List of OPay Offices in Lagos

Over 21 million Nigerians make use of OPay solutions to make payments, transfer money electronically and save, among other things, with ease. And among that robust figure are OPay mobile money merchants across the 36 States and the FCT who offer the above-mentioned solutions to the general public for profit. To make customer support seamless, OPay makes use of several channels to attend to complaints and requests for assistance from users remotely. However, there are still physical OPay offices across several Nigerian cities where users can also walk in to make their queries and requests.  This article will list the OPay offices in Lagos.

List of OPay Offices in Lagos

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This is the list of OPay Offices in Lagos: 

  • OPay Office, Jobi Fele Way 

Address: Alexander House, Otunba Jobi Fele Way, Ikeja, Lagos State 

This is the Head Office of OPay in Lagos State. Between 9 am and 5 pm from Monday to Friday, you can walk into this OPay Office to make enquiries about any OPay solutions or seek assistance on issues regarding your OPay account. It may be that you want to seek partnership opportunities with OPay or know the process of becoming an OPay merchant. Whatever your reason might be for visiting OPay Head Office in Ikeja, you can rest assured that you’d leave satisfied with the assistance of the professional customer support staff of OPay. 

  • OPay Office, Allen Avenue  

Address: No. 103 Allen Avenue, Moseola House, Ikeja, Lagos State 

Customers of OPay can also visit this Office located along Allen Avenue in Ikeja to seek assistance or make complaints on anything that concerns OPay solutions. Whether you have to make queries about the OPay app or your POS business, you can trust that the in-office customer support staff of OPay will put you through accordingly.  

You may also want to visit the OPay Office on Allen Avenue to report fraud issues you might have observed, make legal inquiries or find out which promotions, business or community projects you can partner with OPay. You wouldn’t find it difficult to locate the Moseola House where this OPay Office is located along Allen Avenue. 

  • OPay Corporate Office, CBD Ikeja 

Address: Plot 8, Dr Nurudeen Olowopopo Road, Central Business District (CBD), Ikeja, Lagos State 

OPay has another office in Ikeja yet again. This time around, the office is located in the Central Business District of the capital city. Whether you are already an OPay customer or you’re considering using it for personal use or business, you are sure to have your questions answered by the in-office staff at this OPay Ikeja CBD office. Concerns ranging from the OPay app and card queries to partnership and legal inquiries can also be resolved when you pay a visit to this OPay office. 

  • OPay Office, Ikeja GRA

Address: No. 46 Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja, Lagos State 

This is another OPay office that Lagos residents can pay a visit to whenever they may need to make an inquiry or request assistance on anything relating to OPay. There are always customer support professionals available at this office to attend to you, as long as it’s between 9 am and 5 pm on weekdays that you visit the office.

The following are some of the reasons you may visit this office: 

  • OPay app and debit card queries 
  • POS business queries 
  • Fraud issues 
  • Legal inquiries 
  • Partnership 
  • Etc. 
  • OPay Office, Ikeja 

Address: No. 23 Abiodun Street, behind Bingo Entertainment Industry, Ikeja, Lagos State  

This is another recognized OPay Office in Lagos State. Just as the other offices we’ve discussed earlier in this article, this OPay Office helps customers to resolve whatever complaints they might have. Even if you are not yet an OPay customer, you can still walk into this office to learn about the various OPay solutions that you might be interested in.

You can contact the OPay team at this office by calling 09074159053 to help you resolve your complaints when you can’t pay a visit to the office. There are several other communication channels to reach out to OPay without paying a visit to the physical office. We’d provide you with a concise list of customer support channels that you can use to reach out to OPay whenever you want to. Wait for it. 

  • What are the Alternative Options to OPay Offices in Lagos? 

From what we’ve discussed above, you can see that all the OPay offices in Lagos are in the state capital, Ikeja. If you do not live, work or do business close to any of these OPay offices, you may wonder what alternatives are available to reach the OPay team for your complaints and requests for assistance. Fortunately, there are several active channels that you can use to get in touch with the OPay team without leaving your home, office or business place. 

We will provide you with a concise list of communication channels to get in touch with the OPay team. 

Here are the customer support channels available to OPay customers and the general public: 

  • For App & Card Queries – 0700888328 or 01-888328 
  • For POS Business Queries – 0700888329 or 01-888329 
  • WhatsApp – +2349165998936 
  • For Fraud Issues – 
  • For Legal Enquiries – 
  • For Partnership – 
  • To request Merchant Registration Form   
  • What Makes OPay Popular in Lagos? 

There are over 20 million active OPay users across Nigeria at the time of this writing. You may wonder what would make OPay record such a robust figure with just over four years since it began operations in Nigeria. Let’s outline some reasons why OPay continues to maintain old customers and attract new ones: 

  • Quick and easy account opening 
  • Fast bill payment at no extra cost 
  • Free bank transfers to any bank in Nigeria 
  • Zero maintenance fee on the free OPay debit cards. OPay debit cards are accepted at every ATM or POS or web 
  • Advanced fraud detection technology to protect clients’  funds and personal information against any form of cyber attack 
  • OPay is compliant with PCI DSS which ensures every transaction on the OPay platform is encrypted and secure 


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