How to Send Money from Italy to Nigeria

Across the West, there is a great number of Nigerians that migrated for reasons relating to education, hope to improve their economic future, among other things. There are thousands of Nigerians residing and working in Italy. As a Nigerian expatriate in Italy, you may desire to send money home to your loved ones and family. Bank wire transfers and international money transfer services are among the popular ways to do so.  They offer the service of moving money around the world safely and fast. In this article, several international money transfer channels to transfer money to Nigeria would be addressed.

How to Send Money from Italy to Nigeria

These are avenues you can use to send money from Italy to Nigeria:

  • Paysend

With Paysend you can send money to your loved ones in Nigeria using the mobile app or web browser platform in a fast, cheap, and simple manner. You must first create a Paysend account before you can make use of the international money transfer service. You would be required to provide some details about yourself, address, and contact details when signing up.

After completion of the registration, you can make transfers to over 100 countries, including Nigeria. International transfers can be made directly into a local bank account of the recipient or Visa, Verve and Mastercard accounts. Paysend also offers a cash pickup option as a delivery option.

To send money to a recipient’s bank account in Nigeria, you should log into your Paysend account to set up a transfer. You would be required to provide details such as the amount you intend to send, the full name of the recipient, bank account number and bank name. Thereafter, you would need to review the information you’ve supplied to confirm that it checks out correctly. With the confirmation of the provided details, you can proceed to pay for the transfer. The amount you wish to send, the exchange rate, and the expected amount in Naira that your recipient would receive would be displayed before you make payment. Paysend charges zilch for bank account deposits until March 1, 2022.

You can also decide to send money directly to the Visa, Verve or Mastercard accounts of your recipients in Nigeria. You would be required to provide the recipient’s full name and the card number of any of the aforementioned cards. The transaction charge for this service is a flat fee of €1.50.

The cash pickup option is another way to send money using Paysend to recipients in Nigeria. When the cash pickup delivery option is what you desire, you would be required to provide the recipient’s full name, address and contact details during the set-up stage of your transfer. There are over 500 pickup locations in Nigeria for your clients to receive the funds. This service would cost you €1.50.

  • Rewire

This is another international money transfer service you could use to send money to Nigeria from Italy. First of all, you need to open a free account with Rewire. To sign up, you need to enter your full name, phone number and email address. However, to complete the registration process, you would be required to upload your identification documents, a selfie clearly showing your face, residential address and your date of birth. Any of the following documents are accepted to complete the registration: International Passport, EU-issued Citizenship or Residence Card, EU-used ID, or Driving Licence. This verification process is once-off at the first time of sending money with Rewire, opening your IBAN account or ordering your Mastercard.

With the verification of your documents complete, you can make use of Rewire to send money to Nigeria. Rewire offers several platforms that you could utilize to make international money transfers such as bank transfer, debit or credit cards, SEPA transfer and a personal IBAN account. To send money, follow these steps outlined next paragraph.

Log into your Rewire account. Choose the amount you wish to send to your recipient and click on Next. The next interface would display ‘ Choose Receiver’ and ‘Add New Receiver’. You are then required to input the details of the recipient and proceed. Thereafter, a list of payment options consisting of Credit Card, Pay Cash, Wire Transfer and Postal Online Transfer would appear. Choose your desired payment option and follow the prompts. After you might have provided the necessary details, you can proceed to pay for the transfer. Done with this, your recipient should receive the funds within 24 hours of the transfer.

  • Azimo

Azimo is a leading international money transfer service assisting millions of expatriates to send money home, almost anywhere across the globe. Registering with Azimo, and subsequent verification is needed to use this service. Azimo offers three ways to send money from Italy to various countries, including Nigeria. The core values of Azimo’s international money transfer services are embedded in the security, speed, and cost-effectiveness of cross-border transfers.

You can send money with Cash pickup with Azimo from Italy to Nigeria in a jiffy. You’ve got to log in to your Azimo account, select Cash pickup, input the send amount, recipient’s full name, mobile number and preferred choice of pickup locations suitable for your recipient. Then, proceed to pay for the transaction by bank, debit, or credit card. Immediately the transfer is established, pick-up instructions will be provided. You would be required to provide your recipient with the pickup instructions.

The second option is by a direct bank deposit in a local bank account. However, in compliance with recent CBN directives, naira payments into local bank accounts in Nigeria are not available.

You could also send money to Nigeria with Azimo by SWIFT to a domiciled EURO bank account in any major bank in Nigeria. After you might have logged into your Azimo account, choose SWIFT, provide the amount you intend to send, the recipient’s full name, bank details and the SWIFT-BIC code of your recipient. This is the fastest way among the options of sending money from Italy to Nigeria with Azimo.

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