10 Best Creams for Caramel Skin in Nigeria

Caramel skin is the typical definition of African brown skin. It has a golden colour and has proven to be one of the most complex skin types to maintain. Why is this? Many caramel-skinned people suffer a common skin problem called hyper-pigmentation usually caused by sunburn or the use of harsh chemicals. Also, if a caramel-skinned person does not use the right skin products, their skin will start to look bleached and burned and lost the healthy golden brown colour. So how do you get your caramel skin to perfect glowing status in Nigeria? A very crucial step to achieving flawless caramel skin is by using the right body cream or lotion. This article provides you with information on the best creams for caramel skin in Nigeria.

Best Creams for Caramel Skin in Nigeria

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NIVEA Natural Fairness (Clarifiant) Body Lotion

NIVEA is a daily moisturizer specially designed to enhance the skin’s natural radiance. This moisturizer has active ingredients such as licorice extract that is known to act on the melanin-producing enzyme in the body causing hyperpigmentation. This will give your skin the expected results of brighter evenly toned skin. This formula ensures even-toned skin by reducing or inhibiting overall skin pigmentation.  The Nivea Natural Fairness (Clarifiant) Body Lotion can also restore your skin’s natural tone. It goes further to help your skin glow and protects it from dark marks and premature aging. Lastly, this lotion contains sunscreen which protects your skin from harsh UV rays thus protecting the skin from hyperpigmentation and maintaining a healthy caramel skin glow.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Cream

Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion is a nourishing lotion that is clinically proven to improve the health of dry skin. You will notice a significant improvement in 2 weeks. Aveeno Moisturizing lotion is formulated with colloidal oatmeal which is very beneficial in the skin as it acts as an exfoliator and also strengthens the skin barrier. This lotion also has other rich emollients and helps to prevent and protect dry skin for a whole day. Aveeno lotion is renowned for leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth and healthily glowing. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing cream is fragrance-free, nongreasy and non-comedogenic. It is also gentle enough for everyday use. Lastly, it contains SPF (Sun protection factor) to keep your skin from further darkening. This lotion is heavily packed with the right nutrients to thoroughly nourish caramel skin.

Amlactin lotion

Amlactin lotion is a renowned moisturizer that softens rough, dry skin. It is a special formulation of 12% lactic acid. Lactic acid is known to boost the skin’s natural renewal process with its exfoliating properties, thus leaving you with brighter and young-looking skin. Lactic acid is also a naturally occurring humectant for the skin. Amlactin lotion is recommended by dermatologists and has testimonies of deeply moisturizing the skin and revealing softer, smoother skin when used consistently. This lotion is ideal for smoothing skin on large areas of the body, such as your arms, legs, trunk, and back. You will have people complimenting your skin in no time.

Ambi Soft and Even Creamy Oil lotion

This is one of the best options for glowing caramel skin. Ambi creamy oil lotion combines the intensive moisturizing benefits of an oil in a convenient non-greasy lotion form. It contains ultra-moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil, which are known for their ability to soften skin and relieve dry skin instantly. Ambi Soft lotion helps to lock in moisture and leaves you with silky smooth glowing skin.

Kojie Sans Body Lotion

Kojie San body lotion uses kojic acid, a by-product in the fermentation process of malting rice. Kojic acid is one of the most effective ingredients used to prevent the formation of dark pigment on our skin. It is a mild bleaching agent, that is it will not leave you white and burned but with a healthy glowing colour. The Kojic Sans Body Lotion is very lightweight. It also contains other nourishing ingredients like rosehip oil, Vitamin E, and collagen. Its scent is a light, lovely floral that is not overpowering. While using Kojic sans Body Lotion, you must use sunscreen and ensure minimal sun exposure so as not to cause further damage to your skin.

Nourishing Body Care Pro Age Body Lotion

Dove Nourishing Body Care Pro Age Body Lotion contains Alpaha- Hydroxyl Acid, olive oil which offers hydrating properties and vitamin B3 that helps to support your skin’s natural renewal process. Alpha- Hydroxyl acids help to exfoliate the skin and slur away dull and dead skin to reveal a smoother, more toned skin appearance. This lotion is also able to keep your skin moisturized for a whole day. It goes deep within the layers of your skin and treats it from there. You are left with an improved skin appearance. If you find out your skin looks dull and not glowing lie caramel skin is supposed to, then you should try the Dove Nourishing Body Care Pro Age Body Lotion Clear Nature Carrot Maxi Plus Body Lotion  The Clear Nature Carrot Maxi Plus Body Lotion is specially formulated to give you a clear and even complexion with consistent use. It fights against hyperpigmentation on every part of your body and also fades dark spots. The Clear Nature Carrot Body Lotion does a good job at leaving your skin hydrated and soft to touch. This lotion contains powerful carrot extract which contains vitamins, antioxidants and other natural ingredients to help give your skin a healthy, natural glow. Carrot extracts also help to reduce the appearance of redness or dark spots. It also contains kojic acid, a powerful product efficient at treating hyperpigmentation. The Clear Nature Carrot Body Lotion also contains sunscreen so you do not have to worry about being sunburned or suffering further hyperpigmentation. This lotion will leave you with a clear, unified skin colour.

Palmer’s Skin Success

Palmer’s Skin Success treats dark spots and uneven skin tone and helps to reveal radiant, younger-looking skin. Those who have used this lotion testify to seeing results in as little as 2 weeks. Not only does Palmer’s Skin Success treat discolouration and dark spots, but it also improves skin suppleness and elasticity. One will notice an improved skin appearance in addition to softer skin. This lotion can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, thus it is ideal for people in their old age. Palmer’s Skin Success is free of harsh chemicals and considered safe to use.



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