How to Rent a Car in Lagos 

With so many car rental services in Lagos, it’s become commonplace for residents of the state to hire vehicles to move around. International travelers and those coming in from other parts of the country also find renting a car in Lagos to be convenient for their movements within the state. In this article, we will be discussing how to go about renting a car in Lagos.

How to Rent a Car in Lagos 

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How to rent a car in Lagos would be discussed below: 

  • Compare Prices from Different Car Rental Services in Lagos 

The first step you’d take when you want to rent a car in Lagos is to compare prices from several car rental services in the state. You would want to go on the internet and visit the websites of car rental services in Lagos. Car rental services in Lagos such as Kunle Lawal Professional Car Rentals, Jonellies Autos, Unity Global Ventures Car Rentals, and Book A Ride have websites where you can check the price they charge their customers for renting vehicles. Look into any other additional fees that the car rental service may have.

  • Add Features You’ll Need on Your Reservation

The next step after you might have chosen the right car rental service in Lagos that’s best suited to your needs is to add the features you’ll need on the reservation. Some car rental services in Lagos offer additional features like children’s car seats and chauffeur services, among other things. Whatever additional feature you’d want to be added to your reservation should be factored in while you are going through the online rental procedure. It’s at this point you’d also choose the type of vehicle you want to rent. 

  • Make a Reservation for Your Chosen Rental Car

Many car rental services have websites where you can make reservations for your chosen car right on the website. On the website of the car rental service, you may choose to pay part or the full amount of the car rental charge. However, some car rental services in Lagos would hold your reservation without any form of payment. You may be required to provide a credit card number while others will allow you to pay at pickup.  Aside from the website of a car rental service in Lagos, you may also make a reservation for a rental car by calling the rental service or sending them an email.  

  • Pick Up Your Rental Car 

If you already made payment for the rental car online, whether in part or in full, you’d need to go to the location where the rental service is located in Lagos. If you paid half, you’d pay the full amount to be able to pick up the rented vehicle. If no money was required by the car rental service to reserve the vehicle, you’ll need to pay what’s required to rent the car for the duration of use. 

To make picking up your rented car much easier, you would want to go with a car rental service close to you. If it’s not so close, ask if the car rental company would pick you up to get your car. 

  • Double Check the Rental Contract 

You would be given a contract after you have completed the payment for your rental car. Ensure you review the document to be sure all the details are correct. Double-check the contract and ask the customer service agent of the car rental service any questions you may have. 

  • Inspect the Rental Car Before You Leave 

Before you leave with your rental car, make sure to inspect the car to observe for dents, scratches or any other defects. You would want these observations to be documented so you won’t be held liable for them when you return the car. Taking a picture or video evidence of any observed defects is recommended too. 

  • Return the Rented Car After Use 

After you are done using the rented vehicle for the stipulated duration, you would need to return it to where you picked it up. Make sure you return the car on time as some car rental agencies would charge you for a full day if you return it thirty minutes past the agreed-upon time. So, be sure to know the exact policy on late returns of the car rental service beforehand.  

  • Tips to Put in Mind When You Want to Rent a Car in Lagos 

One of the things that you’ll need to rent a car in Lagos is to have a valid driver’s license. Without a driver’s license, you can’t drive any vehicle on the roads of Lagos, and Nigeria for that matter. Whether you are living within Lagos, in other parts of the country, or abroad, having a valid driver’s license is a prerequisite to driving a rented car. Do not allow an underage person or one without a driver’s license to drive the rented car at any time throughout renting the car.  

Comparing prices of several car rental services in Lagos is a worthwhile tip to put in mind to enable you to choose one that’s suited to your budget. This can save you tens of thousands of naira. You would always want to also check the additional fees each car rental service may charge aside from the basic rate. 

When you want to pay for the reservation of your chosen rental car via the website of a car rental service, ensure the site is secure. You wouldn’t want your credit card details to be compromised. So, do well to check the security certificate of the site, and reviews too. Alternatively, you can opt for a car rental service where you can pay for renting the car when you want to pick it up. 



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