10 Best Weight Gain Supplements in Nigeria

In order to gain weight, one needs to consume more calories than his or her body can consume. Weight gain supplements are multivitamins that contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients normally found in food sources so you can gain more weight. Multivitamins are able to give you more nutrients that can be missing in your diet so you can have the recommended amount of nutrients for bodybuilding and weight gain. Multivitamins are also useful when recovering from illnesses wherein it may not be easy to gain weight by simply eating. If you are trying so hard to gain weight, you have to be intentional about healthy calorie intake through supplements and not sugar or saturated fats. Below is a list of the best weight gain supplements available in Nigeria.

Best Weight Gain Supplements in Nigeria


For many people, gaining weight can be such a chore because of a lack of appetite. Apetamin has a unique combination of essential vitamins. It also contains essential amino acids which help to promote appetite so that the user can be encouraged to eat more. One of its content, Lysine helps in the synthesis of collagen tissue and improves immunity against diseases. The water-soluble vitamins present in Apetamin help the intestine to absorb the amino acids faster so nutrients can work faster. People who are skinny, or who simply want to add on more weight will get quick results from Apetamin. The presence of cyproheptadine hydrochloride in the supplement helps to promote weight gain by increasing appetite. Many have claimed that Apetamin helps you gain weight faster within 1 week or 2weeks of use.

Universal Nutrition Bunto Blood and Weight Gain Tonic

Bunto is a popular multivitamin that is specially formulated to provide vital nutrients to the body. Consistent use of Bunto will supply nutrients needed for the formation of healthy blood cells and to build a strong immune system. People who have fallen sick will benefit from the Bunto supplement as it aids rapid recuperation. Nursing mothers also use Bunto for quick weight gain from 30 days or more. Bunto is a healthy food supplement for weight gain and recuperation available at an affordable price in many markets.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer Protein Powder

Serious Mass is a powerful formula for ultimate weight gain. The formula is packed with 1,250 calories per serving and 50 grams of protein. Serious Mass is ideal for muscle recovery and support body-building efforts. This supplement is formulated as powder which makes it the ideal post-workout drink and between meals as a supplement to speed up your weight gain. The nutrients already available in Serious Mass provide you with the tools you need to gain more weight and build your physique so you get to have the type of body you have always wanted. This supplement also provides support and fuels intense workouts.


Appeton is a highly scientifically milk formula formulated to help skinny adults to gain weight in a healthy and natural way. The Appeton supplement is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, and carbohydrates in sufficient amounts to provide you with the needed calories to gain weight. Appeton Weight Gain for adults is also high in protein, which is required for tissue growth. Its carbohydrate and fat content provides the body with the required fuel for energy which helps to save protein in the body for tissue growth.

Oraxin Syrup

Oraxin Syrup is a multivitamin specially designed for those with weight loss problems and loss of appetite. It contains essential vitamins to help promote appetite. Oraxin syrup is so efficient that it helps you gain weight within a week or two of use. Regular use of Oraxin syrup increases your appetite so you eat more and add more fats to your body so you can gain weight. It is one of the fastest weight-gaining supplements. Users of this supplement testify to weight gains even in specific parts of the body such as thighs and arms.


Astymin is a multivitamin that also contains essential amino acids to improve energy metabolism. It contains a total of 19 nutrients. It has other benefits such as accelerating physical and mental growth and improving the body’s immune system to quicken recovery from illnesses. This supplement has been formulated to be able to maintain general well-being and vitality for both men and women. Astymin is able to replenish the body with nutrients lost due to stress or other biological factors so its user can gain weight.

Amino 3000

Amino 3000 is one of the most popular multivitamins with outstanding quality. It is a supplement renowned for weight gain. As the name suggests, it is packed with essential amino acids that make it highly effective. It is also a balanced composition, able to supply other essential nutrients to the body. Lastly, the Amino 3000 is hygienically processed so that it does not cause any adverse health effects to its users.

Cypri Gold

Cypri Gold is a formula for females who desire to gain weight quickly, Cypri Gold syrup is a very good supplement as it contains the essential nutrients the body needs to build a strong immune system. Cypri Gold also helps to promote blood cells to keep the whole body healthy and strong. It contains Cyproheptadine which helps to improve appetite. This product has been tested and verified to be a healthy supplement without adverse health effects on the body.

Modern BCAA Plus Powder

Modern BCAA+ powder is considered to be one of the best supplements in the market. There is 15 grams of Amino acid in one serving and is ideal for bodybuilding. Many hard training gym-goers use the BCAA plus powder to build muscles and weight. The Modern BCAA powder comes in different flavors so you can decide on which you want. It does not contain any artificial colors and also has great taste.

If you are not satisfied with your current weight, try any of the multivitamins in the article.

Weight gain supplements are healthy alternatives to taking in more calories, so as to gain more weight.




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