Top 10 Investments with Monthly Returns in Nigeria

Investment is a deliberate strategy that takes time and patience, especially at its beginning. Investments are not get-quick-rich schemes. This is why it is very important you make wise investments that will eventually pay off. An even smarter move is making wise investments that could earn you monthly income without you working. This is what is referred to as a passive income. It does not matter how much you have in your pockets; you can invest with little. Although, the more money you have to invest, the faster you can expect to see a return on your investment.

The great thing about investing however is that, over time, you will start to generate passive income. This will increase your overall income, and allow you to invest more and more. This article provides you with investment plans that can yield monthly returns even with just little amounts of money.

Top 10 Investments with Monthly Returns in Nigeria

Top 10 Investments with Monthly Returns in Nigeria

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Food business

The food businesses, depending on its strategic location and planning, has always had the potential to thrive. This is owed to the fact that food is an essential commodity. If you invest in a restaurant, you can be sure to receive returns on a monthly basis since people eat every day.

Uber/Taxify Business

The transportation business is one you should also look into if you want to get returns on investments on a monthly basis. Uber and Taxify are the two companies leading the transportation business. Both businesses offer the best investment opportunities in major cities in Nigeria. All you need to invest in the Uber/Taxify business is to buy a car, register with either of the companies, then hire a driver. This driver will turn over profits either at the end of the week or month (depending on your contract)

Investing in Agriculture

There is so much money to be made from investing in Agriculture. The government is now looking at investing even more in the Agricultural sector, in a bid to diversify the economy. Thus, we are seeing a new set of millionaires rise from the farming sector in Nigeria. The trend will surely continue as long as the government continues to drive agriculture through investments.

Subsectors in farming that hold investment opportunities are:

  • Rice
  • Maize
  • Cassava,
  • Beans
  • Plantain
  • Pineapple, etc;

Livestock production such as poultry, piggery, fish farming as well as snail rearing are good sectors to invest in. You can find a farmer to invest in his/her business and from there get your own monthly cut from the profit of the business.

There is an indirect model by which you can drop your money in organizations that have the expertise and are involved in large-scale farming. These companies then put your money into these businesses and pay you returns on your investment periodically and at the end of your business deal, that is on maturity.

Real Estate

Another investment option for creating a monthly income stream is investing in rental real estate properties. This however requires significant capital and the ability to maintain the properties on a professional level. It is also possible to hire someone or an agency to manage the property on your behalf. With the rental real estate, you can get monthly income from those you rent out to.

Mutual Funds Designed for Monthly Income

There are many financial firms that offer an opportunity to invest in mutual funds. These mutual funds can help to produce that monthly income stream. One of these is the Stanbic IBTC mutual funds. This is one of the best investments in Nigeria with monthly returns. The Stanbic IBTC mutual funds give about 12% interest per annum for all investors and you can also roll over your investments if you so wish

Treasury bills

Treasury bills are another investment with monthly returns in Nigeria. The only difference is that you get paid your interest at once. For example, if you invest about a million naira in a treasury bill, you will be paid your interest of 10% of your investment within the first month.

Mini-importation business

Mini-importation business is one you should look into if you are interested in having monthly returns on investments. The mini-importation business is particularly rewarding because all you need is a little capital. With mini-importations, you can invest as little as N10, 000, and start to make as much N50, 000 monthly. If you don’t have a product to sell, you can still earn income by selling someone else’s product. This is known as drop shipping.

Dropshipping is great because it means you don’t need to invest in any stock or deliver any goods. All you need to do is order for the goods online. Websites such as AliExpress allows you to import goods at cheaper prices and you will able to sell it for more profit

Haulage business

The haulage business depends on what materials are being transported. You can look into the transportation of natural resources such as limestone, laterite, iron ore, etc. These natural resources are in demand by big manufacturing companies and are sure to yield your profits, even monthly. All you will need is a contract with a producer to transport the goods and the other equipment such as a truck.

Invest in High Paying Dividend Shares

Many have made wealth from high paying dividend shares. Dividends are pay that companies make to their shareholders (usually every quarter), as a sign of appreciation for investing and holding their stock. The trick is to choose the company you invest in wisely and then reinvest the dividends you earn. This will have a compounding effect and leave you with a nice sum of the money for when you retire. Be sure to have understood well how this market runs so you can pick the right shares to invest in.

Digital Investments That Pay Monthly Income

You most probably have heard of Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is growing rapidly in both popularity and price. When you invest in digital currencies, it grows in value and you technically get paid every month.

Good luck with your investment.

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