How to Start Bolt Business in Nigeria

Are you curious to find out how to start Bolt business in Nigeria? If yes, this article seeks to explain all that is involved in becoming a driver with Bolt in Nigeria. Read on to the end and you’ll learn step-by-step directions to help you become a driver on Bolt. In addition, this article will also provide some useful tips to improve your earning potential in Bolt business in Nigeria.

How to Start Bolt Business in Nigeria

How to start Bolt business in Nigeria will be discussed below:

  • Sign up as a Driver on Bolt

To start Bolt business in Nigeria or any other country where Bolt works, the first thing to do is to sign up as a driver on the e-hail platform. To start this process, you would have to first download and install the Bolt.

This implies that you must have a smartphone that’s capable of downloading and installing the Bolt app. If you are using an Android smartphone, ensure the operating system is rated at least Android 9.0 while if you use iOS devices, ensure it runs on iOS 14.

If you are an Android user, get the Bolt from Google Play Store and as an iOS user, get the app from the Apple App Store. Alternatively, visit to get started.

After you have installed the Bolt app on your smartphone or visited the link we provided in the trailing paragraph, look for the button that says “Sign up to drive” or “Sign up as a driver” on the webpage or app interface and click on it.

Thereafter, you’d be expected to provide your email address (which would become your username on the Bolt app), your phone number the city you intend to drive in, in the boxes provided. After you’ve filled in this information in the appropriate boxes, accept the Terms and Conditions and proceed to the next stage.

Having successfully gained access to the Bolt platform, you’ll be required to provide your personal information and vehicle details. The information required for you to provide includes your first name, last name, language, and referral code (if you have one). In addition, you’d be required to indicate if you have a vehicle or multiple vehicles.

With all this information provided correctly, the next aspect of the registration process will require you to provide details about your vehicle. The name of your vehicle manufacturer, the vehicle model, the vehicle year, your license plate number, and vehicle colour are details expected to be provided.

Then, go to the next page to provide legal and pricing details, including national ID or Bank Verification Number (BVN), driver’s license number, and indication if you have a taxi license or not. After this is completed, proceed to the next stage where you’d be providing the expiry date as indicated on your driver’s license, then upload a clear picture of the document.

To ensure the picture you upload is of the best quality, avoid using your camera’s flash, make sure the room is well-lit, and focus the camera on the information on the license when taking the picture.

Next, you’d be required to upload a clear passport picture of yourself capturing your entire face, preferably against a white background. Then, upload the picture and proceed to the next step of the registration.

If you are living in Lagos, you’d be required to go through one more stage of the registration process. In this stage, upload your Lagos Drivers Institute ReCertification Card, Lagos State Resident Registration Agency (LASRRA) Card, and Driver Badge issued by the Lagos Ministry of Transport and commuter services. If you do not have these at the time of the registration, you can skip them, however, you must come back to provide the information required before your Driver status can be confirmed.

The next step of the registration process is providing your payment details, where you’d be asked to provide your billing type as “person”, as well as your address, account number, your name as on your bank account, and your bank name or BIC/SWIFT, then click “finish”.

  • Vehicle Inspection

Immediately after you submit all the details that we asked you to during the registration process, proceed immediately to the vehicle inspection stage. You don’t have to wait to receive any prompt from Bolt telling you to do so.

Visit any branch of Bolt inspection partners near you with your vehicle. Visit to find the one nearest to you.

Go along with N2,000 for the inspection fee, and within six minutes, the vehicle inspection stage is complete.

Note that this stage is mandatory.

  • Driver Training

The third and final step of venturing into the Bolt business is undergoing the Bolt driver training. You do not need to wait to get a prompt from Bolt after you have completed the vehicle inspection to go for the driver training.

This training is held entirely online. The training session consists of three sessions and two quizzes.

To undergo the Bolt Driver Training, visit

  • Helpful Tips You Need to Increase Your Earning Potential in Bolt Business

Here, we will provide you with some helpful tips capable of boosting your earnings in the Bolt business.

One of the most useful tips is to ensure that you take your first trip on your day of activation to enjoy a welcome bonus.

Another great tip to strive to adhere to is to try to accept all trips you set.

The third helpful tip that can boost your earnings is to ensure that you go online during peak hours. In most urban areas in Nigeria, the peak periods include morning and evening on weekdays and afternoons on weekends.

Furthermore, strive to occasionally drive around popular and busy areas, such as shopping malls, concert venues, diners, etc.





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