7 Best Slimming Tea Brands in Nigeria

There are many brands that make claims to be able to slim the body. Many of these products, in form of teas, supplements and beverages are not only ineffective but harmful to the health. Indeed, slimming teas are an easier option at losing weight, although finding an effective and safe one can be a little tricky. This article covers the best slimming tea brands available in Nigeria. An effective slimming tea performs the following functions:

  • Increases body metabolism so as to burn body fats
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Non- toxic to the body system

Best Slimming Tea Brands in Nigeria

Below are the best slimming tea brands in Nigeria:

Slimtea 28 Days Detox

Slimtea is a made from 100% natural ingredients such as Cassia seeds, Hemp kernel and Green tea. It works as a weight loss and detoxification drink for the entire body system. Slimtea does its work in 28 days by flushing body fats and helping you in your weight loss journey. This slim tea brand accelerates burning of fats and calories in the body. Slimtea Detox Tea is a natural route to losing weight. It promotes body cleansing and healthy digestion. It is effective at soothing stomach upsets and curb hunger. This tea also works by suppressing appetite and food cravings so that the consumer does not take in much food. Slimtea is pleasant in taste and texture. Many who have taken Slimtea attest to its fast working capability.

Fit Tea 28 Day Slimming Tea For Weight Loss And Detox

Fit tea is made with 100% natural ingredients and herbs. It does its work in about 28 days by flushing body fat and detoxifying the system. It is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that help to improve a person’s overall health. It has a delicious citrus flavour making it pleasant to taste. It also contains organic caffeine to boost energy levels. Fit Tea is clinically tested and approved as a healthy lifestyle drink. This tea has weight loss enhancing properties which works by increasing metabolism and helping you lose weight faster. It also suppresses appetite and food cravings. Fit Tea is one of the most known global slim tea brand, commended for its detoxification components. It does not contain any preservatives and is safe for even sensitive body types.

Magic Slimming Tea Genuine Green Slimming Tea

Magic Slimming tea is a regular strength slimming tea for weight loss. It contains Polyphenol which helps to burn fats and increase body metabolism so that your body turns food into calories faster. Magic Slimming tea also treats constipation and other stomach issues. It is used to treat intestinal infections. It works as a detoxifying agents for the entire body, cleansing the body system and keeping body organs in a healthy state. Genuine Green Slimming Tea is caffeine free. The tea has other benefits such as regulating blood sugar levels which helps to prevent high insulin spikes and heart diseases, reducing bad cholesterol in the blood to control blood pressure. It also works as a natural coolant to lower body temperature. It is considered safe for use and contains non-toxic ingredients.

Magic Slimming Tea Fat Blaster Shake

As the name suggests, slimming fat blaster is an ultimate diet coffee drink suitable for weight loss. It contains green unroasted coffee beans and offers benefits such as improved heart health and weight loss. Green coffee beans helps to increase your metabolism and burn more fats throughout the day. Magic Slimming Tea Fat Blaster contains high levels of antioxidants lowering blood glucose levels and reducing risk of diabetes. This tea is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, which makes it such a nourishing drink while you lose weight with its low calories component. Magic Slimming Tea Fat Blaster has an appealing French vanilla taste.

Great Tea Magic Slim Herbal Tea

Green Tea Slim tea is one of the best slimming products in the world. If you are one who has tried out different weight loss products to no avail. It is made from natural ingredients and safe to use without side effects. Great Magic tea is effective in reducing all body fats irrespective of its location; waist, arms, legs, back and stomach. This slimming tea claims to provide visible results within 15 days. It contains nutritious herbs which work to detoxify the body system and enhance overall health.

Slimming Tea Beauty and Detox

The Beauty and Detox Slimming tea helps to burn down body calories as you slim down. It is very effective for the control of belly fats. This tea extends its functions to improving heart health. Beauty and Detox helps you achieve natural weight by complimenting your fitness regime. It also helps to detoxify the body system and organs for a healthier body. Its antioxidant components makes for clearer skin and healthier body. Beauty and Detox is made from safe ingredients and is suitable for all body types.

Flat Tummy Tea with Moringa

Flat Tummy tea contains Moringa herbs which are packed with vitamins and antioxidants to repair damaged cells and boost immune system. This tea also detoxifies the body system and improves general wellbeing. As the name suggests, Flat Tummy tea is especially effective at removing belly fats by suppressing appetite and increasing metabolism for weight loss. Flat Tummy Tea is made from the safest natural ingredients and can be used without experiencing any side effects.

There are testimonies from people who have used many slimming teas to no avail, often because the tea was not used correctly. Slimming teas are best used with a fitness plan to achieve your desired body shape. To ensure effectiveness, ensure you have a good fitness regimen and diet and you will see results in no time

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