10 Best Security Companies in Nigeria

In this era of incessant kidnapping and violence in the country, it has become imperative for organizations, government parastatals and individuals to shore up their security. The Houston Security Companies provide the best service in secure your property.

Asides from being security conscious, organizations and individuals also need to engage the services of Security Info security outfits in order to ensure optimal security around their vicinity.

We’ve taken a cursory look at the many security companies in the country and we’ve highlighted the best 10 among them.

1. Synergy Guards Nigeria

Synergy Guards Nigeria is a subsidiary of Synergy Guards UK. They are known to provide trained and licensed security to government parastatals, educational institutions and private businesses.

Their security personnel’s work with the latest technological gadgets all in a bid to ensure optimal security.

Also, they offer CCTV surveillance, video walls, projectors as well as emergency and firefighting response services.

Additionally, they provide bespoke security solutions that have been tailored to meet the unique and specific security needs of their clients.

Overall, some of the services offered by Synergy Guards Nigeria include:

  • Protocol and Escort Services
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Key Holding and Alarm Response
  • Security training
  • CCTV Systems Supply, Installation and Remote Monitoring
  • Event Security
  • Supply of Security Equipments e.t.c

 2. ASA Security

ASA Security is one of the leading security service companies in armored car money transport. They are known to provide advanced security technology services and their expertise includes special protection, consulting and instructing.

ASA is known by many organizations in the country as top notch security firm. Their clients include prime ministers, ministers, high ranking officials and ex-military high ranked officials.

Some of the popular security solutions include:

  • Manned Guards
  • Stationary Panic Buttons
  • Vehicle Escorts
  • Residential Security
  • Business Security
  • Industrial and Shopping Centre Security
  • Seaport and Airport Security
  • Safety doors
  • Personal SOS Locator and
  • Project Management

3. McDon Security

If you’re looking for tailor-made security and training services, McDon Security is certainly the way to go.

They offer customized security logistics consultancy, training services, technical security as well as outsourcing services.

The company is located at Anthony Village in Lagos State and their vision is to become a reliable partner for families, NGOs and businesses when it comes to safety and security solutions.

McDon Security is a well known supplier of security equipments, some of which include;

  • Alarm systems
  • Access control turnstiles
  • Personal protective devices
  • CCTV Systems

 4. TechnoCrime Security Nigeria Ltd

TechnoCrime Security is one of the leading security firms in the country. Located at Awolowo Way in Ikeja, TechnoCrime Security is well known when it comes to providing security services as well as selling security equipments.

 5. KingsGuard

Established in 1992, Kings Guard is one of the reputable and well-known security brands in the country. Their services include:

  • Provision of Security Guards and Guard Dogs
  • Sales of Security Equipments
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • VIP Protection
  • Maritime Security
  • Sale of Armored Vehicles
  • Special Investigation and
  • Security Training

They are known to use high tech equipments for their security service which are also available for sale. These include: smoke alarm dome camera, color weatherproof infrared camera, LCD video monitor, LCD one channel monitor, glass break detector and many more.

Some of their clients include: NNPC, African Development Bank, African Reinsurance Corporation, AIICO Insurance, SEC, Total and Airtel.

 6. Damog Guards

Damog Guards is another topnotch security company in Nigeria. They operate in most of the major cities of the country and these include Abuja, Lagos, PortHarcourt, Kaduna, Uyo, Maiduguri, Akure, Jos and Ado Ekiti.

Established in 1993, Damog Guards has grown over the years to become one of the major security surveillance companies in the country. As a matter of fact, the company intends to establish offices in some of the neighbouring West African States.

Their security personnels have been trained to effectively manage all kinds of situations and their services are tailor made to fit the peculiarities of their different clients.

 7. Halogen Security

Halogen Security is one of the popular security firms in the country. You can easily find their personnels in any of the major organizations in the country. These include: financial institutions, government parastatals, educational institutions, logistics, oil and gas as well as estate facility.

Some of their reputable partners include MTN, La Casera, EcoBank, Chevron, Access Bank and British International School.

Their international partner is PROTEACOIN Group which has been providing management and technical support to Halogen Security since 1997.

In alignment with their culture of professional excellence, Halogen Security has affiliations with several professional associations in the country such as the Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals and the Society of Security Practitioners in Nigeria.

 8. Eyespy Security Service Limited

Eyespy Security Is another top security company in Nigeria. The company is located in Gbagada, Lagos. They offer security service, event bouncer service and security guard service.

 9. Ashaka Security Company

Also known as Asco Limited, Ashaka Security is one of the leading security companies in the country providing services such as:

  • Supply and Installation of Security Systems
  • Provision of Security Coverage for Social Events and Large Gathering
  • Provision of Trained Dogs and Trained Dog Handlers
  • Executive Protection and Armed Police Escort

They started by providing competent and efficient guard services to the Nigerian Breweries in Iganmu in 1965. However, Ashaka Security has grown over the years to become a provider of security service to several organizations all over the countries. You can do your research on them if you visit this website, it’s important to note all the ways in which they improved peoples’ lives throughout the years.

The company has a well-furnished air-conditioned hall for the training of their operatives as well as refresher courses for operatives, supervisors, officers and managers.

 10. Proton Security Co. Ltd

Known for their consistent and top class security service, Proton Security is one of the best security firms in the country. Their service is available in all the 36 states of the country and these include:

  • Guard service
  • Armed Escort/VIP Protection
  • Electronic security
  • Special Events Security
  • Dog services
  • Security training
  • Electronic queue management
  • Risk management
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Digital display system
  • Consulting and Investigation

Their head office is located in Jibowu in Yaba, Lagos. Overall, the security services offered by Proton Security have been tailored to meet both the local and international needs of their clients.

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  1. Though it’s not listed above, but Hovaka security is also one of the best security company in Nigeria . I have worked with them and I could see that they’re efficient.

  2. Worked with Transworld security Abuja and I can say they are good… Would be glad to work with any available vacation in any of the above mentioned security company. Thanks

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