Recharge Card Printing Business in Nigeria: How to Get Started


Recharge card printing is unarguably one of the hottest businesses in Nigeria at the moment quite a number of Nigerians have made money from this business. If you are thinking of setting up one yourself, Cardzgroup has been posting all kinds of industry advice which will be a godsend to you, here is a step-by-step guide to help you start.

First, here are the things you need to get started:

  • Capital-: Thankfully, this is not one of those businesses that require millions of start-up capital; with a couple of thousands of naira, you are ready to start your own recharge card printing and publishing business.
  • Start-up Requirements-: Some of the things you would need to start your recharge card printing business include;
  • Money for purchasing pins in bulk from major recharge card dealers.
  • A computer-: It is not necessary to buy or own a computer; you can make use of a shared computer or a cyber-café whenever necessary.
  • Internet Access-: Pins are usually sent by dealers via e-mails and this is why you would need internet access. However, you should only need internet access when you want to print pins.
  • Printer-: It could either be colored or white. This would be used for printing out recharge cards pins.
  • Software-: Print management software would be installed on your computers and this is what you would use in printing your recharge card vouchers and not only (e.g. use the I-9 help to manage all deadlines).

If you cannot afford such tools like computers and printers, that’s not a problem. All you would need to do is to approach a major dealer and you would be given something known as an orange box which is a device used to print recharge card vouchers.

Recharge PINs

You would need pins which would be printed on vouchers right? These pins are usually gotten from major GSM dealers. So, you have to look for a dealer that would sell them to you at reduced costs.

Location is not a barrier in this business. Remember that I mentioned that pins are usually sent via e-mails. So, you can deal with dealers from any part of Nigeria irrespective of where you or your business is located.

You must however ensure that you are dealing with a reputable and honest dealer. Once you express your intention to start recharge card printing business as one as one of their sub-dealers, you would be required to register with the dealer.

Registration doesn’t cost money but you would need to provide a means of identification. Also, you would need to purchase a minimum of 100 pins for a start so you should be prepared.

Payment for PINs

The entire transaction is usually done through the bank. Most times, the dealers would provide you with an account number where you would make payment into.

After payment, you would be required to text details of payment to them and then upon confirmation of payment, you would receive an e-mail containing the pins purchased.

In case you are not computer literate, don’t be scared. The whole process is an entirely simple one that even the biggest idiot can learn in few minutes.



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