7 Best Paint Brands in Nigeria

There are many paint-producing companies located in Nigeria. There is such a large demand for paint products as they are used in every sector. You need quality paint for your homes, offices, commercial centers, schools, hospitals and any other place you can think of.  Paint is any colored substance that is spread over a surface for its decorative or protective coating. Many think the use of paints is only for its aesthetics, but it also serves as a protection for objects or surfaces. Paint is also used to add texture to objects. Most paints are available in their solid forms. However, you can find some which have been dried into solid forms. This article presents the top paint companies in Nigeria that you can choose from for quality paints.

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Best Paint Brands in Nigeria

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Dulux Paints

Dulux paints is a brand under CAP plc. providing premium architectural painting products. Dulux is a leading company in the production of top-quality decorative paints in Nigeria. The company provides a wealth of products and services designed to help customers decide on what colors are best for their space, be it home or office. The company also makes tools available online providing expert advice to guide its customers on achieving great results with its products. Dulux paints are loved for their durability and beauty. It offers over one hundred and twenty colors scheming. The company distributes its product to wholesalers and retailers all over Nigeria and has branches in over ten major Nigerian cities.

Berger Paints Nigeria

Berger Paints Nigeria is another leading company in the production of top-quality paint in Nigeria. The production line was founded by a German color chemist in 1760. Berger Paints Nigeria began operating in Nigeria in 1959. The company handles all areas of architectural painting designs, which include: decorative and architectural furnishes, industrial coatings, marine and protection coatings, automotive and vehicle refinishes, wood finishing and preserves. Berger paints can be used not only on walls and buildings but cars, woods and even metal. The company has its headquarters in Lagos state but runs over twenty-five depots across the country.

International Paints West Africa (IPWA)

International Paints West Africa is another leading paint production company in Nigeria. Over the years, the company has been a major supplier of the finest quality of paints in the Nigerian market. International Paints West Africa is one of the first generation producers of paint in Nigeria. It is certified by the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) and Nigerian industrial standards. The company specializes in the manufacturing of building and industrial paints, marine and protective coatings, wood finishes, product coating and other allied products. International Paints West Africa has a production plant in Port Harcourt and Lagos state. It also has outlets in other major cities in Nigeria.

Meyer Paints

Meyer Paints is yet another reputable paint production company in Nigeria. Meyer Paints has been in business since 1960 and has consistently produced the finest quality of paint. Meyer Paints produces and distributes all types of paints for woods, road lining, roof coating, tube coatings, auto finishes, adhesives and HP coatings, industrial and marine paints. Meyer has its corporate offices in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt and runs outlets in almost every state in Nigeria.

Portland Paints Nigeria

Portland Paints Nigeria is yet another reputable paint company in Nigeria. The company started off as a small division of a cement producing company called West African Portland Cement Company (WAPCO). Portland Paints is now a subsidiary of UAC Nigeria. The company manufactures paints for decorative purposes and protective coatings. The Sandtex paint under the brand offers a wide range of decorative paints in form of Satin, Gloss and Emulsion finishes. The Sandtex paint is durable and provides protection from harsh weather for a long time when used on any surface. Portland Paints have outlets in all regions of the country.

Eagle Paints

Eagle Paints Nigeria Limited is a Paint Production Company incorporated in 1979. Eagle Paints specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of decorative paints. Over the years, Eagle Paints has established itself as an industry leader in the paint industry. Products by Eagle Paints are of high quality and can be trusted for their durability. The company makes all types of paints such as Emulsion paints, Decorative paints, Industrial paints, Anti-corrosive paints. The company has a headquarters in Lagos but other outlets in major cities of the country.

Trumpcoat Paints

Trumpcoat is an indigenous paint company that produces quality architectural and decorative paints. Paints by this brand bond permanently and can be used to prevent scratches, chemical corrosions, leaks, etc. Trumpcoat Paints offers both interior and exterior painting services for individuals and organizations. The company has its head office in Lagos state.

Premium Paints Plc

Premium Paints plc is a trusted brand that manufactures and distributes decorative and industrial paints. Premium paints are used for road marking, auto refinishes, wood finishes and other protective coatings. You can trust Premium Paints to deliver neat finishes, superior appearance and long-lasting durability. The company has its headquarters in Ogun state but distributes all over the country.

African Paints Nigerian Plc

African Paints Nigerian Plc is a chemical manufacturing company in Nigeria. The company produces paints and allied products under two brands which are Zebra and Royal. These products serve decorative and protective purposes. Zebra and Royal paints are widely used for auto refinish, industrial finish, wood finishes and lacquers. African Paints plc has outlets all over the country.

Inter Color Industries Nigeria Limited

Intercolor Industries Limited has been in operation for over 16 years. Intercolor paints are high-quality acrylic-based emulsion paints. Its products are approved by the Nigerian Industrial Standards (NIS) and Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON). One of the company’s products, Intersilk Emulsion, popularly referred to as Silk Paint by many users is popular for its sheen finish. The company has offices in all major cities in the country.

These are the top paint brands available in Nigeria. Many of these companies have a great online presence and you can purchase their products online.


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