10 Easiest Countries to Migrate to From Nigeria

Nigeria continues to experience high migration to other countries mostly due to the harsh economic conditions of the country. This article covers the 10 easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria.

10 Easiest Countries to Migrate to From Nigeria

Easiest Countries to Migrate to From Nigeria

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Of course, Canada. Canada has proven itself to be one of the friendliest countries on earth. The government of Canada opens its borders to refugees from countries experiencing disasters such as wars, famine etc. This is not to say people from countries not at war are not allowed into Canada. In fact, they are. All that is needed is that one possesses the needed qualifications or skills. Canada is by far one of the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria. Migrating to Canada from Nigeria via one’s professional skills entails the use of express entry. This is a policy for potential residents. With express entry, you will need to proof that you are worthy of being granted access into the country. Canada holds great opportunities and ease for Nigerian immigrants, such includes employment opportunities, lack of ethnic and religious conflicts, low crime rates, reliable energy supply and motorable roads. There are protocols you will be required to pass through when wanting to migrate to Canada. Even with these protocols, Canada remains one of the few friendly countries a Nigerian citizen can relocate to with ease.


Mexico is known for shady business deals and crime but there are still a few places in Mexico that are safe. Mexico is a beautiful country with clean beaches, mountain views, historic towns, and urban infrastructures. The easiest way to relocate to Mexico is via an FMM visa. An FMM visa is available at any airport or border location for just $21. Your visa expires in six months and then, you can renew it for as long as you want. The number of times you can renew an FMM visa is limitless. The downside to an FMM visa is that you cannot work with it. However, you can upgrade to a temporary residency for just a little amount more than that for renewal of an FMM visa which allows you to work. You might need to leave Nigeria for a while to apply for a temporary visa in Mexico.


Australia has a very little population of 23.7 million. The far distance and slightly harsh weather of Australia makes the country often lack the needed skilled labour. Just like Canada, Australia is constantly seeking skilled laborers from all countries of the world to help fill many job vacancies. There are many job opportunities available for Nigerians who want to reside in Australia. Although payment to obtain and process visa to Australia is a little high yet, it receives an influx of migrants from different countries of the world, especially Nigeria. Australia is a wealthy country with many international organizations, openness to migrants, firm citizenship rights, abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs, stable economy, safe and happy environment and a large public services sector. In addition to job availability, Australia is also an English-speaking country which makes it easier for Nigerians to settle in quickly. Australia is a great option for immigration from Nigeria alongside Canada. Regardless of what you want to do in Australia, you have boundless opportunities open to you, as long as your business is legal.


Belgium is another country that is relatively easy to migrate to from Nigeria. One will need to have obtained a job in order to be granted a permanent residency visa, however, you can apply from Nigeria. Once you get a job in Belgium, you are eligible to apply for a residency permit after working for two weeks. That’s not an offer to stay forever just yet, but as long as you keep working, you are moving toward it. Belgium is also an investor-friendly country and business-friendly one too. This means that if you are looking for to start a business or invest in businesses, then Belgium is a great option. As an investor or entrepreneur, Belgium offers you residence by investment. If you are relocating to Belgium or you plan to stay for longer than a year, then you will need to apply for a category D long-stay Belgian visa. You will have to apply for a long stay immigrant visa at the Belgian embassy or consulate in Nigeria or through the local Belgium civil administration offices or town hall in Belgium. The visa you will apply for when moving to Belgium, depends on the purpose of travel.

A residency visa or permit in Belgium holds the following advantages for a Nigerian. These are:

  • There is no limitation on your number of stay for one year
  • Access to the friendly business environment in Belgium
  • No restrictions on dual citizenship.

Under the Belgium residency program, you can also permanently move to Belgium with your family. Permanent residents from other countries enjoy similar rights and privileges as citizens of Belgium. These privileges include:



Welfare benefits and even the right to vote.

Citizenship on the other hand grants additional rights, such as the privilege to leave the country for up to two years without losing your status.


Ecuador is a beautiful country located in South America. This is one of the easiest countries a Nigerian can relocate to and easily find his way. Ecuador is a great option for migration because not many people are fully aware of this option yet. In fact, there are only about one thousand Nigerians living in Ecuador currently. The country might be far but it is safe and clean. You will also be able to obtain residence permits without frustration and molestation. Getting a job in Ecuador can be a little difficult but it is not impossible with the right connections. Ecuador is also a business-friendly environment. Well you can also apply for EZ pass which will make easier for the processes of paying at toll. You can find more information at https://nytollsinfo.com/.  If you are looking to set up a small- scale business, this is the best place for you. You can easily get things done without much administrative or bureaucratic processes involved. To qualify as an immigrant, you need to prove a sustained monthly income of about $800 for yourself and $100 for each dependent living with you. This is for those who apply for a Pensioner’s visa. If you are not yet a pensioner, all you need to do is to invest or have a fixed deposit that generates consistent cash flow to you. After obtaining a pensioner’s visa, you can then apply for a residency permit. You also qualify for citizenship after you have lived in Ecuador for 3 years. Many have reported that the huge amount of money one would use in struggling for visas to other countries can be used to start up a business here. Ecuador is also currently rated number one of the top ten internationally best places in the world to retire. The country has sound programmes designed for retirees.


Belize is a small country with a little population of about 383,07. Belize is also an English-speaking country with a very low cost of living.  The country is not only sparsely populated but also has easy immigration policies. Migrating to Belize is relatively easy. You can get into Belize on a 30-day visitor visa and simply keep renewing it every month until you’ve lived there for 50 weeks. After 50 weeks, all you need is to pay a few amounts of dollars and go through some more bureaucratic hurdles and then, you are eligible to a permanent residency. If you need to work while awaiting permanent residency, you could try to secure a work permit. The Belizean Consulate or Embassy located in Abuja Nigeria can issue a visa at the cost of U.S. $25.00. A Nigerian can also apply for permanent residence after legally residing in Belize for a minimum of one year. The fee for residency depends on the nationality of the applicant and ranges from country to country. In order to obtain Belizean citizenship, the applicant must possess a permanent residence certificate or must have resided in Belize for five years.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country with a relatively low cost of living. A couple might need only about $2,500 per month to live comfortably. Costa Rica has a retiree program designed for people looking to retire. You are eligible for this as long as you can prove you gain about $1,000 per month in income. However, you will need a job in order to achieve permanent residency. Job opportunities in Costa Rica include teaching English, if you have such a basic skill as this, you might find it easy to migrate to Costa Rica.


Paraguay is a safe and peaceful South American country sandwiched between Argentina and Brazil. Paraguay has a very high literacy rate and its people are very friendly and civilized. The cost of living in Paraguay is also relatively low.
Securing a Paraguay visa as well as residency permits are not all that difficult for those who wish to stay permanently. Immigrants who desire to stay permanently will need to deposit a certain amount of dollars in a Paraguay bank. The amount of money deposited into the bank must equal roughly 35 times the monthly minimum wage. This is just about $4,500-$5,500 USD. This money qualifies the individual for a Paraguayan residency. Paraguayan residency will enable the individual to stay indefinitely. After residency of three years, the individual is now eligible to apply for citizenship. Paraguay offers friendly people and safe environment and low cost of living. The demand for immigration to Paraguay is relatively low, so it is easier to be accepted into the country.


Panama is an independent country located in central America. It is an English-speaking country whose currency is US dollars.  It is a well-developed country with a safe environment. Panama offers a relatively easy process to migrate or relocate, compared to other countries.

Panama is a popularly targeted area and location for retirees and others thinking of a reliable place they can permanently reside. There are also various programmes available for foreign entrepreneurs. These programs are designed to make it easy for a foreigner to set up a business in Panama. For example, you can easily acquire land and set up an agaric business as long as you have the means. In Panama, you also have no problem converting currencies, because the national currency is US dollar. The retiree visa requires to prove that one earns about $1000 per month. If one is not old enough to retire, he or she will need to deposit about $5,000 in a Panama bank. This deposit enables such an individual to get permanent residency. The process of applying for Panamanian citizenship is also relatively easy. After obtaining permanent residency, you need to have lived for 5 years as a resident in Panama. Bear in mind though that Panama does not accept dual citizenship. You will need to denounce your citizenship of Nigeria to become a citizen of Panama.


Austria is a different country from Australia. Austria is a European country that remains a top tourist attraction in Europe. It is also one of the easiest top countries to immigrate to in Europe as a student. One of the foremost benefits for students who apply to this country is that they can receive free tuition education. The cost of living in Austria is also very cheap. Visit the Austrian visa application centre at Lagos or Abuja to know the full requirements for specific visa type required for your studies.

Major documents required include:

New biometric passports

Health insurance

Travel insurance amongst other documents

You can submit your application at the Austrian visa application centre.

There are other visa types available to Austria from Nigeria. These include:

  • The Austrian Airport Visa
  • Austrian Tourist Visa
  • Austrian Visitor Visa
  • Austrian Business Visa
  • Austrian Visa for Official Visit etc.

Worldwide, immigration is not an easy process. However, these countries mentioned above offer a much easier process compared to other countries. All you need is to find out the necessary requirements and ensure you meet up with them. You are well on your way to another country.






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