10 Rental Business Ideas in Nigeria

You must have heard of the huge profits available in the rental business, particularly exotic car rental in Dubai. This is true, the staffing offices holds many opportunities for whoever is willing to go into it. The rental business is a highly profitable business that you should plunge into fast enough. However many do not know how exactly to go about starting a rental business or what aspect of this business they should go into. Indeed, there are different sectors available in the rental business which you can go into. The frequency depends on how many people use the facilities and how often, especially with a cabin situation. The best practice for winterizing a septic tank is to have the tank drained. Then, place a layer of straw or leaves on top of the septic area, if you don’t want to have to deal with all of that you can get a portable restroom rental, this way you don;t have to worry so much and this is great for insulate and prevent freezing.

The most popular rental business is that of a table and chairs. This has made many believe there are no other items in great demand to be rented out. What is more, many people do not know that the rental business does not need huge capital in order to begin. You can start small and then increase your stock of items. This article will provide you with 10 rental items you can use in making money. Such equipment includes catering equipment, video camera, wedding gown, etc.

Rental Business Ideas in Nigeria

Read on below on how these businesses work.

Rental business ideas you should consider:

Chair and Table rentals

This is the most popular form of rental services offered in Nigeria. The logic behind this is the fact that Nigerians are party loving people. There are always events and occasions to attend almost every weekend. These parties could be birthdays, graduation, award ceremony, engagement, wedding ceremonies, meetings, conferences, family reunions etc. Chairs and tables are essential items needed in any event. Since the cost of purchasing tables and chairs are high, People find it wiser to rent these items. This is the reason going into a rental business is a good business idea in Nigeria. You can start a table and chair rental business and offer your services to local event planners. Table and chair rental services also afford you to run the business at very low cost. The best thing about the chair and table rental business is that it is a part-time kind of job while still in a full-time employment and you can also get your family involved too.

Car Rental services

Car rental is a viable business plan especially in the city. Some people know how to drive but cannot afford their own cars yet.

When these people need cars for occasions or to run errands, they rent cars from car rental services. Car rentals also include renting out special vehicles such as trucks, cranes, managing tow truck dublin, and ambulances. These can be rented out to individuals and companies who are in need of them, but cannot afford the cost of purchasing or maintaining them. Because of this, we are seeing a downward trend toward garbage truck sales along with the car sales industry. Most are saying that car rental services is a more viable business to venture into.

Apartment rental

Housing is an important aspect of living. Apartment rental services is one always booming because of the huge market opportunities available in it. Those operating in this field are known as leasers of buildings. These could be residential apartments or offices. You can be an investor by investing into building and acquiring properties for rentals.

Office furniture rental

You can be involved in the rental business by renting furniture out to small and large businesses. These office furnitures includes tables, chairs, desks, cabinets etc. The market sales for furniture rentals are determined by factors such as employment rates, economic growth which in turn affects the successes of businesses. With more business in operation, the furniture rental services will have a greater pool of businesses to offer their services to.

Motion Picture and Theatrical Equipment Rental

The film and theatrical industry always makes use of equipment. Those who organize theater performances have to make use of equipment and props in pulling off both live shows and motion pictures. Motion pictures require a varying number of settings and stage equipment which cannot be afforded by many individuals. This makes the theatrical equipment rental business a viable one. Artists who engage in these types of productions usually do not own all the equipment they need for every project. In order to achieve good production, they have to rent these equipment rather than purchase them.

Tool and Equipment Rental

Tools and equipment usually rented include those used for construction, home maintenance, building and farming. This equipment includes Tillers, mowers, washers, portable restroom units, etc.

Wears and Costume Rental

Many people have to rent wears for events such as wedding ceremonies, engagement ceremonies, gala nights and dinners. You can go into the fashion industry by having fashionable wears that people will be interested in renting. People also need costumes for stage performances and movies, one can therefore go into rentals of costumes.

Camera and Accessories Rental Business

The Camera and accessories rental business is one that requires a significant capital, especially so you can offer excellent services. The better your equipment are in terms of quality, the higher the value and pay you would receive. When venturing into this business, you must also consider the maintenance of these equipment. This is important so you can provide your clients with quality and durable items.

Multimedia projector rental business

Many individuals, organizations and businesses make use projectors for presentations at work, social events or religious gatherings such as church. Although multimedia projectors can be expensive, it is a good investment. This is because many who want to use projectors cannot afford them and even those who can will prefer to rent them because it might not be in use always. When going into this business, ensure you understand the pricing so as to offer the right prices. Projector rental business is a good way to make money.

Benefits of rental businesses

Running a party rental business is highly profitable. With consistency and good management of the business, a rental service business can turn in high returns on investments.

It can be run as a part-time business

Another benefit of rental business is that you can run it on part-time or as a home-based business. All you need to do is hire hands to manage the business while you cater to your main job or business.


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