10 Most Successful Startups in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are startups that are considered to be listed among the most successful. These startups offer solutions to various problems in various sectors of the economy. They are companies that have attained a certain level of achievement. Nigeria boasts many startups across various sectors of the economy. Among these startups, some have fared well, while others have not so much. In this article, you would learn about the 10 most successful startups in Nigeria. Read on to find out.

10 Most Successful Startups in Nigeria

The 10 most successful startups in Nigeria would be discussed below:

  • GigaLayer

GigaLayer is a startup listed among the most successful startups in Nigeria. GigaLayer is a startup that is into platform drafting for domain names and web hosting. They help businesses in Africa and other parts of the world to broaden their scope. They do this by providing mechanisms and services that aid online success.

GigaLayer provides domain names for the African target market. Customers of GigaLayer can register their domain on the GigaLayer platform. This platform also offers the ability to forward your domain to redirect users to another web address.

  • Jumia

Jumia is an online marketplace that makes the list of successful startups in Nigeria. Jumia was founded in 2012. Asides from being an online store where customers can shop for various items, ranging from children’s items to stuff for the entire family, Jumia also has a logistics service that facilitates the smooth delivery of parcels containing customers’ orders, all these through a network of their partners.

On Jumia, you can also shop for office equipment, household appliances, phones, health care, and personal care products, foodstuffs, and many others, all without stress from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your doorsteps.

  • Paystack

Paystack is a technology company that strives to solve payment problems for business owners. It was founded in 2015 by Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi. Paystack helps businesses to be profitable. They build technology that helps these businesses grow from new ones to market models.

With Paystack, businesses can accept secure payments from different payment mediums. They also help businesses to retain their customer base by providing them with tools. These tools can also help them in getting new customers. 

  • Precurio

Precurio is a startup that provides intranet solutions for companies that want to have in-house connectivity. It is designed for medium-sized businesses and companies.  Banks seeking to connect their local branches require the services of Precurio.

Precurio provides a secure intranet portal to its customers. During the trial stage, they provide free services to their customers. After the trial stage, their services are very cheap and affordable. As an IT professional thinking of developing an in-house intranet portal or buying an outstanding intranet solution, Precurio is your best bet. 

  • Flying Doctors Nigeria

Another startup considered one of the 10 most successful in Nigeria is Flying Doctors Nigeria. This particular startup is a medical emergency service that specializes in different areas such as air ambulance, remote site medical solutions services, medevac, medical infrastructural development, medico-logistics services and medical training services.

Flying Doctors Nigeria is the first indigenous air ambulance in West Africa. Their equipment is up to date and makes use of the latest technology. When it comes to emergencies, their emergency transport unit is a medical space placed in a plane used to transport patients irrespective of their locations. 

They work with corporate agencies and government organisations to provide remote site training.

  • Chaka

Chaka is a startup that enables businesses in Africa to access wealth management and digital investment opportunities without restrictions. Chaka makes use of technology and investment expertise to provide quality wealth management solutions that are easy to use.

With Chaka, users can grow their money in dollars. They can also go into various profitable investments. Another outstanding feature of Chaka is that one can refer people and earn cool money. For example, for every referral that creates an account and carries out a transaction of about $10, you can get $50. 

Chaka ensures that its users’ personal and transaction details are kept secure.

  • LifeBank Nigeria

LifeBank Nigeria is another outstanding startup considered among the most successful in Nigeria. It is a healthcare technology and logistics company that was founded in 2016 by Temie Giwa- Tubosun. It was formerly known as the One Percent Project which aimed at increasing voluntary blood donation in Nigeria by Nigerians.

LifeBank Nigeria stimulates the dispatch of blood from labs across Nigeria to hospitals. This particular company delivers large pints of blood in a month to different hospitals in the country. They collaborate with the state government’s blood transfusion service to increase the supply of blood across the state.

  • Gradely

Gradely is a startup that empowers parents with personalized learning resources. These resources enable them to take charge of their children’s academic progress, as well as help them succeed in school and their general life. 

Gradely provides people, tools, and content that can help in improving the student’s learning process. With Gradely, teachers can notice where their students are lagging and help improve their performance in all aspects.

  • Thrive Africa

Thrive Africa is a startup that explores a wide range of agricultural technology solutions. Thrive Africa ensures food security. It ensures maximum value at the least possible cost to smallholder farmers.

Thrive Africa empowers small-scale farmers with quality inputs to achieve optimum returns. They provide technology and finance to these farmers. These help to improve productivity and sales and eradicate poverty.

  • Konga

Konga is one of the most successful startups in Nigeria. It is an online marketplace that was founded in 2012. It was founded by Nick Imudia and Nnamdi Ekeh. On Konga, customers can shop for various items like home appliances, children’s items, phones, laptops, electronics, health care products, personal care products, books, and many more. 


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