GoTV Self Service: All You Need To Know About It

GOtv, like DStv is a paid TV service by Miltichoice but unlike the DSTV which is satellite based and needs a dish to access its service, the GOtv service is a terrestrial digital service and so no dish would be needed to access the TV stations. GOtv is currently available in some African countries namely Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Kenya.

With its every increasing subscriber base the need for a self service portal was needed and GOtv has provided one thereby empowering its customers to do certain task/service at the comfort of their homes.

With GOtv Self Service Portal You Can Easily:

1. Activate Your GOtv

2. Pay for Subscription

3. Find a dealer

4. Get Gotv

5. View frequently answered questions about GOtv

6. Find their customer support information

How To Use GOtv Self Service

Some of the self services listed above like activating your GOtv and Paying for subscription would require you to know your IUC number, the surname used in purchasing Gotv and the mobile number provided.The IUC number can be found on your GOtv smartcard or on the red sticker under your decoder.

Other services are basically necessary information useful for any GOtv subscriber.

To access GOtv’s self service you would need an internet enabled computer or mobile phone.

The self service portal address link is

To Activate Your GOtv

1. Click on the Activate link

2. Select your State

3. Enter your Surname

4. Enter the IUC number

5. Enter the telephone number

6. Click on Activate

You can also check your activation status by typing the IUC number in the field to check activation status and click on the “Check Activation Status” button.

To Pay For Your GOtv Subscription

1. Click on the Pay Link

2. You have the option to pay for your Gotv account or Someones account

3. Select your preferred account

4. Enter your Surname or mobile number in the first field

5. Enter your IUC number and click on Login

6. It would take you to a secured page where you can make payment.

7. Fill all details as necessary and you are done

Other Ways to Pay for GOtv Subscription

1. QuickTeller

2. Payarena

3. Stanbic Mobile

4. Any Fcmb bank

5. PAGA mobile

Finding Your Nearest GOtv Dealer

To find a GOtv dealer click on the Find a dealer link

A page opens listing various states and major cities, click on your state or you can search for your state with the search box provided.

Click on your State or city

A page opens showing all Dealers and their contact addresses in that city or state selected

Contact the dealer nearest to your location

Help & FAQ’s

If you require any additional help you should use the FAQ or Need Help Link/page provided.

110 thoughts on “GoTV Self Service: All You Need To Know About It”

  1. Good day, I want to Change my the phone number to 08032304428 on my Gotv, how can that be achieved.

    This is necessary as I want to be receiving messages using this number.

    My IUC number is 2019235898

    Thank you.

  2. I recharge my decoder and still yet not Woking,I have tried to activate it but it keep on sayind Enter first 3 character city and I don’t understand please help me out

  3. please I mistakenly subscribed my GOtv twice, one through quicteller and second through firstmonie. though the GOtv work for few minutes and stop, what can I do or can it take care of both October and November?
    name: John
    phone number:08065317366

  4. please I mistakenly recharge someone else’s gotv which IUC no is (7023670186) instead of mine which IUC no is (7023670486). please help me do something about it .

  5. My Gotv decoder was blinking orange colour, I was made to realised that the charger had burnt. I bought another charger, when connected, the decoder showed stable orange colour. P[ease, may I know what is wrong and the solution to this problem?

  6. I made a payment for my Gotv decoder today! Up till moment its writing service is currently scramble. And beside wrote “my subscription has expired. My uic no 4601835387. Pls work on it I wnt to watch UEFA match tonight

  7. Since today i have not been able to view any channel on my GoTV, at first it was network error but now i can’t find a single channel not even the advert channel 1 and i don’t know what to do because d only thing i see on my TV screen is no service found

  8. I just bought my new gotv and I have activated it and now I try to watch movie and is not showing up it only showing goafrica is he goafrica I told u I want to watch cuz I’m feed up about using it pls help me to find something to it my uic number 2022467572 Boboye jolly

  9. Hi Gotv, pls I mistakenly subscribe 18,000 instead of 1,800 for my gotv renewer online this is my iuc no. 2014326456, how can I get my balance back. I’m subscribing for 1 month only. Waiting for quick respond. Thinks.

  10. Please i really need help. i subscribed through Paga and it was successful but i did not receive an alert from Gotv. unfortunately i can’t view any channel right. i sent RESET 2009615055 to 4688 to no avail. i live very far away from the town. i need help from there please.
    my number is 08038906766

  11. Pls i subscribe with 1500 instead of 1800 via quick teller for gotv plus in this dec. How do i balance up because my account is suspended. My IUC NO IS 2020808147 and phone no is 07069546871.

  12. Please I pay 1900 but for the past one week now I can only view 24 @of 51 Channels dat I used to.i have try all the possible best I can but is IUC 2009457697,pay type gotplus.

  13. My gotv decoder shows an orange light..then after sometime red and green but stays with orange light for long time .. It cannot open and i had paid it a day ago.. What could be the problem and what can i do

  14. Pls I have paid for both subscription for the month of November and up to date I have not been connected when I check my status is suspended and I don’t understand why pls gotv should take quick action about that my iuc no is 2021787718 thank u

  15. Pls, I subscribed my gotv since 31st of october till now it is not activated, I send reset and the message that comes back is that your docoder can not be cleared contact your nearst gotv office, and I don’t remember d surname and number I use to get d gotv, pls help me I need a quick responed


  17. Dear Helpdesk,

    I need to pay for my subscription and i am currently far from my decoder. I lost where i kept my gotv IUC number. Is there any way i can call it up for this payment?

  18. my iuc number is 2016122030 i bought the decorder my self ,i filld the form they i.e my surname , phone number and all dat… but i cant recharge because the my accredidetial i gave them av been changed to another name; i bought the decoder from those guys who usually sell on vehicle my name is ugwuanyi michael.n my phone number is 07035987306 pls u guys av to do somthing abt it. you have to tell those guys who usually play music on a vehicle while selling to becareful on registering …..pls i want a solution to my problem at once

  19. Hello
    I’m finding it difficult to use the facility I paid for and thus development is not friendly…
    I recharged yesterday and till now no channel is up….
    My IUC is 4613712848
    Please ensure something is done…
    or should I break the decoder and go for star time

      • I can no watch any channel on my Gotv, I recharged on the 6th of August, 2015 which was on Thursday up till now nothing have been done. please my IUC is 4613481517.
        I paid in FCMB. if nothing is done I will switch over to another one.

      • i paid yesterday 1800 through bank and i the text that my decoder has been activated. but still at this moment it is not showing up. i have even do rest 2009361558 to 4688 and yet no way. am tired oooooooo

  20. Please i just installed my gotv 2wks ago but after 1day the green light went off with only the orange light on and a blank tv pls help i will greatly appreciate it

      • I paid #1200 Through Quick teller I received message instantly that my account has been debited and l when I check my account status I saw the 1200,but I was told my account has been suspended since yesterday pls any help

        • The Activation code needs to be resent by GOtv but you can do it yourself by turning on your decoder and sending the Text “RA IUC number” to 30333.
          Example: RA 12345678910 to 30333
          It would be restored. And if its not then contact customer support to verify payment.

  21. I paid for the Gotv plus but i have only 24 channels. It’s going to a month since i paid. I’v scanned & rescanned; put d antenna power off & scanned; reset the decoder; upgraded d decoder & still the same outcome. What else do i do?

      • Am very sure you can read;so please go back to my comment & you’l see where i said i’d ‘scanned’,’rescanned’, ‘scanned’ again; even ‘reset’. And all you can still say is i should “do a rescan?” My friend if you can’t help just say you can’t. Thanks for d number anyway,hope they’l be more helpful

  22. I can’t really get all d channels on my gotv,and my current banquet is goplus please help me to view all channels my iuc no is 4613291328 and my phone number is 08068875220

  23. I paid for 1500 subscription but u guys r giving me that of 1000 iuc no is no 08160363133.kindly effect the correction.

  24. I av to be candid wit you you av a poor customer service. If by d end of d free service you offer I don’t c any change I m going to throw away your Decoder n buy Startimes bc I don’t enjoy d free service as only 2 stations r clear n dat is GOtv n Discovery channel.

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