Egypt Visa Requirements for Nigerians


If you’ve put plans in place to move to Egypt, then you will need to get the right things in order. As a Nigerian citizen, you will need an Egyptian visa to move to this African country. Getting an Egypt visa shouldn’t be difficult as long as you provide the right documents and go for the visa type that aligns with your visit.

In this article, we will answer all your questions as to the right visa type to go for as well as the visa requirements for Nigerians that wish to stay in Egypt or spend their holiday in the great country.

Types of Egypt Visa

Egypt Visa Requirements for Nigerians

Tourist Visa

Egypt tourist visas are offered to Nigerian citizens that want to spend their vacation or holiday in the country. This visa is only valid for a period of 30 days. The actual validity period is 3 months from the date of issue after which the visa will be invalid even if it was not used. The 30-day validity period starts counting from the moment you step into Egypt. This visa only permits you to take a view of tourist locations in Egypt but does not permit you to work.

Visit Visa

Unlike a tourist visa that restricts you to tourist locations, the visitor visa allows you to do more. You can visit your family and friends as well as tourist locations. This visa type offers more benefits as it can be extended from the 30-day limit by your host while in Egypt.

Business Visa

Foreign nationals that want to make the visit to Egypt will be offered a Business Visa. If you’re also going to Egypt for a Business meeting, then you will need this visa. This visa type allows you to attend conferences, seminars, interviews, events and perform other business operations, however, it does not permit you to work in the country. Like the others, it will expire in 30 days.

Study Visa

If you wish to further your education in Egypt, then you can apply for a study visa. You will have to get admission from an approved university or institution in Egypt. You will need confirmation for admission to apply for the visa. The visa validity is determined by the embassy and can be extended to cover your entire study.

Medical Visa

This is a special type of visa offered to a traveler seeking medical aid in Egypt. This visa can be extended upon request from the hospital.

Egypt Visa Requirements for Nigerians

To get a visit, tourist, medical, study, or business visa to Egypt, you will have to provide the following documents and meet other requirements.

  • International passport– Your international passport must have at least two pages and be valid for more than three months after your proposed departure date from Egypt.
  • Filled visa application– You will have to completely fill the visa application form. Ensure the information provided in the visa application tally with what you have on your supporting documents. You could fill the form online and submit it online.
  • Passport photographs– You will be required to provide two copies of recently taken 2 x 2 inches passport photographs shot on a white background. The photograph must not be more than six months old and should capture the entirety of your face.
  • Bank statement– You will have to show proof of your financial capability.  To do this, you will have to present your bank statement. It must be properly signed and stamped and not older than 14 days. The statement itself must show records of up to 6 months.
  • Original copy of travel insurance certificate– The original policy document and one photocopy will have to be presented when you submit your documents for assessment.
  • Copy hotel reservation voucher– If you have no host in Egypt or you were not invited by a family, friend, or company, you will have to submit this to prove you have a place to stay. The reservation must remain valid throughout the entire duration of your visa application. The embassy could place a call to the hotel to confirm that the reservation is valid. This is not always the case with every type of visa application. Sometimes, the Embassy will discourage you from booking a hotel or making a payment until the visa is approved
  • Flight reservation– You will have to show your flight reservation that displays your entry and exit plans when visiting Egypt. This should contain your PNR, full names, and airline/flight details.
  • Proof of employment– If you’re employed, you should add a letter of employment from your employer or company stating that you’re a staff of the company. This should also indicate that you’ve been given a leave of absence and the number of days which you will be staying away from work. In addition, it should indicate that you will be returning back from work.
  • Company registration documents– If you own your business, you will have to provide your certificate of incorporation and other company registration documents.
  • Invitation letter– An invitation by a family, friend, or business partner in Egypt will have to be provided in writing. The letter should state your relationship with the person and when you will visit and depart from Egypt.


How long does it take to get an Egypt visa for Nigerian citizens in Nigeria?

This could take up to four weeks but could be shorter depending on your visa type as well as the schedule of the Egypt embassy.

What is the Egypt Embassy Contact Details?

  • Egypt Embassy Contact Details
  • Plot 340, Diplomatic Drive,
  • Central Area, Abuja
  • Nigeria

Can you fill the visa application form online?

Yes, the Egypt visa application form is available online. You might also be able to fill it in person but that could require a visit to the Egypt Embassy. If you are not able to get things in order on your own, then perhaps, handing it over to a visa application agency will help you get things done quickly and get your visa approved.



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