10 Best Selling Snacks in Nigeria

Do you want to start a snack business in Nigeria and are wondering which will be of great profit to you? This article gathers the best-selling snacks in Nigeria.

best Selling Snacks in Nigeria

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Moi Moi is not just a meal, it also serves as a snack. Many Nigerians love eating Moi-Moi alone or combining it with bread or garri. Moi-Moi business thrives if you find a good location that supports such businesses. For example, you can set up shop in a place where there are lots of gatherings and meetings, such as office complexes, schools, churches, etc. With the right environment and delicious Moi-Moi, you will be sure to make a lot of profit. Another way to boost sales with your Moi-Moi business is by selling it with cold drinks. If you are not interested in setting up your own shop, you can find caterers or other restaurants that will supply the Moi-Moi product on a daily or weekly basis. That way, you will save the money you would have used to rent a shop or for transportation purposes.


Akara, just like Moi-Moi is made from Beans. It is a very popular snack, especially eaten for breakfast. There are many successful businessmen who started off making Akara. Akara sells both in the morning and in the evening. To be successful in the Akara business, you must make sure to perfect the art of cooking it. This is the only way to retain customers and have people craving for your Akara. You must also find a suitable location, such as a crossroad or a busy junction where those rushing to work will always meet you. You can sell Akara with pap or bread in the morning, and drinks at night, to boost sales.

Plantain chips

Plantain chips is one of the most popular snacks sold in Nigerian traffic. Branded plantain chips can come as fried unripe or ripe plantain. In capitals and other major cities in the country, you will find many people selling chips. There is no doubt as to the profitability of the Plantain chips business. You can start your plantain business in the comfort of your home and deliver to retailers such as supermarkets and other shops. You can also sell to hawkers who will sell to people in traffic. Ensure your plantain chips are soft and good to taste. You can also package your plantain chips well to reach a wider market.

Small Chops

Small chops are becoming a popular dish in events such as weddings, naming ceremonies, or birthday parties. You do not need to wait for big parties for business opportunities to come your way. People love small chops so much that they order it for small gatherings such as meetings, picnics, etc. With small chops, you will have even caterers patronizing you because many do not like going through the stress of preparing small chops themselves. Make sure your small chops are nice and tasty so you have your customers for life.

Meat Pie

Meat pie is one of the most loved pastries and snacks in Nigeria. Many big names, restaurants and catering services sell meat pie. If you are wondering if you can make it in the catering business despite its popularity, the truth is you can. You will only need to have your business strategy right. Many Meat pie sellers lose customers because their meat pie is not stuffed and delicious enough. Meat Pie is meant to be rich and nutritious. A good business strategy is having a great recipe that will mark your meat pie out for more patronage. You can also target big restaurants, supermarkets and eateries which offers you bigger sales and a wider audience.


Suya is sliced roasted meat (beef or chicken). Suya has been a popular snack since time immemorial. Suya mallams have been making money from selling Suya. You can take this popular snack and switch it up to make more sales. Open a Suya spot and ensure your suya preparation is hygienically done and delicious. To start the Suya business, all you need is the right Suya Pepper mix. You can learn this from people who have been in the business for a long time. You can make more money by selling Suya to restaurants or bars which allows you to reach a wider audience.

Coconut balls (shuku- Shuku)

Coconut balls, commonly called Shuku-Shuku by Nigerian children is a favorite snack of all time. Coconut balls are made with coconut flakes, sugar, and egg yolk. Coconut balls are sugary so you can be sure that your first customers will be children. You can target selling coconut balls to school kiosks or supermarkets. Ensure you prepare your coconut balls hygienically so it will not make your customers purge, which will then make you lose sales. You can also package your coconut balls and name it to receive more credibility and trust.

Chin Chin

It is no news that Chin Chin one of the most popular snacks in Nigeria. You can package your chin-chin in small containers or sachets. The selling point of a good chin-chin is its softness and creaminess. You can also target major supermarkets, schools and offices to have a successful chin-chin business.

Okpa Wawa

Okpa is a popular meal in Eastern Nigeria. It is often referred to as the king’s meal by the Igbos. Okpa is also a great business opportunity. You will find that not many food businesses in major cities sell Okpa. Okpa is great as breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can set up a kiosk where you sell Okpa with chilled drinks. You will find that many people who grew up eating this great snack will always patronize you. You can also offer your services online so you deliver to people in their workplaces. If you decide to start the Okpa business, make sure not to modify it because people crave for Okpa as it always has been.

These are popular and fast-selling snacks in Nigeria that offer you great profit and a huge success.


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