20 Tech Business Ideas

There are people who are knowledgeable and skilled in various aspects of tech. However, many do not know how to turn these skills and knowledge into a business using this exhibit design services to get themselves out there in the market.

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When many think of tech businesses, they usually think of the big tech companies such as Apple or Google which use erp solutions for their business. However, you must bear in mind that these companies also started small. Many of these businesses you will find here do need huge amounts of money as capital or to buy equipment. These businesses allow you to start solo without employing other workers. It also affords you the opportunity of working with many clients and thus make more money. This article provides you with 20 Tech business ideas you can start in Nigeria. Starting a business can be very tricky too so it’s well worth using a service which does a lot of the company setup for you as that means you can focus on what you do best.

20 Tech Business Ideas in Nigeria

Tech Business Ideas in Nigeria

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Blogging and Consulting

Blogging has to do with sharing opinions and information on a subject of interest. If you love to explore and learn, you can consider being a tech blogger. Topics you can write on include reviews of tech products, guidelines on the use of tech products, etc. Provide your experience and knowledge as a service and you will be paid for it.

You can also start a business as a blog consultant for small businesses. The job of a blog consultant is to help different kinds of businesses set up their bogs and keep it running. You can also outsource other blog-related projects for companies such as content writing to third parties and then get your cut from the deal.

IT equipment Repair and Maintenance

If you have a background in handling technical equipment or have gained expertise of technical products and how they work, the business of computer repairs and its maintenance is a great business idea for you. You can work with other businesses including IT companies in repairing or maintaining various types of IT gadgets and equipment. You can also streamline your service to the repair of one type of IT gadget or operating system. KMF Technologies is one the best companies offering IT services worldwide.

Computer Training

If you are exceptionally savvy with computers, software and other devices, you can start a business by helping other learn how to use these equipment and software. You will be patronized by many individuals and also companies who need to have their staff trained.

Data entry

Data entry has to do with inputting data such as alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic data via the keyboard into a company’s system. There are many companies who outsource the input of their data. If you are good with typing and have an eye for detail, this is a good business for you.

Internet research

Being an internet researcher entails that you are a keen observer and knowledgeable. If you are one who spends much time on the internet and find it interesting sifting through the information, the internet research business might be the best for you. The internet is filled with information and one must be able to differentiate that which is valid and that which is not. Many organizations and individuals sometimes need a particular information and do now have time to sift through all to find that which is relevant to them, this makes internet research a very marketable skill.

Remote IT Service

You can provide answers and support for people with tech problems from the comfort of your own house.

IT support

IT support has to do with setting up and maintenance of IT equipment, software installations, device management, data backup and recovery etc. Many businesses cannot afford a full-time, in-house technical support team, they then outsource this task to technical savvy individuals. This makes IT support a potentially lucrative business idea. With penetration testing New Jersey, you can identify vulnerabilities living within your network or infrastructure. These thorough procedures are usually conducted by experienced IT security professionals.

Sales of refurbished devices

While the production and manufacturing of actual IT gadgets and equipment may require huge capitals and larger scale operation, refurbishing is cheaper to set up and also very lucrative. You can set up a business where you renovate old devices and replace them with new parts.

SEO Specialist

The job of an SEO specialists is to analyze, review and implements changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines. An SEO specialist thus maximizes traffic to a company’s site by improving the page rank within search engines.

Digital Marketing Consulting

This has to do with online marketing for various businesses which ranges from advertising to content marketing.

IT Equipment Sales

You can start a business by selling IT equipment and gadgets to businesses and individuals who need it. You need to ensure you source for these equipment from the right places so you will not sell fake ones.

Internet cafe

You can set up a Café where you offer WiFi services and other tech amenities for a fee. This way you are providing a work shop for businesses and freelancers looking for a comfortable place to work.

Online school

You can put together courses on a particular topic and sell them on your own website on other online education platform which uses the Talmud software. Here people who are interested in this will come pay and watch.

E-book Writing

You might also consider writing your own e-book on particular tech subjects you are interested in and sell them on platforms such as Amazon.


You can also create a site or platform where people can gain access or rent various digital educational materials like PDFs and E-books.

Ecommerce Platform

You can set up a platform where other sellers of IT products can upload their products for sale.You can sale your products on ecommerce platforms for that you should know how to create a seller account on flipkart.

Tech Video Channel

You can consider creating contents about technology, products, and equipment. This could be via videos or podcast where you talk about new innovations in the tech industry. Putting these on platforms such as YouTube will earn you a revenue when people watch.

Tech Gadget Rentals

Often times, people need tech equipment and gadgets such as projectors, video cameras, etc for occasions such as presentations but cannot afford to buy them. If you have enough capital, you can purchase these equipment and rent them out. It is a lucrative way of making money in the tech world.

Tech Consultant

You can become a tech consultant where you offer advice to businesses on tech-related purchases and decisions.


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