Ejine Okoroafor Biography: Things you didn’t know about her

Ejine Emila Okoroafor is a fast rising Nollywood actress. Her acting career began as far back as 2008 but in the last few years, she seems to have wormed her way to becoming one of Nollywood’s sweethearts.

Asides her exceptional acting talent, Ejine is also very well endowed with large breasts and these often turn heads anywhere she goes.

In this post, you’ll find some interesting things about this talented Nollywood actress.

ejinne okoroafor

Ejinne Okoroafor: Birthday

Ejine was born on the 4th of January. Her last birthday early in the year was celebrated with her family and friends. She posted some of the birthday pictures on her Instagram page a few days later. Interestingly, she got her fans talking more about her bosoms than her birthday cake.

About her big bust

Ejine once disclosed to a friend, that her big bust is a family trait. According to her, everyone in her family from her mother to her sisters have them big.

However, Ejine is one of the few entertainers that isn’t obsessed with flaunting her natural endowment. As a matter of fact, you will hardly find her showing off her breast or cleavage in public places.

Controversial interview with The Punch

Some time in March 2017, Ejine was reported to have granted an interview with the Punch Newspaper where she had some interesting things to say about herself

When the reporter asked her if the back pain many ladies with big boobs often complain about her applies to her, this was her response,“The Bible says that God created me beautifully and wonderfully in His own image and I don’t have reason to complain. I am in love with myself and I thank God for blessing me this much.”

She also stated that her breasts her in no way a burden to her. Here’s her statement, “How can it be a burden? It is not like I went under the knife to make my breasts this big; it is a natural endowment. I have had big boobs for a long time and I’m used to them going everywhere with me. Besides, I am not the only one with big boobs in my family as my sister is also blessed with same.”

Disclaimer on The Punch interview

A few hours after the release of the article about her interview with the Punch Newspaper, Ejine released a counter-statement denying that the interview ever took place. Below is the transcript of the statement she released,

My attention has been drawn to an article in the Punch Newspaper published on March 19, 2017. I would like to categorically state here for the record and avoidance of doubt that I, EJINE OKOROAFOR, did not at any point nor via any medium grant the writer, TAIWO OJUOYE an interview.

Also false, are the purported quotes attributed to my person in the article which I do not find amusing, interactive, educative or inspiring to budding actresses and individuals who look up to  my achievements in the industry.

“I have received interview requests these past months but I have yet to honour any due to a tight work schedule. Going by the pedigree of the PUNCH Newspaper and their professional mien, I am disheartened that they would publish an article in such manner

“I’m also using this opportunity to call on several blogs including but not limited to @famousblogng @datswasup to desist from copying & pasting this article hence promoting a concocted impression. I apologise to my fans for any misguidance,”

Next Movie Star

Her sojourn into acting began when she featured on the reality show, the Next Movie Star in 2008.

Next Movie Star is a popular entertainment TV show that was created by media entrepreneur, Sola Fajobi.

It would be recalled that she featured alongside 16 other housemates from many other African countries. They were:

  • Adebola Adams (Nigeria),
  • Avenette Tennema Sirleaf (Liberia),
  • Cassandra Clottey (Ghana),
  • Elame Violet Weeks (Sierra-Leone),
  • Emmanris Cole (Sierra-Leone),
  • Evangeline Ehinonhem Ifeietekhai (Nigeria),
  • Frances Jah (Gambia) and
  • Joseph Choloplay Weah Jnr (Liberia),
  • Karen Igho (Nigeria),
  • Luqman Idris Neindow (Ghana),
  • Munah Pelham(Liberia),
  • Nina Janet Conteh (Sierra-Leone),
  • Samson Babatunde Ajadi (Nigeria),
  • Sofia Agbeyengah (Ghana).
  • Wael Suleiman Muhieddine (Lebanon/ Nigeria),
  • Zerziya Jonathan Wilson(Nigeria),

Eventually, Avenette Sirleaf from Liberia emerged the winner of this particular edition.

Ejinne Okoroafor Movies

In the last 9 years, Ezine has featured in several Nollywood movies, some of which include:

  • Enemy in the village
  • Bachelor’s heart
  • Friends in love
  • Dirty secrets
  • The enemy I see
  • Paulicap and Perpetual

Enemy in the village is arguably one of Ezine’s most popular movies. The movie was shot in 2015 and features stars like Patience Ozokwor, Mary Igwe, Leo Ewuzie, Joy Helen, Zubi Michael and Chinenye Uba. The movie was directed by Obinna Ukaegbu.

Another popular movie which Ejine has featured in is Bachelor’s heart where she acted alongside the popular actor, Kenneth Okonkwo.

Comparison with Cossy Orjiakor

Due to her large bosoms, many have often compared Ezine with Cossy. Just in case you don’t know who Cossy Orjiakor.

Cossy is a popular Nigerian actress, singer, producer and video vixen. She was born some time in October 1984 and she became popular when she featured in a music video by the popular Fuji musician, Obesere. Cossy is particularly controversial because of her frequent display of her breasts espeically at social events and music videos.

When Ejine was asked by the Punch Newspaper about people’s comparison of her br*ast with that of Cossy, this was her response.

“I don’t know about that. I have better things to do than to go about looking for whose br*asts match the size of mine, maybe you should be the judge of that”

However, this statement has since been refuted as she claimed that there was never an interview with Punch where she said any of these things.

Ejinne Okoroafor: Marriage

Ejine is married to Prince Wale and they have a son. The couple had their son in December 2013 in Sandton, South Africa.

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