Bahamas Visa Requirements for Nigerians

As a Nigerian citizen, you will require a Bahamas visa when traveling from Nigeria to the Bahamas. The Bahamas is a hotspot for touring and vacations thanks to its relaxing and serene landscapes. The Bahamas comprises 700 islands, 30 of them inhabited and all located North of the Greater Antilles and southeast of Florida. The country is one of the most developed in the Caribbean. Its largest city, Nassau, is also its capital and holds more than 70 percent of the country’s population.

Getting a visa to the Bahamas is not really different from other countries. You will have to provide similar documents and go through almost the same visa application process.

Bahamas Visa Requirements for Nigerians

Bahamas Visa Requirements for Nigerians

How to Apply for Bahamas Visa

  • Obtain a Bahamian visa application form.
  • Fill in your details correctly and personally append your signature.
  • Ensure the information provided is accurate and correct.
  • Attach the necessary documents based on your visa type
  • Ensure all the documents provided are legalized.
  • With the application form completed, take all the required documents and submit them personally at the British High Commission in Lagos or Abuja.
  • Ensure that you pay the non-refundable visa application fee at the Higher Commission before making the appointment.

If you’re in urgent need of a visa, you should submit the visa application well ahead of your travel. This gives the Commission the time it needs to get in touch with the Bahamas authority in Nassau before issuing the visa. It will take about four weeks for visa application processing.

You should complete the biometric fingerprint scanner and other formalities at the point of submission.

Bahamas Visa Requirements for Nigerians

  • Provide your Nigerian passport with at least 6 months validity and 2 unused visa pages
  • Provide two recent passport-sized photographs with white background
  • Provide a photocopy of the data page of your passport
  • Police clearance certificate to show proof of good character
  • A letter stating the main reason for your travel to the Bahamas
  • Proof of accommodation arranged by you or your sponsor on the islands
  • Proof of a confirmed booking of a flight ticket
  • Proof of an authorized and signed letter from the employer stating that the reason for your visit and that you will return to your job. If you’re applying for a student visa, you will need proof of enrolment in College or University
  • Proof of funds. You will have to provide your bank account statement showing the last six months
  • Photocopies of any visa you’ve previously held.
  • Health clearance certificate.

Business Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

  • Proof of original letter of invitation from the sponsor, company, organization, or business partner in the Bahamas
  • Proof of the company’s certificate of incorporation duly endorsed by a Notary Public
  • Letter of introduction from your company printed on the official letter-headed paper.
  • Photocopy of your tax return.

Additional Requirements For Applicant Travelling On Invitation

  • Original letter of invitation from the sponsor. The letter should include a declaration of his relationship with you
  • If the sponsor is providing accommodation and sustenance, he must provide proof of his financial capability to take care of you
  • Your tax clearance certificate

7 Things To Do In the Bahamas

  1. Enjoy Pink Sands Beach

On the less-trodden east coast of Harbour Island, you will come across pink sands beach where you can enjoy Caribbean beauty.  You will find small clutches of palm-topped umbrellas as well as sunbeds to relax and unwind as you enjoy the exhilarating experience.

  1. Take a Dive in the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon island has a history of being a hideaway for pirate buccaneers and would later become a diver training ground during World War II, however, the island has moved on from its dark past. Officially known as Salt Cay, this island is one of the top family attractions in the Bahamas. On it are gorgeous stretches of white and an inland lagoon where you can take a dive and swim with the dolphins.

  1. Port Lucaya Marketplace

One attraction in the Bahamas that most people won’t want to miss is the Port Lucaya Marketplace. You will find the marketplace on the harbor’s edge of Freeport on Grand Bahamas. The entrance features classically Caribbean colors of bright pink, yellow, turquoise, and green. With more than 40 boutique outlets displaying local straw crafts and art pieces, you will be spoiled for choice when you set foot into the marketplace. There are also countless eateries and cafes, and beer bars where you can sit and relax.

  1. Relax in Cable Beach

Considered one of the most developed in the Caribbean, Cable Beach could become where you make the most memories.  You can find your way from the beach if you drop by at the Lynden Pindling International Airport.  Fringing the northern coastline of Nassau, you will find countless luxury hotels, golf resorts, and casino halls if you wish to indulge and test your luck.

  1. Pay a visit to Prince George Wharf

Just between Paradise Island and Nassau, you will find Prince George Wharf where monstrous ships make an appearance day and night. These colossal ocean liners are a sight to behold and will make for a thrilling sight to behold. You could get your camera while going to take some pictures and share your family and friends on your adventure.

  1. Meet the Stingray of Half Moon Cay

If you’re up for some aquatic adventure with a rather unusual friend, you will enjoy your time at the shallow waters of Half Moon Cay. Travelers in this area will occasionally come to meet the formidable stingray. Tours are available to teach tourists how to properly handle the stingrays and learn from their behavior.

  1. Cruise Castaway Casy

Disney’s Castaway Cay brings with it some terrific sights, however, you will only be allowed a view of the property only if you’re a passenger on one of the company’s colossal cruise liners. Travelers will find all sorts of attractions here including watersports, cycling paths, basketball courts, beaches, and restaurants.

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