10 Ways to Make 3K Daily in Nigeria

Several small businesses and services abound which one can do to make at least N3000 in Nigeria. Some may need you to invest so much money, while others aren’t capital intensive, however, before you delve into any, make sure you want to do it. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of these small businesses and services that you can start or render to make at least N3000 daily. Read on. 

10 Ways to Make 3K Daily in Nigeria

In this article, we’ll discuss 10 ways to make N3000 daily in Nigeria. 

10 ways to make 3k daily in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

  • Starting a Perfume Oil Business

The perfume oil business is one of the lucrative ventures that’s thriving in Nigeria and it is not capital-intensive to start up (unless you want to start big, of course). You don’t need to have a shop to run a perfume oil business. There’s always a huge demand for perfumes/perfume oils as people need them to complement their dress, mask awful odours from clothes, and improve self-confidence. You can use your social media pages and online marketplaces like Jumia and Pocket by Piggyvest to reach a wider audience. 

  • POS Business 

Another way to make N3000 and above in Nigeria today is to run a POS business. To make the best out of a POS business, you should set up your shop in a location where lots of people pass daily and offer additional services aside from cash withdrawal and deposits, such as payment of utility bills.  To start a POS business, you’ll need to apply to get the POS machine from OPay, Moniepoint, Palmpay, or your bank. It usually costs around N30,000 to get a POS machine, about N70,000 to run the business, and about N20,000 to rent a shop. 

  • Ride-Hailing Business (Bolt, Uber, etc.)

If you have a car that is in good condition and you live in an area where e-hailing services are regularly used for moving around town, then registering your car on Bolt or Uber can see you make above N3000 daily. Since passengers who use e-hailing services are charged according to the distance of the travel, it means you’ll make much more than N3000 every day, depending on your availability and the location you’re in. 

  • Start up a Dry Cleaning Business 

A dry cleaning business is another way to make N3000 and above daily, as long as you know how to clean clothes and iron them properly. In the beginning, you may not have to spend a lot to open your laundry shop, except for paying for shop space and some basic laundry equipment. 

To improve the chance of your laundry business succeeding, you would want to find a space near where people live, know the peak operating hours, and make sure your shop is open on these busy days. Your laundry business would stand out from the competition if you offer a wide selection of services. 

  • Start a Food Business

The food business is a lucrative small business that can make N3000 and above daily, if you know how to prepare delicious meals and set up shop in a nice location. If your food is delicious and your shop is situated where people pass daily, you’re certain to start making N3000 and above from day one as people would always buy food if it’s delicious and around them. Your food business would thrive better if you encourage word of mouth from your satisfied customers. 

  • Freelancing 

Freelancing, which entails advertising your skills online to attract clients from across the country and beyond, is another sure way to make N3000 daily in Nigeria. The kind of skills you can freelance include writing, programming, graphic design, data entry, SEO, and other skills that can be rendered without seeing the client you are offering those skills to. 

To get clients who will hire you, you’ll have to sign up on freelance platforms and advertise your skills on your social media. You’ll also need to have a compelling and professional portfolio that showcases your skills and previous projects you’ve worked on so that potential clients can know what you can do. 

  • Phone Repair Business 

The phone repair business is another lucrative small business that presents the prospects of making N3,000 to N10,000 and above daily. Before you venture into this business, you must have already received training on how to repair mobile phones. To start this business, you need to get the necessary tools and secure a space on a busy road, commercial centre, market, motor park, or the vicinity of a tertiary institution. Fixing new screens, smartphone repairs, replacing speakers, and fixing software issues, are some ways to earn at least 3K daily as a phone technician.

  • Barbing Salon Business

The barbing salon business, although highly competitive, is a lucrative business you can make N3000 and above daily. However, before you start this business venture, ensure you’ve acquired the barbing, including haircutting, hair styling, and hair treatment. After you might have become proficient in barbing, buy the basic salon kits and equipment and secure a shop in a location where people live. Ensure to keep your shop clean and serene so you will attract ideal customers. And when they come, give them your best service and watch them create awareness on your behalf.   

  • Car Wash Business

The car wash business is another business that presents the chance to make N3000 and above from washing cars. Starting this business is quite capital-intensive as setting up a modest car wash can gulp between N200,000 and N500,000. However, if your car wash is located near a busy street or a spot in a popular filling station, you’re sure to make a decent amount of money every day from washing vehicles. 

  • Makeup Business

Nowadays, you rarely see young ladies and women in general, going out to events without makeup. As a makeup artist who set up a shop in an area dominated by young female folks, such as the vicinity of a university campus, you can make more than N3000 daily. 


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