Top 10 Export Companies in Nigeria

Although Nigeria imports mostly more than it exports, some companies are recognized as being the top exporting companies in the country. Do you want to know which export companies are ranked the highest in Nigeria? If yes, keep on reading this article as we list the top 10 export companies in Nigeria. 

Top 10 Export Companies in Nigeria

The top 10 export companies in Nigeria would be discussed below:

  • Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)

The Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation is arguably the topmost exporting company in Nigeria. The government-owned corporation which operates Nigeria’s petroleum industry engages in the export of oil and gas on behalf of Nigeria, among several other responsibilities. 

The revenue gained by the NNPC for exportation and the exploitation of Nigeria’s fossil fuel resources accounts for 76% of the federal government revenue, and 40% of the country’s GDP, according to Wikipedia. 

  • Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) 

The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) is known as being the pioneer of the petroleum industry in Nigeria for the discovery of the Oloibiri Oilfield on January 15, 1956. 

With interests in 263 producing oil wells, 56 producing gas wells, 6 gas plants, 2 major oil export terminals, and 1 power plant, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria’s position in the petroleum industry in Nigeria cannot be argued. 

In terms of export, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) is among the major companies in Nigeria that participate in the export of onshore and shallow water oil and gas in the international oil markets.  

  • Dangote Cement 

Dangote Cement, a subsidiary of the Dangote Group, is one of the top export companies in Nigeria. This cement-producing company through its Onne and Apapa export terminals has been exporting clinker, the intermediate product of cement, to countries in the West and Central African regions where there is an absence of limestone. At the time of writing this article, Dangote Cement is the largest cement and clinker-producing company in Sub Sahara Africa. 

  • Oando Trading DMCC (OTD) 

Oando Trading DMCC is the subsidiary of one of Africa’s leading energy solutions providers, Oando Plc. OTD, as it is often shortened, is a key participant in the international oil markets, particularly the West African region.

 Oando Trading DMCC is a major exporter of crude oil products, including fuel oil, naphtha, crude oil, bitumen, and premium motor spirit (PMS). In the past year, OTD, in partnership with its JV partners, has exported 57 million barrels of crude oil and traded just under 3 million metric tonnes of refined petrol products.

  • Starlink Global & Ideal Limited 

Starlink Global & Ideal Limited is a provider of a wide spectrum of marketing and financial services for the procurement and export of agricultural produce/commodities. 

Starlink Global & Ideal Limited exports raw cocoa beans, raw cashew nuts, shea nuts, and natural sesame seeds to several countries in Europe and Asia, such as France, Netherlands, and Vietnam.  

Currently, this company ranks among the major exporters of agricultural produce in Nigeria, steadily recording an annual turnover of 5 billion naira in the last couple of years. 

  • Chevron Nigeria Limited 

Chevron Nigeria Limited is a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation and one of the major oil producers in Nigeria. This company, which is under a joint venture agreement with the NNPC, has interests in crude oil exploration and exploitation projects across the oil-rich Niger Delta region. 

As one of the largest producers of oil in Nigeria, Chevron Nigeria Limited is a top exporter of crude oil in Nigeria. This company also has interests in several gas projects such as the Escravos Gas Plant which has a condensate export capacity of 58,000 barrels per day, among other natural gas projects.

  • Cue Exports Limited 

Cue Exports Limited is an indigenous company that deals in steel processing, charcoal production, metal recycling, and agricultural produce. Aside from these main services which it is known for, Cue Exports Limited is also a major exporting company in Nigeria. 

The export arm of Cue Exports Limited is involved in the export of foodstuffs, and agricultural and non-agro/mineral commodities to markets in Europe and Asia. The commodities exported by this company include aluminum alloys, pure copper ingots, hardwood charcoal, cassava chips, yam, crayfish, achi, smoked fish, sesame seed, and dried vegetables, such as Bitter leaves, Utazi, and Ukazi. 

  • Exxon Mobil Nigeria 

ExxonMobil operates in Nigeria through its upstream affiliates Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (MPN) and Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (EEPNL). Both ExxonMobil affiliates are involved in the exploration, production, and exportation of crude oil and natural gas in Nigeria. 

Through its affiliates in Nigeria, ExxonMobil operates about four major oil export terminals in the southern part of Nigeria. One such oil export terminal is the Qua Iboe terminal in Akwa Ibom State through which around 300,000 barrels of crude oil and condensate are exported daily. 

  • Globexia 

Globexia is a major exporting company that exports agricultural products, petroleum products, gemstones, medical and health supplies, building and construction supplies, fertilizer products, solid minerals, and chemicals and additives, to various ports in over 54 countries around the world. 

The following are the commodities exported by Globexia: ammonia, NPK fertilizers, granular urea fertilizer, activated carbon, ethanol, kaolin, ventilators, examination gloves, emerald, sapphire, goshenite, ruby, diesel, pet coke, LPG, zircon sand, manganese ore, lithium ore, lead ore, shea butter, ginger, tiger nuts, dry hibiscus flower, cashew nuts, sesame seed, cowpea, and bitumen, among numerous others. 

  • A3 Exim Company Nigeria Limited 

A3 Exim Company is one of the top agri-product and solid minerals export companies in Nigeria. Since 2015 when it was incorporated, this company has exported commodities such as ginger, sesame seed, dry hibiscus, soybean, nuts, peanuts, coal, charcoal, mica, lead ore, tin ore, zinc ore, dry pepper, Arabic gum, recycled plastic, and much more.  

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