How to Order Uber in Lagos 

E-hailing services like Uber have made it easy for residents of Lagos to get around the state without experiencing the attendant stress associated with the public transportation option. The comfort during the ride and getting to alight at your exact destination are some of the reasons why Uber and the likes are getting more popular by the day. In this article, we will discuss how to order Uber in Lagos, in case you’ve never done it before. We will also add some security tips to put in mind when you want to use an Uber in Lagos.

How to Order Uber in Lagos 

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How to order Uber in Lagos would be discussed below:

  •  What You Need to Know Before You Order Uber in Lagos 

There are certain things you need to know when you want to use Uber to commute within Lagos. First, know how important it is to always enable the location of your device before you log in to the Uber app to request a ride. Your location data would help Uber serve you better, in terms of pickups, navigation, customer support and more. 

Secondly, you would want to understand how ETAs work on Uber. ETA which stands for estimated time of arrival is an estimate of the time your driver is expected to arrive at your pickup location. You should know that the ETA does not mean a guarantee as some external factors like heavy traffic or road construction may lengthen the time a bit. 

The next thing you would want to understand about Uber is how pricing works. In times when so many people are requesting rides on the app and there aren’t available cars to match the demand, expect the price to go up a bit. Also, the fares may go up in bad weather, rush hour and special events. This system is known as ‘dynamic pricing’. So, keep in mind that your fare would go up during the aforementioned situations.  

  • How to Order a Ride on the Uber App 

The first thing to do when you consider requesting an Uber ride is to download the app. If you’re using an Android device, search for and install the Uber App from Google Playstore. If you own an iOS device, download the app from App Store.

After the successful installation of Uber on your smartphone, you need to use your email address and phone number to create an account. The entire procedure takes less than three minutes. 

Upon completing your registration on the app, log into the Uber app on your device. At this point, follow the steps below to request a ride in Lagos on the Uber app: 

  • On the homepage of the Uber app you’ve logged into, go to the “Where to?” section, and click. Then type in your destination (location services should be enabled on your device)
  • Navigate to the bottom of your screen to select the type of vehicle you would like to request for a ride 
  • Next, tap “request”, then “confirm” to be matched with a driver nearby
  • If you want to adjust your location before the ride arrives, just type in your new address or draw your pin on the map within the grey circle 
  • On the app, you will be provided with an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for your ride once a driver accepts to take the ride 
  • Next, check the details of the driver coming to pick you up. Check what language the driver speaks and how they drive, among other things. So, pay attention to the driver rating. You may even track the arrival of the driver when you use the map in the app
  • Meet your driver and compare his (or her) picture on the app and other details like confirming if the car in front of you is what you selected when requesting the ride 
  • Security Tips to Put in Mind Anytime You Order Uber in Lagos 

There are salient security tips we feel you should know regarding using e-hailing services in Lagos. First, prepare for your trip before you request a ride on Uber. You should already know where you are headed, as well as consider if Uber is the best option for your planned trip within Lagos. Then choose a driver close to your location. If you don’t like the driver that accepts the ride, you can always cancel the ride. To cancel a ride, log in to the Uber app, and click on the circular image of your driver’s car and face to bring up more information. Then, press the “Cancel” button on your phone screen.

Confirming the vehicle that shows up to pick you up before entering it is another vital security advice anyone would tell you. Ensure the license plate and the driver’s picture you saw on the app are what is in front of you. You may want to go further by asking the driver to tell you the name of the passenger he is picking up. 

Another worthwhile tip we would give you is to sit in the backseat during your ride. Staying in the back will give you some personal space between the driver and yourself. And please, remember to put on the seatbelt at all times during the trip. 

Uber provides riders with the opportunity to share their trip details with a friend or family member by hitting the “Share status” button. When you are on the road to your destination, you can share your driver’s name and the license plate of the vehicle with a friend/family member using this in-app feature. 

You wouldn’t want to reveal too much information about yourself to the driver during the trip. Although it’s advised to be amiable and cordial with the driver, you should avoid giving out too much information. 

Finally, endeavour to rate your driver after your trip. The feedback that you leave about your driver on the app will let Uber and other potential customers know about your riding experience with the driver. 


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