10 Tips To Stay Healthy


Everyday we tend to worry about what to eat, the only thing a Nigerian thinks of when they are hungry is how to feed their stomach without considering what they eat.

Also we don’t really take care of ourselves we work from morning to night without thinking that the body also needs to rest.Here are some health tips that can help you out in your daily activities.

1. Don’t wait to drink water until you feel thirsty. If you’re thirsty, your body is already dehydrated.”

2. The following things are bad for your skin and can lead to acne; high amounts of caffeine, sugar, processed foods, greasy foods.”

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3. Eating breakfast regularly will also help keep weight off because it gets your metabolism going. Breakfast allows you to be more alert and focused and should NEVER be skipped.

4. Write these down & put them on your fridge:Drink water,eat breakfast, no fast-food, no soda, eat your veggies!!!”

5. A shocking new study found that eating processed meats increases chances of pancreatic cancer by 67%,so increase your fish intake.

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6. Exercise helps burn calories, and diet controls your weight.so try and exercise more

7. Water has been proven to increase your sympathetic nervous system, raising alertness and increasing your energy.

8. Listening to soothing music can lower your body’s stress levels by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol.”

9. Drinking green tea can help reduce stress.

10. Get sleep to reduce stress & belly fat.

So by doing some of the tips listed above you will give your body a brand new look.


Credit: Dunamis Health Tips


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