Grenada citizenship by investment for Nigerians

The Caribbean islands are an attraction for foreign tourists. People from all over the world, from European and other powers, come here for holidays. The people of Nigeria are no exception. And they are ready to both benefit from rest and move to permanent residence. One of the most popular destinations is Grenada, a small monarchy surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, buried in thickets of a tropical jungle. So why are people from the continent of Africa so eager to move to a small country? It is distinguished above all by its advantageous location, a short distance from South America, and its conditions for living.

Benefits of Grenada Citizenship by Investment for Nigerians

Even though Nigeria is a major oil producer, it is not a completely prosperous nation, and many parts of the country are unsafe to live in. There are many terrorist groups and poor towns. To stay healthy, people settle mainly in the eastern territories. Nigeria is the most populous country on the African continent, hence literally the first reason to move. Every second resident would like more space for himself and his family. He is eligible to develop his activities and is willing to participate in the Grenada citizenship program for Nigerians, to start a new life.

The low threshold of investment value allows every second Nigerian to get a passport. As Zlata Erlach, an expert at Immigrant Invest, pointed out, comparing the required amount of deposits with neighboring countries, Grenada is the second lowest threshold after Dominica. To be guaranteed political and legal ties to the island, investing in a development fund or real estate from 150 to 250 thousand dollars is enough.

What does Grenada CBI for Nigerian citizens mean or ten pros to move:

  • a guarantee of one’s safety and the secrecy of the entire procedure;
  • access to citizenship for the whole family, including children under the age of 21;
  • fast processing of documents – approximately within four months;
  • excellent living conditions, not to mention the entire package of utilities;
  • free jobs and a well-developed health care system;
  • the proximity of the United States, which gives Nigerians the right to travel and work in the territory from the first days after their citizenship was received;
  • obtaining an E-2 U.S. business visa, available already when applying for citizenship;
  • life with practically no taxation.

There are several ways to get to the island. The fastest way is to use the unique Grenada citizenship program for Nigerian citizens. One can invest in different ways, but the result is the same – great benefits high and fast return on investment. For example, when buying real estate, in 4 years, you can resell your possessions to a new applicant for citizenship, in contrast to other island republics such as St. Kitts or Antigua and Barbuda, where you have to keep your property rights for five years.

The Investment Process

Specialists accompany clients at all stages – from the moment of contacting the company to the issuance of a legal document.

Such an essential procedure as applying for Grenadian citizenship is carried out in several steps. One of them involves the consultation of a Nigerian. The selection of the form of attachment follows it. After that, the documents are prepared by the applicant. Finally, the government reviews the papers for some time. You will find out whether the application has been approved or rejected in a written report.

If everything is fine with the documentation, they offer to deposit funds as agreed and wait until the process of issuing a Grenada passport for Nigerians is completed.

Eligibility Requirements for Grenada Citizenship

The issuance of the passport does not involve being in the territory, both during the documentation review and at the time of issuance. You can get it in your home country. It will come by post. As for the requirements, the government is interested in due diligence, so every fact about a person, signature, or suspicion is carefully checked. It is a guarantee for the safety and well-being of the whole power.

There is an extensive security check by the authorities. As a result, no terrorist has yet entered the territory when applying for a second passport.

Grenada citizenship by investment for Nigerians opens the door to travel without the headaches of waiting for visas. Instead, you must only endure a quick document check at the airport. Then, visit any European country, China, South America, Singapore, the United Kingdom, or other powers unhindered.


So, Grenada is a beautiful country, immersed in mountains and jungle thickets. The main entertainment is related to the sea. Diving, snorkeling, fishing, and boating are popular here; there are many hotels and well-developed infrastructure, and it is convenient to get to any destination. Therefore, families with children from Nigeria may choose this country for settlement. The government has set favorable conditions and a small price to get into power for life. Therefore, both wealthy citizens and middle-class Nigerians have a chance to enlist the support of the United States and Grenada to pursue their craziest business strategies and plans.

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