Shocker! Federal Government Sacks Striking Resident Doctors

The federal government had made the least expected move on Tuesday by sacking the striking resident doctors across the entire federal government hospitals. The doctors had two weeks ago gone on strike to press for their demands.

images(2)Resident doctors protesting

The federal government said the stance of the resident doctors is unfortunate, considering the fact that meetings are being held to discuss the issues proffered by the resident doctors.

The Ministry of Health had therefore directed all the Chief Medical Directors across all federal government health institutions to outrightly sack the striking resident doctors for their failure to report for their trainings.

The federal government claimed that representatives of the National Association of Resident Doctors had made the grievances of the striking doctors known and the federal government is working to resolve those issues, thereby expecting some measure of understanding on the part of the doctors. The Ministry went further by saying all Chief Medical Directors in the affected institution should start recruiting other doctors to replace the striking doctors.



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