How to Check Your BVN without a Phone Number 

BVN, an acronym for Bank Verification Number, is a unique 11-digit number everybody above 18 years with a bank account in Nigeria must have to use such an account without restrictions. Unlike our account numbers and phone numbers that we easily memorize, most people do not know their BVN by heart. To make BVN retrieval easy, customers of all Nigerian banks can simply dial *565*0# with the phone number linked to their accounts to check their BVN. If for any reason you can’t use your phone number to check for your BVN, continue reading this article to see how to check your BVN without a phone number. 

How to Check Your BVN without a Phone Number 

How to check your BVN without a phone number would be discussed below: 

  • Visit Your Bank Office 

The general method to get retrieve your BVN is to dial *565*0# with the phone number to which your bank account is connected with. But if for any reason you do not have access to the phone number which you can use to check your BVN by dialing the code mentioned above, one of the alternatives to check your BVN is to visit any physical branch of a bank you have an account with. You’d need to go along with a valid government-issued document so your identity can be verified by the bank. 

Once inside the banking hall, approach the customer care service and let them know you need to check your BVN but you don’t have the phone number with which to check it using the *565*0# code. You’d be required to tender a valid form of identification such as an international passport, driver’s licence, permanent voter’s card, or national ID. After your identity has been verified, you’d be asked to place your finger on a biometric fingerprint scanner, which will cause your BVN details to appear on the screen of the bank official attending you. You will be issued your BVN. You should write down your BVN in your diary, save it on your device or whatever means that will make it easier to retrieve it when next you need it. 

  • Use Your Bank’s Mobile Application

Another method to check for your BVN without a phone number is to make use of your bank’s mobile application. To use your bank’s mobile application, you must have subscribed for online banking service with your bank. If you haven’t already done so, you should do so to enable you to use your bank’s mobile app. 

If you use an android smartphone, you’ll need to download your bank’s mobile banking application from Google Play Store, but if you’re using an iOS device, go to the Apple Store to install your bank’s mobile app. Once the installation of the app is complete, complete the set-up procedure, then log in. Depending on your mobile bank app, you may see the BVN button when you select the menu option. For others, however, the location may vary. Some mobile bank apps will show you your BVN right away as you hit the BVN tab, while in other banking apps you may need to request your BVN by filling up and submitting a BVN request form. For the latter option that requires you to fill up and send a BVN request form, make sure to make your email the medium with which to receive the BVN when it’s eventually sent, usually within 2 hours. 

  • Use Your Bank’s Internet Banking Platform 

Just as banks have mobile applications to help their customers carry out transactions and other services with ease, so do they have internet banking platforms to do similar functions. But you need to subscribe to an internet banking service to use this method to check for your BVN and any other service being offered on the platform. If you haven’t done so, you can reach out to your bank’s online customer service department to put you through how to go about it. 

With the authorization for you to use internet banking, you can go ahead to retrieve your BVN on your bank’s internet banking platform. Note, you must have mobile data to be able to access your bank’s internet banking platform. So, visit the website of your bank’s internet banking platform, log in, and then search through the menu options to find the BVN tab. When you find the BVN button, simply click on it to retrieve your BVN. 

  • Why is Bank Verification Number (BVN) Important? 

In February 2004, the Central Bank of Nigeria mandated all bank account holders with Nigerian banks to enroll to get BVN and link their unique BVN with all other bank accounts they might have with other banking institutions. 

Below is the importance of BVN: 

  • BVN is a valid identification accepted by all Nigerian banks 
  • BVN helps in handling concerns of identity management, thus reducing fraudulent activity 
  • BVN allows bank account holders with Nigerian banks the opportunity to access future credit facilities 
  • BVN promotes the efficiency of banking operations 
  • BVN offers customers enhanced security 
  • BVN establishes accountability 

If the reason you are unable to check your BVN with your phone number is that it was stolen, you should go to the bank to update your account with your new number, if you have any. If you still want to use your old number that was stolen, go file a report at the police station near you. Then, take the police report to your telecommunication operator to block the number so it can be used to carry out any transactions on your bank account. When you are ready to begin using your number again, just go to any mobile operator’s office near you to retrieve your number.

Remember, if you open a new bank account with another bank, you must link your BVN with your new bank account so you can use your bank account without restrictions. To link your BVN with your other bank accounts, simply go online to check for the code with which you can use to link your BVN to that particular bank. 


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