MetaTrader 5 Build 3950: Enhancing Trading Experience

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) has long been recognized for its powerful features and robust trading capabilities, and recently the latest update, MetaTrader 5 Build 3950 was made available, promising to take trading to new heights. Here we highlight its key enhancements and improvements.

Enhancements to User Interface

One of the most noticeable modifications in MetaTrader 5 Build 3950 is its improved user interface, now featuring a more user-friendly and streamlined design. Traders will appreciate its improved chart management system that makes navigating multiple charts simultaneously much simpler. Furthermore, its new customizable nature enables them to tailor it more closely with their preferences and trading strategies.

Build 3950 offers several advanced trading features designed to meet the diverse needs of traders:

  • Depth of Market (DOM): To give traders a deeper view of market liquidity, the Depth of Market functionality has been improved significantly – this feature will prove especially helpful for those relying on order book data for making trading decisions.
  • Time & Sales Window: Traders now have access to a Time & Sales window which provides real-time data on trade executions and is an invaluable source of understanding market dynamics and trade execution patterns.
  • Customizable Hotkeys: MetaTrader 5 now allows traders to set customizable hotkeys for various trading actions, making the platform even more efficient and reducing trading speeds for day traders. This feature improves efficiency and speed.

Risk Management and Trade Analysis are integral parts of business operations.

MetaTrader 5 Build 3950 places an emphasis on risk management and trade analysis:

  • Advanced Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders: The platform now supports more advanced stop-loss and take-profit orders, giving traders greater control over their risk exposure.
  • Extended Trade Statistics: Traders can access more comprehensive trade statistics that allow them to more closely assess their trading performance, providing valuable insight for refining strategies.

This feature can prove especially helpful.

Technical Analysts Will Welcome Build 3950’s New Tools

Analysts will find Build 3950 offers an abundance of new technical analysis tools:

  • Market Profile: This tool gives traders insight into market structure and trading activity, helping them identify possible support and resistance levels.
  • Composite Profile: Traders now have the capability of creating composite profiles for multiple instruments, providing greater insight into correlation and divergence among assets.

MetaTrader 5 Build 3950 emphasizes security and reliability with enhanced encryption protocols that protect sensitive data as well as increased server stability for uninterrupted trading during times of high volatility.


MetaTrader 5 Build 3950 represents a monumental leap forward for online trading platforms. Thanks to its enhanced user interface, advanced trading features, enhanced risk management tools and comprehensive technical analysis capabilities, traders now have an effective tool at their disposal to make more informed trading decisions.

MetaTrader 5 remains one of the premier trading platforms available to traders of all backgrounds, from novices to veterans alike. Thanks to its user experience, security, and performance enhancements, MT5 continues to lead its field as an indispensable trading companion.

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