How to Start Making Extra Money Online

Having a side income is always a great idea when you want to lower your financial worries, afford anything you need or want, or simply have the freedom to pursue your passions. But where to get free time after your day job to gain passive income? This is exactly the scene where the Internet comes into action.

There has never been a better time to start earning money online. So let us take a look at some of the most popular ways to make a side income from the web.


The era of social media dominance has created a whole room for people of different kinds and interests. It has never been that simple to show off your views, knowledge, hobbies etc. to a big audience. You can start a blog on various social network platforms and gain followers on any topics you want to cover. Do you enjoy playing videogames? You can start writing about game reviews. Is your family in love with your homemade dishes? You can record videos of how to cook them. Once you get a decent audience of specific needs and preferences, you might receive proposals for advertising or collaboration, or you can request for cooperation on your own. By promoting products or services, bloggers receive a certain amount of money. The bigger and more active your audience is, the more money you get.


Another trending way to make money is to access affiliate marketing. All you need to do is simply promoting products or websites to earn a certain percentage as commission from completed sales. In affiliate marketing, you perform a role of a linker between a buyer and a seller. When sale is made, you earn your commission. How can you do that? It is pretty simple. You can join affiliate programs of certain sites with products or services and promote them to your surroundings with your personal referral links. Having a blog also comes in handy. You can collaborate with several brands at the same time and earn money from different sources.


Online trading is also a great way to earn side money. But some people don’t believe in their abilities to learn the specifics of trading. Others think that they wouldn’t have enough time to do it. Let us dispel these doubts: you only need your smartphone and the Internet connection to start trading. The accessibility of multiple mobile apps allows you to trade on the go and earn even on your full-time job. To put it simply, you just enter and exit trades with the click of a few buttons.

However, your only obstacle is to find a reliable online broker with favorable conditions. So how to find the one and only?

  • Check for regulation and license: it is of paramount importance for a broker to be regulated by authorities.
  • Choose those who provide demo accounts: you need to practice before entering the market.
  • Explore their benefits: educational materials, valuable bonuses, and special promotions are essential.

As an example of a reliable broker, an IFSC, CySEC, ASIC, FSCA regulated FBS helps you to reduce obstacles to entering the global financial market. You can access trading through FBS Personal Area. They also offer their own mobile platform the FBS Trader app along with MT4 and MT5. Furthermore, they provide various accounts, free educational materials, 24/7 multilingual support, and valuable bonuses. Special for Nigerian clients, FBS offers a profitable Fix Rate option for deposits in a national currency: 1 USD will always be 400 NGN.

The Internet provides us with many ways to make money online. It gives you opportunities to gain more financial freedom and financial security. We demonstrated to you only three ways to earn from the web, but there is more to offer. It is only up to you whether you can take your chance and get the best out of our modern times.

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