How to Fund Box Office in Nigeria 

BoxOffice has become a home entertainment fad in Nigeria as it offers customers the opportunity to view content comprising of movies, short movies, and documentaries by renting them on the BoxOffice platform for 48 hours. This video-on-demand service is open to DSTV customers with Explora, as well as non-customers as long they have an internet connection and the wherewithal to pay the fee to view the content on BoxOffice. This article will discuss some ways of funding your BoxOffice account in Nigeria, and other noteworthy information that you may find helpful. 

How to Fund Box Office in Nigeria 

How to fund BoxOffice in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

  • How to Fund Box Office Account via the Box Office Website 

You can make payments for the movies you want to rent on Box Office through the website. Here’s how to fund your account with your Box Office via the website: 

  • Visit 
  • Login into your Box Office account 
  • Steer the cursor to the “Payment” menu 
  • Select your desired payment option from the drop-down menu 
  • Proceed to follow the instructions to make the payment to fund your Box Office account 
  •  How to Fund BoxOffice via Quickteller 

You can also use Quickteller to fund your BoxOffice account with ease. Here’s how to fund your BoxOffice account via Quickteller: 

  • Visit 
  • Input your smart card number in the appropriate provided box 
  • Input your email address in the appropriate provided box 
  • Input your phone number in the appropriate box provided
  • Click on the ”Continue” button 
  • A sum of NGN 100 will be deducted 
  • On the next page, input your necessary card details for you to complete the payment process  
  • How to Register for BoxOffice As a DSTV Customer 

In Nigeria, the only DSTV customers that are eligible to register for and have access to Box Office are those with the Explora decoder. 

Here’s how you can register for Box Office if you have a DSTV Explora decoder: 

  • Press the green-coloured BoxOffice button on your PVR remote to be able to access BoxOffice 
  • Next, go to or 
  • Select the “register” option on your television screen 
  • Then type in the smart card number of your Explora decoder 
  • Select the Nigerian country code and supply your mobile phone number in the box provided 
  • Click on the “Submit” button 
  • A text message would be sent to your mobile number stating that you’ve successfully signed up for Box Office 
  • How to Rent Movies on DSTV BoxOffice Using Explora

After registering for BoxOffice with your Explora decoder, you can easily rent and watch blockbuster movies from the comfort of your couch or your office.  Follow the steps below to rent a movie (or more) on DSTV BoxOffice using the Explora: 

  • Press the green-coloured BoxOffice button on your PVR remote 
  • Click on the “Rent” option on your screen afterwards a rental code will be displayed  
  • Select rental options
  • Enter the rental code and the phone number with which you registered your BoxOffice account with
  • Click on “Submit” 

The first movie you ever rent on DSTV BoxOffice after a successful registration is free. You begin to make payments on subsequent movie rentals on BoxOffice. 

  • How to Register for and Rent Movies on BoxOffice as a Non-DSTV Customer 

The DSTV BoxOffice is also open to non-DSTV customers, as long as they have access to an internet-enabled device. Non-DSTV users will have to register through the “Online BoxOffice” link. They may also have to pay a bit higher fee to rent content on BoxOffice than a DSTV customer that rents content on BoxOffice using Explora. 

How to register for and rent movies on BoxOffice as a non-DSTV customer is discussed below: 

  • Go to to sign up for BoxOffice as a non-DSTV customer 
  • After you’ve registered and the webpage loads, click on “Watch Free”  and supply the confirmation code 
  • Select the movie you want to rent from the options of movies available 
  • Follow the instructions to pay for the movie you’ve selected using any payment option of your choice 
  • You will be able to stream the movie(s) you rented directly from the website 
  • How Does BoxOffice Work? 

BoxOffice works on a transactional rental basis in that you can select and watch movies, short movies and documentaries that are made available on the viewing platform from time to time. Every selected content you want to rent to watch must first be paid for. After you’ve successfully rented content on BoxOffice, you cannot cancel it. 

Every content you rent on BoxOffice would be available for 48 hours, and in that time, you watch the movie, short movie or documentary as many times as you can. You can rent up to 20 movies and other related content at a time. You can, however, download the content you rented on BoxOffice if you’re accessing BoxOffice through Explora; but you must first subscribe to the BoxOffice download option. With the download option, you can have access to watch the downloaded content, again and again, because you’ll have access to the downloaded content for 30 days. Online BoxOffice customers do not enjoy this service. 

To get the best out of your BoxOffice account, you’ll want to fund your BoxOffice account with some cash so you don’t have to make a payment every time you want to rent a movie. This means that the fees when you’re renting content on BoxOffice would be deducted from your prepaid balance in your BoxOffice account. 

If you encounter any challenge whatsoever concerning BoxOffice, you should reach out to the customer support department by calling the BoxOffice call centre, which is +23412703232. 


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