How to Export Ginger from Nigeria

Exportation especially of ginger is one business that many people do not consider, howbeit, it is a very lucrative business.  There are many products manufactured or produced in Nigeria that are in high demand in foreign countries. Top most of such products is Ginger. Many companies in various categories, such as Food and confectionaries use ginger in making their products e.g. biscuits, drinks, sweets etc.

Ginger is a natural root herb that is not only useful for domestic purposes but for industrial purposes too. Ginger is often in high demand due to its aromatic, nutritional and medicinal benefits.

How to Export Ginger from Nigeria

How to Export Ginger from Nigeria

Why Nigeria produced Ginger exportation is good business

Nigeria is the leading producer of ginger in Africa. Foreign customers are assured of guaranteed consistency of supply from Nigeria, which makes ginger exportation business from Nigeria trust worthy. Ginger from Nigeria is particularly tasteful. Ginger from Nigeria is renowned for its pungency and high levels of oleoresin oil, which provides the needed flavours to food. Also, Nigeria is able to produce and export varieties of ginger. These include fresh ginger, dried ginger and crushed ginger. This means the availability of options to importers.

 Countries You can Export Ginger to from Nigeria

There are many countries that you can export ginger to from Nigeria. These include the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland and many others in Europe. These countries demand for ginger in high quantity.

Asides from the industrial and domestic uses of ginger, ginger is also used during winter to wade off the effect of cold. Ginger is medicinal and used to treat diseases like sore throat, common cold and other diseases that are common during winter in Europe.

How to export Ginger from Nigeria

In the exportation business, one can partner with a person by investing funds while the person does the bulk of the work while the profit will be shared between yourself and the person. However, if you are interested in being actively involved in the exportation business, this article provides you with all the information you need to get started. Read on below:


This is the first and crucial step before starting any business at all. Research involves finding out about the market of the business, challenges you might encounter during the course of running the business, consumer insights etc.

Doing the needed research helps you to avoid unnecessary troubles. While there are many things you will not know till you actually start the business, a proper research still goes a long way in giving you clarity.

Get Capital

Every business needs capital. Starting a ginger business does not require back breaking money but some funds are still needed. Purposes for which the money will be put to use includes fees for registration of the businesses, acquiring necessary documents, transportation of product from suppliers to the buyers.

Register Your Business

Registering your business is another very important step you need to take if you want to go into the exportation business. Registering your business protects you from troubles and hassles and also increases the credibility of your business. Many foreigners do not trust Nigerian business because of the age long bad impression caused by fraudulent activities. This is why many will most likely not do business with an unregistered company.

Find Your Suppliers

After registering your business, you need to find your suppliers. When looking for the appropriate supplier or farm to get your ginger from, you should consider things such as distance, quality of the product and the price. The quality of the product is of utmost importance, this is because people in foreign countries have a standard of quality your product must meet up to. If it does not meet up to this, then you will make huge losses as people will not patronize you.

If you can get a supplier who will guarantee good quality and a fair price, then you are good to go. To ensure you keep getting demands for your ginger, then you should make sure you purchase from a good farm.

How to find suppliers

To find ginger suppliers in Nigeria is quite easy. Ginger is produced in high quantity in states such as Kaduna state, Benue, Nasarawa, and Gombe state. You can visit farms and buy directly from them at a cheaper rate. You can also buy from market in your own state, it depends on the price and convenience.

Find International buyers

The essence of the exportation is to sell to international buyers. The ginger exportation business cannot be successful without international buyers. There are a number of ways to get buyers for your goods. The fact that people like the Nigerian ginger because of its flavour, oil and spice already gives you an advantage in the market.

Internet: You can find buyers for your product abroad from different websites and social media network.

Trade fairs: There are many international trade fairs organized in the country. This can be a good place for you to meet with international buyers.

Liaise with Nigerians resident abroad: Another way to make sales in exportation of ginger is to liaise with Nigerians resident abroad. These ones can be your partner abroad and help you scout for market and customers over there.


Do a proper research to determine the international price before setting your own price. This is to make sure your price is fair.

Packaging and storage

Ensure you package your product well to attract foreign buyers and investors. Packaging is very crucial to the success of the business. You need to make sure your product is properly stored to avoid damage and spoilage.


Documentation such as shipping documents, receipts, invoice, certificate of origin and other documents required for registration and for your exportation to be cleared and settled.


You need to make sure your business is well insured in case of any loss.


Your product package needs to detail what the product is made up of and other details to identify it.

Ginger exportation is a good business and does not need too much capital to start. The above information will help you get started on this lucrative business.


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