List of Items Required for Baby Delivery in Nigeria

When a pregnant woman is due for delivery, there are certain items she should pack when visiting the hospital for childbirth delivery. Although the hospital provides some things, it is important that items that are of vital use to the mother and expected child(ren) are carried along to the hospital.

List of Items Required for Baby Delivery in Nigeria

This is a List of Items required for Baby Delivery in Nigeria:

  • Medications

When going to the Hospital or Health Care Center for the purpose of child delivery, there is a need to pack drugs asides the normal antenatal drugs such as, anti-diabetes, blood pressure drugs, that is if you are diabetic and have blood pressure issues. You should also take supplements along.

  • Comfortable underwear or disposable pants.

You should also pack underwear that is comfortable, ones that could house maternity pads comfortably. Disposable pants are also used for the same purpose but they are disposed of after use.

  • Hospital card/ Hospital File

This would make checking into the hospital or health care center easier since registration has been done during antenatal visits to the hospital.

  • Wrappers

When going to the hospital or health care center for the purpose of child delivery, you need to pack at least 2-3 wrappers. In most labor rooms in Nigeria, you would be required to make use of wrappers brought.

  • Maternity/ Sanitary Pads

It is important that an expecting mother pack a good number of maternity or comfortable sanitary pads as bleeding would occur immediately after delivery.

  • Nursing/ Mother care Bras

At least 2-4 sets of nursing or maternity bras should be carried when going for childbirth delivery in a hospital. You should consider the ones that are your size as well as comfortable.

  • Comfortable Clothes

When going to the hospital for delivery of your baby, you need to pack comfortable clothes such as T-shirts, free gowns, joggers, and jalabias, as this would make breastfeeding easier as you would be able to open up easily and comfortably without stress.

  • Breast Pads

When packing for child delivery, you should consider packing breast pads as they would prevent your breast from leaking. You would not want to have the discomfort of your breasts leaking and smearing your clothes.

  • Flip-Flops/ Bathroom Slippers

You should consider packing a comfortable pair of bathroom slippers/ flip-flops. This would make movement easier without discomfort should in case you want to stroll around the hospital premises.

  • Vacuum Flasks

You should also consider packing a vacuum flask as this would be used to store hot water and also prevent the water from getting cold. Hot water is an essential component during the delivery process and also after the delivery.

  • Olive Oil

When packing for delivery, you should pack olive oil as this may be used to minimize tears during pushing. It is also used to dress or clean the baby immediately after delivery, hence making it an essential component of your delivery bag.

  • Cups, Plates, and Spoons

You should consider packing your own cups, plates, and spoons both for yourself and your baby.

  • Toiletries

When going to the hospital for delivery, you should pack your personal toiletries as well as those of your baby. Your personal toiletries may include, deodorant, body soap, body scrub, towels, cosmetics, bathing sponge, etc. Your baby’s toiletries may include, baby soap, baby lotion, baby oil, baby towels, soft baby sponge, etc.

  • Shawl

You should also pack shawls to wrap the baby with.

  • Methylated Spirit and Cotton wool

This is used to clean the umbilical cord of the baby so as to stave off infection. You should pack this as it is a vital component of your delivery bag.

  • Newborn Baby wears

When packing for delivery, you should pack newborn baby wears such as baby clothes, baby socks, baby gloves, baby caps/ hats, cardigans, etc. You should also pack going-home outfits for the baby.

  • Pillows

Although the hospital would provide pillows, you should ensure to go with your own comfortable pillows as the ones the hospital provides might not be comfortable enough for you.

  • Lip Balm

Packing a lip balm would not be a bad idea so as to moisturize your lips after delivery as they might get cracked during the delivery process.

  • Combs

You should pack your personal combs or hairbrush as well as the baby’s combs.

  • A Pack of Razor Blade

When packing for delivery, a pack of the razor blade is an essential component to pack as this may be used during Labour.

  • Diapers

You should also pack several packs of diapers. This would be used for the baby for convenience.

  • Surgical Gloves

In as much as the hospital or health care center might provide surgical gloves, it is only convenient to pack a few pairs in your delivery bag.

  • Delivery Mats

Delivery mats are used in the delivery room to prevent the bed from getting stained with blood and also prevent your wrapper from bloodstains. So, you should pack 1-3 delivery mats.

  • Bed Nets

When packing for delivery, you should also consider packing bed nets for yourself as well as that of your baby. The baby’s net should be considerably foldable with zip. This is to prevent mosquito bites.

  • Shea Butter or Nipple Cream

Packing shea butter or a nipple cream would be quite proactive as it would soothe the nipples and relieve them so they would not go sore.

  • Phone Charger with Extra-long Cord and Power Bank

You should consider packing a phone charger that has an extra-long cord for charging as your bed might be far from the plug socket. This would make fiddling with the phone easier and more comfortable. You should also consider a power bank so as to be able to charge your phone when there is a power outage.

  • Izal Germicide/ Dettol

When packing your bag for delivery, you should pack Izal Germicide or Dettol. It is one of the essentials used during labour and after delivery also.

  • Bottles and Baby Formula Feed

Bottles and Baby Formula Feed should be packed as there might be the need to bottle feed the baby as it might either be your breast might not lactate immediately after birth or you opt for bottle feeding with baby formula.

  • Extra Cash

When packing your delivery bag, you should also consider packing extra cash for unpredictable occurrences.

  • You should also consider packing items like, the Bible, books for either reading or writing, magazines, music players, etc. as this could help you relax and feel more comfortable.






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