Best Baby Creams and Soaps in Nigeria

Babies are reported to have 30% thinner skin than adults. This is why it is important to be extra careful when choosing a baby’s soap or body cream. Due to the tenderness of a baby’s skin, you have to make sure the products you want to use on the baby are just as tender and free from harsh chemicals. Using just any soap or those used for adults can be harmful to the skin of a child. This is why we have curated a list of the best creams and soaps to use for babies in Nigeria.


Best Baby Creams and Soaps in Nigeria

Below are the best baby creams and soaps in Nigeria.

Johnson bar soap

You can use the Johnson bar soap as a gentle cleanser for your baby’s skin. After use, it keeps your baby’s skin feeling smooth. The Johnson baby bar soap is enriched with moisturizer to keep your baby’s skin from drying out. It is a mild baby soap bar that can be used both on the face and body. It is also easy to grasp for easy bathing.

Johnson baby lotion

The Johnson baby lotion is made with coconut oil and is able to keep a baby’s skin smooth, soft and delicate. It can nourish a baby’s skin for 24 hours. The Johnson body lotion is not only suitable for kids but adults too. Benefits of Johnson baby lotion are:

  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Formulated to be gentle for baby’s delicate skin.

How to use Johnson baby lotion

After a warm bath with the Johnson baby bar soap, gently massage the Johnson baby lotion over the baby’s entire body to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

Agnesia baby soap

The Agnesia Antiseptic Dusting Powder is a popular dusting powder. The brand also has a baby soap. Agnesia baby soap creates many bubbles when used. The soap is less likely to cause allergic reactions and is also free of Parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. The soap also washes off easily and leaves no slippery residue behind on your baby’s skin.

Sebamed cleansing bar

The Sebamed cleansing bar is 100% soap and alkali free. It offers mild and thorough skin cleansing. The soap is created with the same pH. 5.5 value for a healthy skin. The soap supports and protects the natural barrier of your baby’s skin.

Benefits of using Sebamed Cleansing bar

  • Sebamed cleansing bar is formulated for sensitive and problematic skin
  • It offers mild and thorough pore-deep cleansing
  • The soap is formulated with Panthenol to help regenerate the skin
  • Sebamed is composed with Vitamin E which smoothens the skin
  • Sebamed soap can be tolerated even with skin disease
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested.

AVEENO Baby Daily Care Gentle Bath & Wash

Aveeno is a popular skincare brand that caters to sensitive skin. Aveeno baby wash gently cleanses the skin and leaves a baby’s skin soft and moisturized. The soap is a gentle formula designed to protect the barrier of a baby’s skin.

Benefits of using the Aveeno Baby daily care bath wash

  • PH-balanced & tear-free
  • Free from soap, sulphates and dyes
  • Paediatrician & Dermatologist tested

AVEENO Baby Daily Care Moisturising Lotion

The Aveeno baby daily care moisturizing body lotion is a non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula that is clinically proven to moisturize a baby’s skin for 24 hours. The lotion provides full nourishment for a baby’s skin. The lotion can be used daily to keep a baby’s skin soft, smooth and feeling healthy. The Aveeno baby daily care moisturizing body lotion is also suitable for both face and body.

Other benefits of using the Aveeno baby daily care moisturizing body lotion

  • Suitable for newborns and eczema-prone skin
  • fast-absorbing formula
  • unscented & free from dyes
  • Paediatrician & Dermatologist tested

Boots Baby Lotion

This Boots Baby product is formulated to be kind and gentle to a baby’s skin. The Boots baby lotion is dermatologically tested and safe for both children and adults. Boots products’ packages are 100% recyclable. The baby lotion is able to keep a baby’s skin soft and tender. It will also leave the baby’s skin moisturized and silky soft from their heads to their toes.

Features of the Boots baby lotion

  • Gentle & mild for soft nourished skin
  • Light formula
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Moisturising
  • Dermatologically tested

Boots Baby Soap

Boots Baby Soap has a gentle fragrance. It is a gentle formula that does not dry out your baby’s skin when used. It is specially formulated without the use of Parabens, which makes it less likely to cause an allergic reaction on your baby’s skin. Boots Baby Soap is dermatologically tested.

Avila Baby Soap

Avila Natural is a brand known for producing 100% natural and organic beauty products. Its products are 100 percent natural with no chemical or whitening additives. Avila baby black soap clears baby skin problems and blemishes such as diaper rash, psoriasis, skin rash and others. It also helps to cleanse, moisturize and soothe irritated skin.

Pears Baby Soap

The Pears soap is an age-long brand known over the years to effectively clean the body. The Pears baby soap protects a baby’s skin from bad odor with its lovely scent. The regular application of this soap keeps baby rash at bay. The Pears baby soap can be used on a newly born.

Oilatum Baby Wash

The Oilatum baby wash is formulated to soothe and protect a baby’s skin. The baby wash is suitable for newborn babies and for everyday use. It is an effective cleanser that helps to prevent dryness and protects the natural barrier of your baby’s skin.

Olaitum Junior Cream

Olaitum junior cream is specifically developed to treat dry skin conditions such as eczema. Its rich moisturizing effect soothes skin issues and softens the skin. It also helps to protect the baby’s natural skin barrier. Olaitum junior cream is fragrance-free.

Dove Baby Soap

Dove baby soap is hypoallergenic and pH-neutral which makes it ideal for a baby’s bath time. It is made with 100% skin-natural nutrients and suitable for sensitive skin. The Dove baby soap has a comforting fragrance that is not disturbing to a baby’s skin. The soap is reputed to be milder than an ordinary soap bar.

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