for the first 14 days. Every Nigerian coming to Mauritius for purposes other than Tourism or visitation needs to apply for a visa before traveling. Also note that if a person stays in Mauritius after the expiry of the period, for which he obtained a visa or entry permit for, he or she has committed an offense and shall be liable for prosecution by a Court of Law.


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