VFD Microfinance Bank Branches in Nigeria

VFD Microfinance Bank is a virtual bank that provides its customers with streamlined digital and mobile banking experiences so they wouldn’t have to visit a physical branch to carry out any sort of transaction. However, there is still a physical branch of VFD Microfinance Bank in Nigeria where customers could walk in and perform any transaction or make enquiries. In this article, we will provide the address of this bank’s only branch as well as discuss the various products offered to customers. Read on. 

VFD Microfinance Bank Branches in Nigeria

VFD Microfinance Bank branches in Nigeria would be discussed below:

  • VFD Microfinance Bank Headquarters 

Address: 5th Floor, Elephant House, No. 214 Broad Street, Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos State 

Email ID: Support@vbank.ng 

Phone Number: 012271396 

  • Products and Services of VFD Bank 

VFD offers a wide range of banking solutions available to customers with both Individual and Corporate account holders. That is to say, private individuals and business people can open VFD Individual accounts and VFD Corporate accounts respectively. Now we’ve established the types of accounts available to customers, let’s dive into the products they can benefit from by active account holders with VFD Bank.  

Before we proceed to discuss the various products of VFD Bank, let’s briefly talk about the V App, through which customers can access all the offerings and services of VFD Bank. So, every VFD customer, whether they be Individual account holders or Corporate account holders, needs the V Bank App to access their accounts, carry out transactions, pay bills, request loans, and more. Let’s outline the steps involved in registering on the V Bank App below:  

  • Search for and download the V Bank App from your device app store (Android device download from Google Play, iOS devices download from App Store)
  • Launch the app and tap on the Create Account button  
  • Input your Phone Number, Date of Birth, and Referral Code (optional), and click on Continue
  • Capture a clear selfie of your face and click on Use This Image
  • Choose the method you want to use to register. You may choose the BVN option or any other bank account number,  then click Continue
  • Enter the OTP (One Time Passcode) sent to your registered phone number as SMS on the provided space, then click Continue
  • Provide your valid Email Address (this will be your login username) and set up your Password and confirm the same (twice)
  • Create your 4-digit V Bank PIN for transactions authorization and add your signature
  • Scan your valid ID if you have this during onboarding or select I’ll do this later if you aren’t with any of your valid ID document 
  • Input your Redeem Code if you have one, but if you don’t have a Redeem Code, click Skip
  • Your account opening and registration on the V Bank App is a success at this point. Your new VFD Bank account will be sent to your email and a text message to your mobile number. 

With the V Bank App registration complete, customers of VFD Bank are qualified to access the products and services we would be discussing briefly. 

  • VFD Loans 

As a microfinance bank, VFD Bank offers loans to salary earners, entrepreneurs, and business owners. These loans include Consumer Loans, Overdraft Facilities, LPO Financing, and Invoice Discounting. VFD Bank loans feature competitive rates, fast processing, and a flexible repayment structure. Let’s briefly take a peek into what each loan we mentioned entails. 

The Consumer Loans offered by VFD Bank are available to customers with Individual accounts as well those with Corporate accounts. The type of loans customers can obtain here include Employee Loans, Corporate Cash advances, Asset Finance, Bridge Financing, and Sale, Lease and Buy Back. 

VFD Overdraft Facilities are temporary loans available to Individual and Corporate account holders. In this type of loan, customers can withdraw funds beyond their available account balance. However, the bank sets a limit on the number of funds that can be overdrawn. 

VFD LPO Financing is a type of loan that customers who are suppliers can obtain to meet a supply order they have from a known buyer. Both business owners and individuals are eligible for LPO Financing but with a maximum tenor of 180 days.

The last type of VFD loan is Invoice Discounting, a short-term loan business owners can obtain to improve their working capital and cash flow option. This means customers (business owners and companies) can draw money against their sales invoices before buyers have made payment. 

  • VFD Target Savings 

This banking solution of VFD Bank allows customers to make contributions towards a target. With Target Savings, customers enjoy a 7 percent compounded interest rate per annum. More so, the bank matches 20 percent of a customer’s first contribution towards their targeted amount. 

  • Veelage 

Veelage is a novel product of VFD Bank which provide customers to earn extra income by referring people to own and operate a VFD Bank account. Customers can earn from N30,000 up to N2,000,000 monthly depending on the number of people they can refer to own a VFD account, as well as their cumulative daily minimum average balance. 

  • Other VFD Products and Services

Aside from the products and services of VFD Bank we’ve discussed above, there are some additional ones that we think are worthwhile. 

These include: 


  • VFD Bank Joint Account 
  • VFD Bank Fixed Account
  • Alternatives to the V Bank App

In circumstances where customers of VFD Bank cannot use the V Bank App, there are other alternatives they could use instead. These include the USSD Banking and WhatsApp Banking options. These would be discussed below:  

  • VFD Bank USSD Banking 

The USSD Banking option of VFB Bank was created to be an alternative to the V Bank App. There might be situations where a customer wouldn’t have data to use the V Bank App, so dialing *5037# gives such VFD Bank customers the ability to purchase data/airtime, transfer money, make cardless withdrawals, pay bills, check balance, and request loan (for accounts on Tier 3/Full KYC). 

  • VFD Bank WhatsApp Banking 

With WhatsApp Banking, VFD Bank customers can access a bouquet of services, including performing actual transactions and requesting help. The VFD Bank WhatsApp phone number is 08091111463. After the customer has added on WhatsApp and said “Hi” to the Bot, they can begin interacting. The following can be performed using VFD Bank WhatsApp Baking: account opening, cardless withdrawal code generation, PIN reset/change/create, bill payment, money transfer, mini statement request, debit card activiation, and balance enquiry. 


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