The Most Expensive House in Nigeria: Pictures and Details

While there are many expensive houses in the country, one particular house has been attracting attention for some time now. And it’s been rumored to be the most expensive house in Nigeria.

The house, belonging to Okwudili Umenyiora, is obviously a product of rare architectural expertise and creativity. The house is located at Lekki Phase One (Oniru New Market), Lagos.

The house took about four years to complete and gulped a huge fortune estimated to be about $10 million. If that’s the real cost, then it might not be the most expensive house in Nigeria, but it remains one of the most expensive, most sophisticated, and most beautiful.

Some of the house’s fascinating features include floor televisions, indoor swimming pools, elevators to the fourth floor, and a garage with amazing decor and vehicles. Oshawa Windows bring you an extensive range of classic and contemporary window and door options to choose from,The house was completed in late 2013. Garage are very important for keeping vehicle safe. Well this information will help you to know importance of hiring professional garage door service firm. So how garage doors should be fixed?look at this site. Well you can get more info here about selecting good and safe door.

The house is being maintained by five housekeepers, among who is a Philippine woman.

The owner of the house, Okwudili Umenyiora (aka Mr Dilly) is the CEO of Dilly Motors.

Pictures of the house

Outside view of the house


One of the sides of the house
One of the sides of the house


One of the sitting rooms in the house
One of the sitting rooms in the house


Exterior swimming pool
Exterior swimming pool


Interior swimming pool
Interior swimming pool


Exterior garage
Exterior garage


The elevator
The elevator


One of the floor TVs
One of the floor TVs


One of the owner's cars: a customized Lamborghini
One of the owner’s cars: a customized Lamborghini


Now, what do you think about this house? Looking for something simpler like two bedroom townhomes? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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  1. every body want to be like Dangote or build house like them,have you ever think or pray to pass through what they go through before having such wealth ? let us have it in mind that this life is Vanity upon Vanity.think of internity

  2. Naa wah ooo, people are doing greater thing ooo in these country, me weh i just dey look for 300k to clear up my dept in cooperative since 2year now,may ALMIGHTYGOD answer my own Prayer too


  4. That is a beautiful house but far from being the most expensive house in Nigeria. Common? it has a modern design and very colorful but if that house is to be valued do you think it will be up to a billion naira? The $10 mil price tag must have been given by him. the fact that he even has neighbours that overlook his swimming pool lowers the valuation of the property significantly. Even the $10 mil cost is still below par, there are personal houses worth much more than that, and they definitely don’t have neighbors.

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  6. Waoh the house is good is cool is this is that,dough the house nice but what we are suppose to be saying is that can this people really help because i have go to many houses for their assistance but their gateman wont even allowe me to enter talkless of i want to see mr\mrs sososo,Now NECO GCE is about to close now and i need money to register,and am begging all good citizen of nigeria to help me and as u are helping me u will never lack money,peace and good things in your life in tha mighty name of jesus?MY ACCOUNT NAME,( Idowu sesan badmus),ACCOUNT NUMBER( 0050788234)BANK NAME (DIAMOND BANK) thank you all for your assistance? I WILL COME BACK TO THANK YOU ALL ONCE MORE

  7. i love this house….and in nigeria i have been to 16 states and 2 countries in africa, i have not seen a house as beautiful as this…..all the things used in building this are modern first class

  8. wow dis is lovely,i wish i can meet d owner of dis to congratulate him more for dis awesome building,i wish him longer life to enjoy his struggles.dis is heaven on earth kudos to u sir

  9. Waw the house fine in pictures not to talk of when you enter it you just sleep off. and is own by Igbo man, Igbo people you guys are wonderful, am proud to be an Igbo girl. this is the house of my dream. sir I love you may God give you long life to live in it.

  10. Sir am so happy fr u. I dnt understand z dat a house or one of d heaven or wat i wish ma house will me lyk dat or more dan dat, God remember me too…………. :* 😎 :/ nice heaven or house am so happy to see dat house,,,,,,,,,,, sir………..sir………sir God wll bless u again

  11. wow this is the hand made of God in a mans life, Bible says explore the Earth and think of HEAVEN…….THIS IS HEAVEN ON EARTH BUILDING…….I PRAY 4 long life and good health for you sir, I connect my heavenly reahm to deliver my own IN Jesus name……..chess……remain blessed.

  12. What a beautiful house? Sir u are really blessed by God and may he continue his good work he has started in your life; also may such good house come to my way in Jesus name. Amen

  13. Obviously I Know It’s Baba God Almighty That’s Blessing People With This Wonderful & Beautiful Houses In TownS. God Please Due Turn To My Project So That The World At Large Will Hear And Believe In U More Than Ever/Before. ThankS For Ur Goodness And Protection Over My Life, Amen. God U’re Truly God, For This I’ll Start Going To Church From Now On!!!

  14. Wonderful edifice! If a worldly crib is like this, I wonder how PARADISE which is the ultimate will look like. Paradise, a place and environment built/coated with Gold & Diamond! May God show us His mercy so that we have a taste of Paradise one day – amen!

  15. I thank God 4 u. As much as I pray u will enjoy d house in gud health, I also pray dat at d end of ur life here on earth, God will grant u d grace 2 be in His PARADISE in Headen in Jesus name, Amen.

  16. Really it’s not just houses but worldly paradise which can be shortly enjoyed.and bible says in all ur getting’s get eternal life which can lead you to heavenly paradise where you will enjoy life without end

  17. What an exquisite house, how I wish the owner will live there for ever. You mean he will eventually forgo all these and die someday? Death! Oh! Death, where is your sting?

  18. What an exquisite house, how I wish the owner will live there for ever. You mean he will eventually forgo all these and die someday? Death! Oh! Death, where is your sting?

    • You guys are just saying vanity opon vanity.,Have you also realised to be poor is also vanity?As for me i love riches than poverty and i pray God continue to bless Mr.Dilli and also bless me with supernatural prosperity even as i have a dream and still beliving in God of becoming a leading player in the African fight against hunger and unemplyment. Oga Dilli,all i need is a little empowerment to start,God bless. 08064474365

  19. wow,just don’t to say or start pouring praises cos the house is just tooooooo fffffffffuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnngggggg clasic out of the extraodinary.its just amazing,so susphisticated.

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