Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative: All You Need to Know

Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (AHNi) is an indigenous non‐profit affiliate organization of Family Health International (FHI 360) based in Nigeria.

The organization was registered in Nigeria in 2009. The aim of AHNi is to provide technical assistance to the Nigerian government, stakeholders in the public health sector as well as the people for the implementation of public health and development programs. Leveraging on the success of its parent company and its role with SCHARP+ and Global Fund, AHNi comprises of a team of indigenous experts and professionals of international reputation to help fulfil its vision and mission of promoting socio-¬‐economic development in Nigeria and implementation of health policies, so as to improve the lives of Nigerians through the mutually dependent strengths of programs in research and public health. If you are under diabetes treatment then you should check some reviews about blood boost formula.

Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative: All You Need to Know

Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative

Vision of Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative

Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (AHNi) aims to empower socio-¬‐economic development in Nigeria via health programs and research.

The Mission of Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative

Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (AHNi) seeks to improve the lives of the Nigerian people all over the country through the mutually dependent strengths of programs in public health and research.

The Goal of Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative

The organization aims to be the leading indigenous organization that provides support to and for the people and government of Nigeria so as to achieve sustainable health and development

Core values of Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative

The Values of the organization are formed into the acronym, R.A.D.A.R.

  • Respect for the diversity and variant of ethnic groups, religious affiliations and tribes in Nigeria, firstly, for the sakes human rights and the contributions of partners and colleagues of the organization at all levels.
  • Accountability to those who have entrusted the company with their resources and those who through collaborations benefit from the work done at Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative
  • Dedication to the mission, vision, and goals of AHNi through the collective effort and personal experience and wisdom of a committed staff.
  • Activities are done with integrity and firm adherence to a code of moral values such that the organization is motivated by the utmost globally acceptable standards of principles, operational performance, technology, and science, in all their operations and activities.
  • Swift and active responsiveness to the evolving needs of individuals, families, and communities within dynamic environments in Nigeria.

Projects of Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative

Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative embarks on a wide range of health projects and research with the aim to reduce the impacts of infectious and chronic diseases and also to increase access to health care facilities and services and high-quality family planning and reproductive health services.

All operations of AHNi are guided by a set of core values which insists on professionalism and passion so as to actualize the objectives and goals of the organization.

AHNi is equipped with indigenous and highly skilled professionals as well as providers, training materials job aids and materials.

Accomplishments and Services provided by AHNi


Through the GHAIN/SIDHAS/SCHARP projects, AHNi has been able to contribute to the rapid increase in HIV counselling and testing in Nigeria. The organization does this by making these services accessible and available to the general populace in Nigeria. All medical services should be at the same standard like MS Insight.

Intervention strategies used include:

  • Increase demand for HIV/AIDS and TB interventions and services, particularly among the risk populations (MARPs)
  • Increase easy access to quality HIV/AIDS and TB services and interventions;
  • Strengthen public/private and community commitment to an enabling environment for HIV-related tuberculosis
  • Care for orphans, the disadvantaged and vulnerable children (OVC)
  • Strengthening of health care systems.
  • The core activity of GHAIN is to provide comprehensive HIV/AIDS services

All these are achieved using a multi-pronged strategy and collaborating with local and international partners.


AHNi is also implementing a Community Tuberculosis Care (CTBC) program as part of our HIV/AIDS campaign. This is to provide a community of volunteers and health workers who are trained and equipped to establish and strengthen referral networks between health facilities and the community.

They are also trained to support data collection and reporting.


Research has shown that malaria and HIV infection is one of the most severe public health problems in Nigeria. What’s more, pregnant women are at increased risk.

AHNi has the human resources, equipment and capability to implement programs in order to tackle malaria. These include providing technical assistance for the training of health workers and monitoring and evaluation services to ensure the successful implementation of malaria programs.

Sexual & Reproductive Health/Family Planning

AHNi understands that in order to improve the quality of lives of individuals and families in Nigeria, there has to be a robust discussion of family planning. Thereby, the organization is involved in building the capacity of HIV/AIDS service providers to discuss family planning with their clients and to make the right referrals through the GHAIN project.

Contact Address of Achieving Nigeria Health Initiative

AHNi HQ address:

AHNi HQ Office

3rd Floor,

Coscharis Plaza,

Garki Area 3,



Dr. Leila Madueke

Managing Director AHNi

Careers at Achieving Nigeria Health Initiative

  • Senior Procurement Officer
  • Senior Accountant
  • Compliance Officer
  • Senior Technical Officer
  • Assistant Technical Officer
  • Technical Officer-Lab. Logistics
  • Technical Officer-Clinical Services
  • Technical Officer
  • Technical Officer
  • Assistant Technical Officer
  • Field Coordinator
  • Community Mobilization and Gender Specialist
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Outreach Officer
  • Finance Officer
  • Technical Officer
  • Project Driver
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Associate Director – M & E
  • Senior Technical Advisor – Laboratory Services
  • Technical Officer – Documentation
  • Senior Program Officer
  • Accountant
  • Surge Team Lead
  • Finance & Administrative Assistant
  • Technical Assistant
  • Technical Assistant-Health informatics
  • Technical Officer-CHTB
  • HIV Specialist
  • Program Officer
  • State Deputy Director
  • Graduate Program Assistant
  • Senior Finance & Administrative Officer
  • Strategic Behavioural Change Communications Specialist

These jobs cut across locations in Nigeria

Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (ANHI) Salaries

According to My Salary

The average salary based on 11 salaries for 10 job titles is N265,000

Administrative and Financial Assistant- N114,000 per month

Data Clerk_ N157,000 per month

Intern- N22,000 per month

Medical Laboratory Scientist- N38,000 per month


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