Is Chipper Cash Legal in Nigeria? 

You might have read or heard from a friend about how Chipper Cash provides Africans with free peer-to-peer cross-border payments and other financial services. If you’re considering making use of Chipper Cash in Nigeria, you may want to find out if it’s legal in Nigeria so you don’t fall victim to a fraudulent platform that would rip you off your money. Read on to discover whether Chipper Cash has satisfied the requirements to provide financial services in Nigeria. 

Is Chipper Cash Legal in Nigeria

  • Is Chipper Cash Legal in Nigeria?

Yes, Chipper Cash has satisfied the requirements to legitimately operate in Nigeria. Chipper Cash has obtained a license from the Central Bank of Nigeria to operate as a Mobile Money Operator (MMO). More so, this fintech startup is approved by the CBN to operate as an International Mobile Money Operator and its business operations in Nigeria are governed by the Fintech Regulatory Laws in Nigeria.

  • A Brief Overview of What Chipper Cash is All About 

Chipper Cash is a venture-backed financial technology startup that offers free and instant peer-to-peer money transfer services across Africa, Europe and the United States. This fintech company also offers merchants and businesses online and in-store payment solutions. 

This company was founded by Ham Serungoji and Majid Moujaled in 2018. From the time it was founded to date, Chipper Cash has raised a total of $302.2 million in investment from some of the largest venture-capital investors in the world. 

This fintech company has its headquarters located in the United States of America, precisely at 814 Mission Street, San Francisco. However, Chipper Cash operates in the United States, the United Kingdom and seven African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Africa. 

  • Is Chipper Cash Safe for Nigerians to Use? 

With over 5 million active users across Africa, Chipper Cash is a trusted and secure fintech platform. More so, Chipper Cash has obtained relevant licenses from the Central Bank of Nigeria to operate as a Mobile Money Operator and International Money Transfer Operator. In addition, the Fintech Regulatory Laws of Nigeria govern Chipper Cash’s operation in Nigeria. 

Apart from meeting the statutory requirements to use technology to provide financial services, Chipper Cash is equipped with several security features to further protect the account and funds of its users. The app utilizes a two-step authentication security feature to verify a user’s identity before gaining access to the Chipper wallet account. In addition, the Chipper Cash app is equipped with a security lock feature that requires that you input your Chipper PIN whenever you close the app and open it again. 

With these in place, Chipper Cash is a trusted and secure platform that fintech service Nigerians can use without fear of falling victim to fraudulent activities. More so, your Bank Verification Number (BVN) required by Chipper Cash as part of your verification as a Nigerian using this service, protects against identity theft. 

  • What Features of Chipper Cash Can Nigerians Use? 

Before any Nigerian can enjoy the services provided by Chipper Cash, you must create an account using your phone number or email address via the app. After successful registration, you would need to verify your Chipper Cash account. A verification code would be sent to the phone number (or email address) you signed up with. Inputting the verification code you received into the required field on the Chipper app.

For the verification process to be complete, you’ll need to provide your first and last names, date of birth, phone number, address, place of birth and gender. Providing the above information would upgrade your Chipper Cash account to a Tier 1 KYC status. However, further providing your Bank Verification Number (BVN) as verification would upgrade your Chipper Cash account so you’d be able to enjoy all the services (features) without any restrictions. 

Now that we’ve walked you through how to create and verify your Chipper Cash as a Nigerian user, let’s outline the services of this fintech company. Below is the Chipper Cash features that you can enjoy as a user in Nigeria: 

  • Send and receive money across Africa, Europe and the United States
  • Trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum via peer-to-peer buying and selling across Africa 
  • Use the virtual Chipper Card to make online purchases 
  • Buy airtime and data and pay other bills 
  • Invest in stocks of 6000+ US public companies 
  • Receive tips and payments for creators 
  • How to Perform Various Chipper Cash Services via the App

This section of this article discusses the steps to follow to perform the various services that Chipper Cash offers. 

  • How to Pay Bills & Buy Airtime with Chipper Cash App

With the Chipper Cash app, you can pay for your internet, electricity and Cable TV (DSTV, GOtv) bills. You can also buy airtime for yourself and other Chipper users that you have on your contact list. To send airtime to a Chipper user on your list, simply tap the “Contacts” button and search for who you want to purchase airtime for.

  • How to Send Money with the Chipper Cash App

The Chipper Cash app can be used to send money to other Chipper Cash users as well as those who don’t use Chipper. Follow the steps to send money using Chipper Cash: 

  • Log into the app
  • Navigate to the Activity Tab and choose the Chipper user to who you want to send money to
  • Enter the amount you want to send 
  • Enter the description of the reason for sending the money 
  • Confirm the destination currency if you are sending money to someone outside Nigeria
  • Your money transfer should be confirmed as a Success! 

If the person you send money to through the Chipper app doesn’t have an account with Chipper Cash, he/she will receive 

Meanwhile, if you send money to someone who isn’t a Chipper user, they will receive a payment invite via SMS. Such a recipient would need to open a Chipper account with the same phone to which you sent the money. Upon successful account creation and verification, the money will be sitting in the newly created Chipper account. Failure of the recipient to create a Chipper account to claim the money you sent would lead to the money being refunded to you.

To learn how to perform the other Chipper Cash services we didn’t discuss here, kindly visit this URL

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