Migrating to Norway from Nigeria: Step by Step Guide


Norway is hailed in many quarters as ‘the most livable place on earth’. Aside from its peaceful and safe environment and natural landscape, reserves, and parks which makes it attractive to thousands of tourists every year, Norway also attracts many immigrants who desire to settle and start a life in a beautiful country. Are you thinking about relocating to Norway from Nigeria, this article gives you a step by step guide on how to achieve this.

Migrating to Norway from Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

Migrating to Norway from Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

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Moving from Nigeria to Norway for any reason at all such as, work or study comes with many questions and sometimes confusion on where exactly to begin. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about migrating to this very attractive Northern European nation.

While Norway’s beautiful natural scenery can attract tourists, there are many more things about this country that attracts it to immigrants. The Norwegian business sector is technologically advanced and quick to adopt newer technologies. This makes the labour force especially open to professionals in sectors such as oil and gas, energy, maritime, etc.

Norway is also a safe and peaceful country with good welfare systems for its residents. The workforce is such that there is a well-regulated and transparent employer-employee relationship. This allows for opportunities for growth for employees. You also rest assured that you will be meeting with other highly qualified professionals in your field of expertise. These are the many things that could make one want to migrate from Nigeria to Norway.

The first step to migrating to Norway

Your ultimate ticket to relocating to Norway is to find a good job that can sustain yourself and your family. This is the ticket you need to legally move to Norway. Although getting a job is not always that easy because of the already skilled workforce in Norway, it is not impossible to get a job. In order to make yourself competitive on the Norwegian job market, you can get yourself added advantages such as having a good command of the language.

Get the appropriate visa

There are different types of visas depending on the purpose of travel to Norway.

Norway visit visa

This is given to those who want to enter Norway to visit their family and relatives. Norway visits visa last for only three months.

Norway business visa

This is the visa given to those who are going to Norway for business purposes such as conferences and seminars.

The tourist, visit and business visa fall under the short-stay category. So, if you are plan on staying in Norway for more than three months, you need to apply for a residence permit. If you plan on moving to Norway to live, work or study, then you must obtain a residence permit.

Getting a Residence Permit

Citizens of Nigeria have to apply for a residence permit in order to take up work or live in Norway.

Steps to take before applying for a Residence permit

Find out what type of residence permit you need

Is your relocation in connection with work, studies, etc? A residence permit can be issued in relation to family immigration, work immigration, study permit, permanent residence, citizenship, etc.  In order to apply for a residence permit from Nigeria to Norway, you must either be a citizen of Nigeria or have a residence permit in Nigeria. In case of only having a residence permit in Nigeria, you must have had the permit six months before applying for the Schengen residence permit.

General requirements for obtaining a Norwegian visa:

  • A duly completed and signed application form
  • Original passport which must be valid for at least three months after the planned stay in Norway. The passport must have been issued within the last ten years.
  • Complete photocopies of original passport.
  • A residence permit, if the applicant is not a resident of Nigeria
  • Original previous passport if a new passport has been issued within the last three years.
  • Photocopy of both sides of the national ID card or a valid drivers licence that can be obtained via the International Drivers Association.
  • One colour photo (not more than six months old) which must have your full face, taken against a white background. The passport size must be (45 mm x 35 mm).
  • For self-employed people, you must provide a Business Registration Certificate.
  • If you are relocating based on work opportunities, you must provide the employer’s letter with details such as position in the Company; leave duration, etc.
  • Medical travel insurance which must show evidence that all costs that could arise as a result of emergency medical assistance or emergency hospitalization are covered.
  • Travel itinerary to include preliminary ticket booking
  • Payment or proof of payment of the visa fee

In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, other relevant documents that could be required include:

  • Documents that prove the purpose of the journey
  • Documents that prove accommodation is secure
  • Documents that show proof of sufficient means to cover accommodation
  • Documents that prove sufficient means of sustenance for applicants both during one’s stay and for the return to Nigeria.

Gather the necessary document

When applying for a residence permit to Norway, ensure you have access to the supporting documents required by the embassy. Some documents will be provided by your contact in Norway but others like those mentioned above will be provided by you.

Online registration

Before you submit your passport and other documentation at the embassy or consulate, you must register your application online at the application portal. Create a user account first and then register your application on the VFS global website which is the company authorized by the Norwegian embassy to process applications for Nigerians.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation by mail with a cover letter attached. This cover letter will confirm that you have filled the application form well and paid the registration fees. Print this letter and submit together with other documents mentioned above.

Submitting application and Application fees

In Nigeria, applications are received through VFS global. You can hand in the application at the VFS application center without any prior appointment.



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