What to Do in Las Vegas While Visiting


Are you looking to get the most out of your Las Vegas trip? There are so many exciting things to do that there is no way you will see all the great sights and experience all the unique things to do in this bright city. Here are our suggestions for what you can do to maximize your time there and not feel like you missed out or wasted your visit.

See the Nightlife

No other place in the world looks like Las Vegas at night. That is when this city really comes alive, and that’s mostly due to the bright lights that decorate the streets all through the city. This place is known for its casinos which are in turn known for being very gaudy and flashy. That means nighttime is the best time to get out and see things.

If you are someone who goes to bed early, then make an exception for your Las Vegas trip. There is simply too much to see and do at night that would not be available during the day. Our recommendation is to sleep in late or take a nap during the day so that you can enjoy the nightlife to its fullest without feeling tired and sleepy. If you don’t take some time to at least walk the Las Vegas Strip at night once all the lights come on, you will be missing out in a big way and will likely never forgive yourself. You don’t even have to go into any of the dozens of casinos and restaurants during your walk, but definitely get out and see the lights and the city in all their glory.

Visit the Museums

There are some great museums in Las Vegas, though that’s not the first thing most people think of when talking about this city. Since Vegas is such a tourist spot, it makes sense that Las Vegas will have plenty of touristy things to do. If you are taking the family on this trip, you definitely want to bring them along to the museums for a change of pace from the eateries and casinos.

The Children’s Museum will be a highlight for the little kids, with some amazing things for them to discover and some incredible experiences they are not likely to soon forget. The Shark Reef Aquarium is a unique place where sharks are the highlight, though they definitely are not the only sea creatures you will find there. For something more modern, try the Museum of Selfies. It’s a quicker and more niche place to visit than some of the others, but you can get some incredible photos there that you will cherish and laugh about for years to come. Don’t forget to check out Madame Tussauds as well, as this famous wax museum is also a great picture-taking opportunity.

No matter what your tastes, Las Vegas has some kind of museum that you should be interested in, so take a look at the available ones to see what tickles your fancy.

Take in a Show

There are probably more shows in Vegas than museums, so if you like dancing, variety shows, stand-up comedy, or singing stars, this city has it all. You have to take in at least one show while you are there for that authentic Las Vegas experience. Taking time away from your hotel room will let the Las Vegas cleaning company do their thing and tidy up for you so you can come back to a comfortable room.

No matter what kind of show you prefer, Vegas has tons of variety. There are shows that have been there for decades as well as new ones that are passing through for just a couple of nights. Check out the schedule of shows before you visit so you can plan your trip around these and see the stars you really care about. Your favorite singer or comedian just might be performing in Vegas the week you are going to visit. You wouldn’t want to miss that now, would you?

Take a Bus Tour

There is more to Vegas than just the main strip- a lot more. If you are hoping to see most of it in a short time, then you have to take a bus tour. You can get a guided tour through the city, and your guide will point out the historical sites and the main attractions while giving you a history of the city. You will leave the tour feeling like you know more about Vegas and its culture and feel like you got a lot more out of your visit.

Take a Helicopter Tour

Does a bus ride sound too mundane, and are you hoping for something more extreme? Why not try a helicopter ride and see the city from up high? You will get a very different view of the city and see things from a perspective that most people never witness. You may just pick out your new must-see sight from there.

Some of the helicopter tours will take you over the nearby canyons and away from the city. You don’t have to confine yourself to a city tour, if you are feeling adventurous and you want to see the surrounding area and all of its natural beauty. Most people come for the bright lights and gambling experience, but you can get something very different from your visit with the right kind of tour.

Play Some Golf

What is your level of golf experience? If you are a beginner, there are tons of great putt-putt golf courses scattered around Las Vegas for you to try with their own unique themes and setups. If you are more experienced, then you may want to check out the beautiful golf courses in the area, as well as Topgolf, which gives you a professional golfing experience in a small, indoor space.

These attractions are just scratching the surface of what Vegas has to offer, but any one of them will make your trip very memorable.

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